I Diamond Price & Best Places to Buy Online

I Diamond Price & Best Places to Buy Online

Are you in search of the finest online destinations to purchase I Diamonds? Look no further! In this guide, you will discover:

  • What I clarity diamonds are
  • How to procure I clarity diamonds
  • Whether I diamonds justify their cost
  • The most suitable websites for buying I clarity diamonds especially online
  • Plus a host of other valuable insights!

The following is a summary of my preferred options. Continue perusing for a more detailed account of my top purchasing recommendations, and an all-encompassing FAQ section.

Best Places to Buy I Clarity Diamonds Online

What are I Clarity Diamonds?

I Clarity diamonds are the lowest category on the GIA Clarity Scale, which was established by the Gemological Institute of America in 1931.

This scale is renowned worldwide as 4Cs of Diamond Quality, which assesses a diamond’s Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut to determine its overall value.

Unlike the other clarity grades, I Clarity comprises three levels including I1, I2, and I3. Typically, you won’t come across I2 or I3 diamonds as center gemstones especially when it comes to preset rings at most jewelry stores. Instead, they are more commonly used as small pave diamonds in melee stones. The letter “I” in I Clarity usually translates to Included.

I Clarity diamonds are characterized by numerous dark spots that are speckled throughout the stone. However, some people prefer diamonds with lots of dark spots, and such diamonds have become trendy, commonly known as salt and pepper diamonds.

The diamond mentioned here is an SI clarity diamond certified by IGI, which the Gemological Institute of America tends grade as an I1 clarity diamond.

Due to their low quality, a number of online diamond retailers refrain from offering I Clarity diamonds on websites. Nonetheless, we are aware of two online diamond retailers that do sell I Clarity diamonds.

Generally, I do not advocate for purchasing I diamonds. However, if that’s what you can only afford, I can recommend three reputable stores that sell diamonds online for your consideration.

  1. James Allen

Shop at James Allen

James Allen boasts a broad range of a carat I Clarity diamonds in different diamond grades and shapes. They provide perfect cut round I Clarity diamonds, which is not offered by other places.

This enables you to purchase an exquisite diamond for a lower price with a relatively low clarity grade albeit with an enhanced appearance as compared to a typical round cut.

Most of the diamonds they have in stock are in round shapes, although they have almost eight diamonds in every shape except for Asscher cuts. The brand offers reasonably priced ring settings in rose gold, yellow, and white.

James Allen provides the best 360˚ viewing feature, which allows you to scrutinize the diamond for any apparent inclusions by toggling it continuously to catch the light. This is the most important factor to consider when looking to buy diamonds from a reputable online jeweler.

In addition, James Allen’s excellent return policy is equally crucial. The company offers money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase, no questions will be asked, along with a lifetime warranty which covers free sizing during the first year of purchase and routine maintenance.

However, I strongly advise against purchasing diamonds from James Allen that come with IGI certification, which I will elaborate on in the guide  below on How to Buy I Clarity Diamonds. Only purchase diamonds certified by GIA or AGS, which can be seen in the various picture options.

I clarity diamonds are difficult to get due to their inferior grade, but James Allen is the finest option for finding the best diamonds at a reasonable price.


  • Offers 360˚ control view
  • Provides one free sizing within the first year
  • A lifetime upgrade option
  • Provides a clear 360˚ view


  • Primarily stocks round diamonds
  • Sells IGI certified diamonds

Shop at James Allen

  1. Blue Nile

Shop at Blue Nile

Blue Nile also comes highly recommended to those looking for online stores for I clarity diamonds, and they have a great reputation among most online buyers, being the first retailer to start selling loose diamonds in 1999.

While their prices for I diamonds are slightly higher than those of James Allen on average, they still offer a 360˚ viewer which is controllable.

However, not every diamond has a 360˚ view, which limits their relatively large selection. It’s important to note that getting hold of an eye-clean I1 Clarity diamond is challenging, so a viewer is crucial.


All of Blue Nile’s diamonds have GIA certificates, which makes buying diamonds with a reliable grading report a lot easier. They also offer a wide selection with more than 200 different ring settings, including non-designer and designer options.

On the downside, Blue Nile doesn’t provide a lifetime warranty at no extra cost like James Allen. They offer manufacturer’s warranty as well that covers only design flaws. Additionally, they don’t offer many choices in diamond fine jewelry and don’t cover the loss of stones in settings.


  • They offer a lifetime warranty at no extra cost
  • Free sizing within the first year of purchase
  • Lifetime upgrade
  • They have a crystal clear 360˚ view


  • Limited options in fine diamond jewelry
  • No coverage for the loss of gemstones especially in settings

Shop at Blue Nile

  1. Leibish & Co.

Shop at Leibish & Co.

Leibish & Co. specializes in selling fancy colored diamonds online, many of which are untreated and hence, expensive. While they do offer colorless diamonds, it’s not recommended to purchase them from here.

However, I highly recommend getting colored I clarity diamonds from this brand as they are the only retailers that offer a vast range of colored diamonds, including popular colors such as black and yellow.

One of their proudest collections is the Argyle Diamond collection, that consists of pinkish-red diamonds, the most uncommon color of diamonds available.


In contrast to colorless diamonds, the price of colored diamonds is determined mainly by their color, not clarity.

Moreover, in darker diamonds, the inclusions are less noticeable as the color takes center stage. Leibish does not provide any warranty beside the manufacturer’s warranty for their diamonds. Also, they have limited choices for ring settings.

To sum up, Leibish & Co. is an excellent choice if you’re looking to purchase fancy colored diamonds, although they are more expensive, and the selection of ring settings is limited.

Shop at Leibish & Co.

Are Diamonds with I Clarity Cheap or Expensive Online?

The prices of diamonds are determined by various factors, including the 4Cs (carat weight, color, clarity, and cut), as well as diamond shape, fluorescence, and proportions. Among these factors, clarity is a crucial aspect that affects the value of a diamond.

Diamonds with lower clarity grades, such as I clarity diamonds, have more visible inclusions or blemishes, and are, therefore, less expensive than higher clarity grades.

However, the cost of an I clarity diamond depends largely on the vendor from whom you purchase it.

While many people prefer to shop for diamonds in traditional brick-and-mortar stores such as Zales or Jared, these stores may overcharge for diamonds, including I clarity diamonds. For instance, a carat I1 along with an I color diamond engagement ring from Zales can cost around $6,500.

In comparison, purchasing a similar diamond ring from online diamond stores such as James Allen or Blue Nile can lead to significant cost savings.


For instance,  a solitaire cathedral diamond ring with the same diamond grades as the one at Zales, but set lower for better protection against damage, can cost as low as $3,300 at James Allen, a difference of $3,200.

Besides, buying a diamond ring from online vendors offers greater control over the selection process, with better access to detailed information and an extensive inventory to choose from.

I clarity diamonds are generally less expensive than higher clarity grades, the vendor from whom you purchase the diamond can significantly affect the price.

Traditional jewelry stores may overcharge for diamonds, including I clarity diamonds, and therefore, shopping for diamonds online can offer significant cost savings while ensuring greater control over the selection process.

Buying I Clarity Diamonds

It’s worth noting that the quality of an ideal diamond is influenced by various factors aside from clarity. When selecting an I clarity diamond online, there are several things you should keep in mind.

Different Diamond Grades

To start with, diamond prices are affected by several factors, not just clarity. Thus, when picking out an I clarity diamond, it’s important to consider its cut, which is the most crucial factor in determining its overall appearance.

We suggest opting for an ideal cut diamond, which reflects a lot of white light, enhancing different color grades. Even with a J and K color grades, the diamond color won’t be noticeable.

Another essential factor to take into account is usually the carat weight. This means that the bigger the carat weight, the more visible the inclusions in the I clarity diamond will possibly be. We recommend purchasing I clarity diamond center gemstones that are about 1 carat or so.

While you may find a gorgeous I clarity diamond with a higher carat weight, it might be challenging to locate one.

If you’re looking for an I clarity diamond, it’s best to choose a brilliant-cut diamond shape instead of a step cut diamond. Princess cut, pear, round, marquise, and cushion cuts are some examples of brilliant shapes.

Step cut diamond shapes , on the other hand, such as Asscher, baguette and emerald cut diamonds are specially  designed to produce long light flashes instead of broken-up light especially in brilliant cuts. The extended facets of step cuts make it a lot easier to spot diamond inclusions.


Since it’s quite challenging to come across an attractive step-cut I clarity diamond, your chances of finding a desirable diamond with SI clarity are higher.

Diamond Visibility

To ensure that you purchase a good quality I clarity diamond online, it’s crucial to select any online retailer who provides the option to view the diamond on magnification.

An excellent choice would be the 360 viewer such the one offered by James Allen, that allows you to clearly see your diamond from all angles and adjust it manually for a better look.

I clarity diamonds are usually richly included and may appear unappealing, particularly if they are not ideal cut diamonds. However, if you cannot afford a perfect cut diamond and prefer a different diamond shape, there are ways to save. And that’s where the 360 viewer comes into play.

To avoid purchasing a diamond with blemishes and unwanted inclusion, it’s essential to examine a wide range of loose diamonds using the 360-degree viewer. This way, you can differentiate between undesirable characteristics of diamonds and those you can tolerate. With some persistence, you may even come across an eye-clean I clarity diamond!

When purchasing a ring from Zales online, you may receive any I1 diamond from their inventory, which may not be of the best quality. For instance, you could pay $6,500 for a beautiful engagement ring featuring a carat perfect cut, I1 clarity diamond and G color that looks unattractive.

Can you afford a center diamond for $6,500? Let me pose this question. If you know you can save 57% and choose a customized diamond if you were to buy at an internet store such as James Allen, would you be willing to hand over your credit card to the retailer for that ring?


Diamond Certification

Even though I diamonds are technically the lowest grade on the clarity scale and relatively cheap, they can cost a few thousand dollars or sometimes it can be triple the amount. It’s natural to want to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Unfortunately, there are different ways you can be deceived. While we endorse and vouch for all the recommended online diamond dealers on our list, not everyone opts to purchase from them.

RECOMMENDED: How to Tell if Diamond is Real

Whether you’re looking to buy diamonds online or at a jewelry store, it’s crucial to ensure that the diamond has a grading report or certification. A certified diamond ring indicates that a reputable gemology lab has examined the diamonds and verified that is exactly what the jeweler claims it is. This way, you can rest assured that the I1 clarity diamond is genuinely an I1.

It’s important to note that not every grading lab is created equal. We advise that you purchase a diamond engagement ring with certifications from the American Gem Society or GIA.

Both the AGS and GIA are the most reputable labs globally, implying that they provide incredibly accurate evaluations.  However, other different grading labs, such as EGL and IGI, have more lenient grading standards for clarity.

GIA Diamond Grading Report

This implies that if you get hold of an I1 clarity diamond from another lab, you can send it to the Gemological Institute of America for grading, it could be returned as I2. If you want to invest in diamonds, a diamond without a GIA or AGS grading report will go for a relatively lower cost.

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