Best Amethyst Wedding Rings

Best Amethyst Wedding Rings

Are you on the hunt for the perfect amethyst engagement ring but feeling overwhelmed by where to begin? No need to fret! This guide has got you covered with frequently asked questions about purchasing amethyst rings.

We’ll dive into topics such as:

  • What exactly are amethyst rings?
  • I’m curious, what’s your approach to keeping your amethyst engagement ring clean?
  • What factors should you consider when looking for an amethyst engagement ring?
  • Who are the top jewelers for amethyst rings?
  • Our recommendations of the best amethyst engagement rings

Amethyst engagement rings are a special and unique addition to the world of wedding jewelry, boasting not only stunning hues but also rich symbolism, making them a wonderful choice for most engagement rings. However, buying them can be a daunting task if you’re not familiar with the process.

Fortunately, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s get started!

5 Best Amethyst Engagement Rings

Limited on time? Not to worry – we have you covered with our recommendations of the best amethyst engagement rings available on the market.

Best Amethyst Wedding Rings

  1. Oval Cut Amethyst and White Topaz Engagement Ring in 10K White Gold


We highly recommend the oval cut amethyst engagement ring as our top pick. It features a stunning oval  cut design with an amethyst center stone that is surrounded by six white topaz stones, that add to its impeccable sparkle.

In addition, the ring band boasts high-shine polish and incredibly tapered shoulders that accentuates the amethyst stone. Crafted from 10K white gold, the band features rhodium plating to enhance its durability and luster. What’s more, the ring comes with a beautiful navy blue box, making it a perfect choice for a proposal.


  • Deep purple oval cut amethyst center stone
  • Six side stones made of topaz for added brilliance
  • Crafted from 10K white gold
  • The ring comes with a beautiful navy blue box


  • The 10k gold quality is relatively low
  1. Amethyst and Diamond Birthstone Engagement Ring in 18K Gold


This Amethyst and Diamond Birthstone Engagement Ring from James Allen ring boasts an exquisite east-west setting that showcases an oval cut amethyst. Crafted from 18K yellow gold, the band is delicately adorned with 16 different petite diamonds.

While the amethyst’s quality justifies its higher price, the diamonds add up to 0.08 carats also contribute to the cost. The combination of the stunning center stone and the dazzling diamond accents make this amethyst engagement ring a particularly attractive alternative at a fair price point.

Additionally, the east-west setting of the stone makes it ideal for stacking with different rings.


  • The amethyst stone is of high quality
  • Band features 16 diamonds
  • Made from 18K yellow gold
  • The east-west setting makes it versatile for stacking with different rings


  • It’s relatively expensive
  1. Cushion Cut Amethyst White Topaz Engagement Ring in 10K White Gold


This enchanting ring features white topaz and amethyst combination that is sure to catch anyone’s eye. The center stone is cushion cut and measures 6mm by 6mm, providing a relatively large table surface area as compared to 1-carat diamonds.

The ring is further accentuated by two dazzling princess cut white topaz gemstones, one on both sides of the amethyst. While the solid white gold used in the crafting of the ring is only of 10K quality, with proper maintenance, the ring should retain its luster and durability.


  • The amethyst center stone (6mm by 6mm) is cushion cut
  • Four princess cut white topaz side gems(0.22 carat weight)
  • Crafted from 10K white gold


  • The side stones are subjected to heat treatment
  1. 25ct Emerald Cut Amethyst Engagement Ring in .925 Sterling Silver


This exquisite amethyst solitaire engagement ring is a clear step up especially from our previous picks, and it boasts a distinctive look that she is sure to adore. The 2.25-carat center stone features an alluring emerald cut which enhances its reflective properties.

The amethyst center stone is held securely in place by four-prongs, and the split shank design adds to the ring’s grandeur, creating an illusion of a relatively large ring. What’s more, the band is crafted from sterling silver. .925 sterling silver is known for its durability and luxurious luster.

Furthermore, this stunning ring is an excellent value if you’re working with a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on quality.


  • emerald cut 25-carat center stone
  • Split shank setting creates an illusion of a relatively large ring
  • The band is crafted from sterling silver


  • Some individuals may not prefer the pale amethyst color.

5. 3-Stone Amethyst and Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring in .925 Sterling Silver


Our final pick on the list is perfect if you’re searching for an engagement ring that exudes maximum sparkle. This ring features three stunning amethysts; a large oval cut gemstone and two small round cut stones.

The band is adorned with two different round-shaped cubic zirconia gems set pave, which provide an excellent contrast to the luxurious design. The ring is made of sterling silver to ensure that you’re getting your moneys worth without sacrificing quality.

If you’re looking to make a long-lasting impression, this ring is an excellent option.


  • Three amethyst gemstones at the center
  • Eight rounded-shape cubic zirconia gems set pave
  • Crafted from .925 sterling silver


  • The quality of craftsmanship is not ideal.
  • Not everyone finds the band’s intricate pattern appealing

What Is An Amethyst Engagement Ring?

More than one amethyst gemstones are featured in amethyst engagement rings. These rings are common choice for various romantic occasions, such as weddings, engagements, and promises, because of the gemstone’s stunning appearance and storied past.

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Amethyst was once highly valued by the ancient Romans and Egyptians and was believed to possess protective and curative properties. Today, amethyst is a versatile and affordable gem available in a range of cuts, sizes, and shapes.

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Although we are highlighting engagement rings here, amethyst stones are also suitable for men’s wedding bands, jewelry pieces, earrings, and other types of amethyst jewelry. Amethyst rings can be set as solitaires or with accompanying gemstones like opals, diamonds, and white sapphires.

Additionally, a halo ring is a lovely option, where the center stone is surrounded by side stones. Finally, it’s worth noting that amethyst, along with other precious stones like garnet, peridot, ruby, sapphire, and topaz, embellishes the iconic British Crown Jewels.

Overview – What is an Amethyst?

Amethyst, the most highly prized variety of quartz, was once expensive like ruby until the discovery of larger amethyst deposits in Brazil during the 19th century.

Amethysts typically exhibit a range of purple hues, from deep royal purple to pale lilac, with some specimens displaying reddish-purple tones (commonly referred to as “raspberry”) and brownish hues. “Green amethyst” is a term used to describe a specific type of amethyst that has undergone heat treatment.

The value of amethyst gems is mainly influenced by its color.

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Amethysts can display a bit of color zoning as well, which refers to angular zones within the gemstone that are lighter or darker in color.

Gemstone quality is generally assessed using the 4 Cs:

  • Color: One of the most valuable amethysts exhibit a stronger reddish-purple hue and have no visible color zoning.
  • Clarity: Amethysts typically do not have noticeable inclusions and blemishes, making specimens with these characteristics considered to be of low quality.
  • Cut: Amethyst stones are usually cut into various shapes such as marquise, emerald, oval, round, princess, and cushion cuts.
  • Carat weight: Amethyst stones come in different sizes ranging from 1/2 carat to 1, 2, and 3 carats. Amethyst engagement rings typically have amethyst gemstones uniquely cut to fit the existing settings unlike their diamond counterparts that have their settings customized to fit a particular type of diamond.

The gemstone known as amethyst holds multiple symbolic meanings. Notably, it serves as the birthstone for individuals born in February, as well as being the designated gem for couples celebrating their 6th or 17th wedding anniversary.

Are Amethyst Rings Cheap or Expensive?

Amethyst rings are a budget-friendly alternative to diamond rings, as they are generally more affordable.

The cost of amethyst engagement rings depend on three primary factors: the value of the amethyst stone, the craftsmanship of the ring, and the inclusion of side stones.

The amethyst stone value is primarily determined by its color, with reddish-purple stones being rarer and more expensive than paler ones. The ring craftsmanship, including the choice of metal such as rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum also affects the price.

The amount of precious metal used in the ring also impacts the cost, with higher karat gold and platinum being more expensive than lower karat gold.

Finally, the inclusion of side stones like white topaz, diamonds, opals, or white sapphires, can also increase the cost of the ring. The cost of the side gemstones themselves will also impact the overall price of the ring.

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How to Find the Best Amethyst Rings

There are a few factors you need to put into consideration when looking to buy amethyst engagement rings. Let’s explore them in details.

First and foremost, the center stone quality usually has the most significant impact on the ring’s price. The best amethyst stones feature a rich and vivid purple hue, with little to no color zoning. You might need to be cautious of stones that are very dark since this could negatively impact their light performance.

It’s essential to avoid rings with relatively pale amethyst gemstones marketed as the famous “Rose de France.” These low-quality amethysts may sound fancy, but they don’t offer good value for your money.

If you’re seeking an engagement ring that provides excellent value for your money, look for a fairly saturated amethyst which isn’t too rich or too pale. This allows you to go for a relatively larger gemstone without breaking the bank.

Unlike diamond engagement rings, the cost of amethyst rings is usually not based on their carat weight. This means that you can go for amethyst engagement rings with larger center stones without worrying about its cost per carat.

The shape and cut of the amethyst stone do not significantly impact the ring’s cost. Amethyst stones come in variety of styles, cuts, and shapes, allowing you to choose one that suits your preferences.

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For the ring’s quality, we suggest opting for amethyst engagement rings crafted from precious metal like yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

Suppose you have financial constraints and cannot splurge on the engagement ring. In that case, you can still obtain a decent value by selecting a sterling silver engagement ring. Silver can retain its gorgeous shine for an extended period with appropriate upkeep and care.

Cleaning an Amethyst Engagement Rings

We always recommend a straightforward cleaning technique for amethyst jewelry pieces.

First, soak the amethyst engagement ring warm water and mild detergent for a few minutes. This method effectively dissolves accumulated grime and oils from the stone’s surface, that can be gently brushed away using a soft bristled toothbrush.

While cleaning the ring, avoid applying excessive pressure to prevent any damage. In case the amethyst ring isn’t entirely clean especially after brushing, repeat the same process a couple of times until the dirt has been removed.

Next, shake off any excess water then use a blow-dryer on low heat setting to completely dry the ring. This is a crucial step as it ensures that the water doesn’t dry unevenly, causing noticeable marks on the gemstone or band.

We recommend using the above steps to clean your amethyst engagement ring at least 2 to 3 months to maintain the ring’s luster and beautiful color.

Best Places to Buy Amethyst Engagement Rings

Although amethyst rings are widely available online and in-store, selecting a trustworthy jeweler can make the process less daunting.

If you have a limited budget and want to explore various options albeit at reasonable price points, Amazon is an excellent option. They offer a vast selection of products, ranging from halo settings to solitaire rings, and amethyst center stones and side stones.

Moreover, Amazon’s prices are affordable, and they often have special offers on amethyst engagement ring sets, making it possible to purchase at a discounted rate.

However, if you’re willing to invest more in an amethyst engagement ring, James Allen comes highly recommended. Not only does James Allen offer an extensive selection of engagement rings, but they are also a reliable, reputable and trustworthy jewelry retailer with more than 18 years of expertise and experience.

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Best Option

Oval Cut Amethyst and White Topaz Engagement Ring in 10K White Gold

If you desire an engagement ring that combines elegance and affordability, the white topaz and amethyst ring is an excellent choice. Although the quality of the white gold may not match that of a ring from James Allen, it still provides exceptional value for its price compared to the other ring options on our list.

Additionally, the white topaz gemstones contribute an extra sheen to the overall design, making it even more appealing. It’s a stunning way to commemorate your engagement. Plus, your partner will undoubtedly cherish it for years to come.

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