Dragon Blood Jasper Vs Bloodstone

Dragon Blood Jasper Vs Bloodstone

You’re at the right place if you want to know the difference between dragon blood jasper and bloodstone. Keep scrolling to find out more!

In this guide, we’ll be exploring everything you need to know about these two blood gemstones along with answering a few frequently asked questions including:

  • Which stone between dragon blood jasper and bloodstone is more durable?
  • Does bloodstone have any healing properties?
  • Is dragon blood jasper different from other jasper stone varieties?

Let’s delve in, shall we?

Dragon Blood Jasper Vs Bloodstone

Key Differences Between Dragon Blood Jasper and Bloodstone

Here are some of the most common differences between these two bloodstones:

  • Dragon blood jasper features a dull olive greenish body color while bloodstone has a vibrant green hue.
  • Dragon blood jasper is a combination of red piedmontite and epidote and not jasper while bloodstone is jasper.
  • Dragon blood jasper is usually mined in Western Australia and South Africa while bloodstone is mined in Brazil, Madagascar, Russia and United States
  • Dragon blood jasper is an energy crystal known to enhance courage and self-love while bloodstone brings balance and inner calm.

Origin – Dragon Blood Jasper Vs Bloodstone

Dragon Blood Jasper

As earlier mentioned, dragon blood jasper is mined in Western Australia and South Africa. It’s known for its olive green body color and some red blotches along with white and brown streaks. However, it doesn’t belong to the jasper mineral family and neither is it a jasper stone.

Dragon blood jasper is a mix of red piedmontite and epidote. It’s one of the best stones as it has healing properties that’s why it’s usually referred to as the stone of courage. Not only does the green hue represent the skin of a dragon but also its intrinsic patterns.

Dragon blood jasper is also known as dragon stone to avoid any confusion. Dragons are often associated with strength, courage and bravery. It’s quite a powerful stone since its healing properties tend to bring joy and also instill lifetime life in a person.

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Dragon blood jasper encourages vitality, self-confidence, growth and self discovery in your life. Using this crystal for meditation invokes creativity and passion.


Most people confuse dragon blood jasper for blood stone because of the appearance and names. Surprisingly, unlike its counterpart, bloodstone is an authentic jasper stone from the famous jasper mineral family.

Bloodstone falls under chalcedony, one of the largest mineral species. This red gemstone is also contains microcrystalline quartz. Not only is chalcedony responsible for agates but also jasper stones with the latter comprising of opaque stones while agates are transparent.

Bloodstones are mined in Brazil, Madagascar, Russia and United States.

Appearance – Dragon Blood Jasper Vs Bloodstone

Dragon Blood Jasper

At this point, you should be conversant with the appearance of dragon blood jasper along with its basis. This gemstone has a dull olive green body color with red veins since it’s a combination of two different minerals.

Green epidote crystals have a dark green hue just like emeralds. Dragon blood jasper, on the other hand, is relatively dull.

Imitations and Synthetics

Dragon blood jasper is neither valuable nor widely popular. It’s rarely imitated by other gemstones but people tend to confuse it with bloodstones. Plus, this gemstone variety doesn’t come with lab created versions.

Chances are that you might come across dyed chalcedony crystals albeit rarely.


Some people argue that dragon blood jasper and bloodstone are one and the same. This is because both stones are green with red streaks throughout the body. However, the red streaks in bloodstones are as a result of red jasper pieces and iron oxides can intensify them.

Bloodstones are also known as heliotrope that’s derived from a Greek word. Helios means sun while tropos translates to towards the sun. The dark green body color and red flecks resemble heliotrope plants.

Imitations and Synthetics

This material needs no synthetization because its not valuable. Imitations are no cause for alarm either. However, there are lots of confusion. Dragon blood jasper and bloodstone are quite different even though they almost look similar.

For instance, dragon blood jasper features a dull olive green body color while bloodstone has a more vibrant green hue. The reddish orange streaks running throughout the gemstone makes it more desirable. Bloodstones are brighter. They havered spots and flecks as opposed to spindly veins.

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Healing Properties

Bloodstones and dragon blood jasper are both associated with Heart and Root Chakra. Bloodstone comes with its own properties even though they almost look alike. Dragon blood jasper usually represents bloodstone best suited for bringing calm and healing.

Dragon blood jasper helps get rid of negative energy in an environment and heals any mental blockages. Bloodstones, on the other hand, bring balance and inner calm to the users.

Value and Price

Dragon blood jasper stones are relatively affordable. You can get them in larger sizes at $20 per carat. You can find them on Etsy in bulk at reasonable prices. However, lager carat sizes tend to increase in price albeit not as much.

Bloodstones are equally cheap and come highly recommended if you’re looking for smaller crystals like tumbled stones. However, the price increases if you go for heavy crystals like crystal sphere or bloodstone tower.

A perfectly polished tumbled stone that weighs around 4 carats can go for $15 and below. Bigger crystals and towers, on the other hand, cost $50 and beyond. In comparison, large pieces of bloodstones are more expensive than dragon blood jasper.

However, the entire cost depends on the patterns, cutting and polishing of the gemstone. This means that stones with iron oxides, red jasper or prominent red piedmontite command relatively higher prices.  Dragon blood jasper and bloodstone are both microcrystalline quartz minerals meaning they come as cabochons as opposed to faceted pieces.

Dragon blood jasper and bloodstones are often used for their properties as compared to high-end jewelry pieces. You can also find boho pieces such as wire wrapped pendants and beaded bracelets. However, you should know the care and maintenance routine of both stones if you plan on wearing them for ring jewelry.

By now, you already know about Mohs hardness scale that helps determine the resistance of stone to scratch from dirt and dust in the air. Dragon blood jasper and bloodstone are both rated at 7.5 on Mohs scale.

mohs hardness scale

Bloodstones have excellent wearability like most microcrystalline quartz varieties. Plus, it doesn’t have conchoidal fractures and gemstone cleavage. This means that it’s unlikely to chip or break when struck. Dragon blood jasper has the same wearability level.

Both dragon blood jasper and bloodstone are cheaper to replace eve though they have excellent wearability. Technically, their wearability tends to increase the longevity value of the gemstone. However, they’re not best suited for use on jewelry pieces despite being cool stones.

Final Thoughts – Dragon Blood Jasper Vs Bloodstone

Most people believe that dragon blood jasper and bloodstone are one and the same. And it’s for a good reason because they have a lot of similarities. These stones have different origins. However, they have identical green and red hues, general durability and wearability along with the same hardness level. Plus, they’re both relatively affordable.

That’s as far as the similarities go. Bloodstone is authentic jasper while dragon blood jasper is a combination of red piedmontite and epidote. They have different chemical properties although their physical and optical properties are similar.

Both of these stones would be great additions to your gemstone collection as it narrows down to personal preference.

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