5 Best Amethyst Pendants You Should Buy

5 Best Amethyst Pendants You Should Buy

Looking for the best amethyst jewelry?

You are at the right place.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • What exactly is an amethyst jewelry?
  • Can you afford amethyst jewelry?
  • How do you clean amethyst jewelry?
  • And much more

Would you like to have a fancy necklace without breaking your bank account? Perhaps you want a chain made of expensive metal?

Well, this is where amethyst gemstones come in. This jewelry can be an inexpensive way of making your plain necklace look unique and classy.

Buying a pendant made from amethyst comes with various benefits. The most obvious one is it will save you money when compared to buying a complete necklace.

The good thing about pendants is that you can buy several pieces at once. This way, you can interchange one pendant with another to end up with a completely new look every time you are wearing your necklace

You may be naturally attracted to the beauty of amethyst pendants, or are simply into the amethyst stone. If this is the case, here are the top five amethyst pendants you can buy to improve your necklace game.

5 Best Amethyst Jewelry (Pendants)

Here are the top five best purple stone pendants that you will find online:

  1. 14 Karat White Gold Pear Shape 1.50 Carats Amethyst Diamond Pendant (Best of the Best)
  2. Amethyst Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Pear Shape 1.00 Carat (Best Value)
  3. iSTONE Natural Gemstone Amethyst Cluster Irregular Shape Healing Crystals Chakra Stones
  4. Sterling Silver Heart in Heart Pendant Necklace available in various colored stones
  5. Sterling Silver Four Stone Quad Pendant Necklace in Various Gemstones

What is Amethyst Jewelry?

Just like sapphire, ruby, emerald and diamonds, amethysts are popular gemstones and have been in plenty since the 18th century. The color of these gemstones makes them very beautiful. Moreover, amethyst gemstones are cheaper than other gemstones used in making jewelry.

Did you know that ancient Greeks believed that amethyst could reducing the effects of having too much alcohol? It is no wonder that St. Valentine and most bishops in the Anglican churches like to wear amethyst jewelry. This trait has seen amethyst gaining a significant status in history.

However, that is not everything there is to amethyst. According to Camillo Leonardi, an astrologer, this gemstone enhances someone’s IQ and keeps evil thoughts at bay. It is also believed that if you wear an amethyst jewelry, you will be able to maintain your cool.

A quartz stone gets exposed to high levels of iron impurities and irradiation in the earth, leading to a beautiful purple substance that is the popular amethyst stone. The purple hue is acquired throughout the process of formation of the stone.

Are Amethyst Jewelry Cheap or Expensive?

There are several factors that contribute to the final price of a piece of jewelry made of amethyst. Some of the factors include the material of the setting used, craftsmanship and quality of the gemstone.

In general, amethyst jewelry such as pendants are reasonably cheaper than other pendants made from other gemstones. For example, Cabochon pendants made from amethyst come in very attractive settings and at affordable prices.

Since amethyst price is cheap, you can buy several jewelries at a go.

Different pendant settings have different prices. For example, white gold setting costs more than a silver setting. Jewelers can make more unique and beautiful pieces given the large size of the pendants. However, as is expected, you will have to pay a little more for these extra skills.

Features of Quality Amethyst Pendants

Amethysts are clean when seen with the naked eye. Any inclusions in the stone are only visible through a magnifier.

The amethyst structure enables it to be cut as cabochon stone and polished as well. Most jewelers do this without interfering with the stone’s integrity.

Pendant necklaces are wonderful pieces that compliment any outfit. The necklaces are a unique and excellent staple of jewelry.

With an amethyst pendant, you can transform a simple ordinary necklace into a stand out piece of jewelry without denting your wallet.

However, amethyst pendants whose settings are too irregular can be caught by clothing. Therefore, go for pendants with regular settings. The setting should not be meant to provide stone protection as there is less risk of the pendant getting damaged by impact.

Amethyst pendants are versatile. You’ll get designs in various cuts and shapes; something that may not be possible with other types of jewelry. However, you should know what cut and shape will be perfect for the jewelry you want. For example, while pear or oval shaped cuts will look fabulous on a pendant, they may not look exactly appealing on a ring.

Amethyst pendants provide room for large stones to be used, unlike bracelets, rings or wedding bands. A large polished stone that is not faceted can look very attractive when carefully placed inside a pendant.

How a pendant moves also allows you to try out different cut styles. Try a checkerboard cut to see how it reflects light to attract attention to your neck.


How to Clean Amethyst Jewelry

Amethyst is a strong and durable gemstone. However, cleaning and maintain its beautiful purple sparkle is important. Read on to find out how to clean amethyst pendants and other jewelry.

The best and most efficient way to clean amethyst pendants is by using warm water and gentle soap. Using hot water or any form of heat or ultrasonic cleaners will adversely affect the jewelry.

Leave the pendant to soak in the mixture of warm water and soap for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. After that, rinse it with clean water. You can then dry the amethyst pendant using a clean dry cotton cloth.

If you have any other precious metal jewelry, follow this cleaning routine too.

Some ornate pendant settings can be a little complicated to clean. With these settings, you will need to use a brush with soft bristles to clean the interior. For this exercise, you will need a brush that is similar to that used to clean the interior of a car.

Amethyst pendants can also be kept clean can in the way they are stored. Always keep the cabochon stones in a separate container from the faceted amethyst or any other gemstones. This storage mechanism reduces the possibility of the faceted stones scratching the cabochons.

Where to Buy Amethyst Pendants

Go to Amazon. You will get an amazing collection of amethyst pendants and you cannot miss a piece that matches your style.

If Amazon is not be your first stop for jewelry, you can still get good jewelers and jewelry stores from where you can buy amethyst pendants.

Best Amethyst Pendants

Here are our top 5 amethyst pendants.

#1. 14 Karat White Gold Pear Shape 1.50 Carats Amethyst Diamond Pendant (The best)

The best amethyst pendant is this pretty 1.5 carat jewelry that is pear shaped. This pendant has a deep purple hue with magnificent light reflection that makes it look very beautiful.

This jewelry comes in a 14K white gold diamond setting. You cannot afford not to add it to your jewelry collection.


Quick Features

  • Rich purple colored amethyst with clean sparkling diamonds
  • 14K setting in white gold color
  • Take care to prevent the pendant setting from catching or snagging in your cloth
  • Unique beautiful design

#2. Amethyst Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Pear Shape 1.00 Carat (best value for your money)

Want the best value for your money? You can’t go wrong with this pendant. This is the best style to pick if you want an all-in-one amethyst pendant.

This pendant has a high purple color density and quality cut. However, it does not have diamonds. Its amethyst stone is small and comes in a sterling silver rhodium plate.


  • Sterling silver rhodium plate enhances the sparkle
  • Large pendant with 1.00 carat amethyst stone
  • Best value for your money
  • Affordable price

#3. iStone Natural Gemstone Amethyst Cluster Irregular Shape Healing Crystals Chakra Stones

Do not think so much about chakra stones or healing crystals; this is just a simple beautiful cabochon.

When you are wearing casual clothes, this is the pendant you want to rock. While some people only prefer faceted stones, this cabochon gemstone is definitely excellent.


  • Deep shiny purple color
  • Setting comes in stainless steel only
  • Perfectly cut cabochon
  • The cabochon design may not be everyone’s preference


#4. Sterling Silver Heart in Heart Pendant Necklace

This is a nicely heart cut, deep purple 0.75 carat amethyst pendant. This beautiful pendant is worth its price. The purple shade makes it look even prettier and attractive for its price.

This amethyst pendant features a heart cut in a silver setting that provides extra protection for the jewelry. This setting is important, especially for the heart shape, as this is the kind of cut that easily gets chipped.


  • Big amethyst gemstone
  • Acceptable purple hue for the price
  • Nice-looking heart shaped amethyst
  • Rhodium plating would be very good for the unique silver setting


#5. Sterling Silver Four Stone Quad Pendant Necklace

This is an attractive pendant, given the way it reflects light. The jewelry has four amethysts sitting in a quad pattern. This pendant is large in size since each of the cut amethysts is 5mm across the other.

The carat sizes are, however, on the low side and cheap. The cut amethysts are set aside by cubic zirconia, hence the aesthetic appeal.


  • Very attractive cushion cut stones
  • Rhodium plating would add more benefits to the unique silver setting
  • Cubic zirconia makes the gemstone eye catching

Best Amethyst Jewelry: 14K White Gold Diamond Pendant

Out of all the pendants above, the 14K White Gold Pear Shape 1.50 carats Amethyst Diamond Pendant is the best. What more do you want if not a densely purple colored pear-shaped gemstone set in white gold that comes with real shining diamonds?

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