5 Best Earrings for Babies & Toddlers

5 Best Earrings for Babies & Toddlers

Are you searching for the perfect pair of earrings that will fit your baby or toddler?

Congratulations! You are going to get them.

In this guide, you will get all the information you need to buy the best earring for your baby including:

  • The #1 chosen pair of earrings for a baby or toddler
  • What to consider when buying earrings for your baby
  • What makes babies’ earrings different from other types of jewelry?
  • Why the metals used in making baby earrings are not the same?

baby wearing an earring

Let’s get started.

1. Stainless Steel Hypoallergenic 316L Earrings 5-Pairs Set Collection

  • AAA+ Cubic Zirconia
  • Nickel-Free, Lead-Free
  • Different Colors
2. Presentski Sterling Silver Cute Mouse Pink Earrings Mickey Mouse Silhouette

  • Cubiz Zirconia Studs
  • Hypoallergenic, Nickel-Free
  • Comes with Jewelry Box
3. Sterling Silver Unicorn Earrings Colorful Unicorn Design

  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Different Colors
  • Hypoallergenic
4. 925 Sterling Silver Screwback Baby Girls Earrings Diamond Alternative

  • Poplar Cubic Zirconia Gems
  • Rhodium-Plated Silver
  • Sterling Silver Post and Backing
5. Gold High Polished Shiny Ball Post Stud Screwback Earrings Authentic Solid Gold

  • Secure Screwback
  • 14K Yellow Gold – Not Plated
  • Minimalist Style

5 Best Earrings for Babies & Toddlers

Without wasting so much time, here is a quick list that I pulled up for you. Continue reading to know why I chose these particular pairs as the best.

  1. Stainless Steel Hypoallergenic 316L Earrings (best of the best)
  2. Sterling Silver Unicorn Earrings
  3. Presentski Sterling Silver Cute Mouse Pink Earrings
  4. Gold High Polished Shiny Ball Post Stud Screwback Earrings
  5. 925 Sterling Silver Screwback Baby Girls Earrings

What Are Baby Or Toddler Earrings?

Earrings for toddlers and babies are usually small and colorful compared to that of adults. Just by looking at earrings for babies, you will notice right away that they are small. They are usually made with special visual attractiveness meant for children.

Many countries have legal restrictions when it comes to using harmful metals like lead, cobalt, or nickel for making earrings for tiny earring wearers. For this reason, the chemical content in children’s earrings is significantly lower than that in earrings for adults.

For instance, the Canadian government has strict regulations for using cobalt and lead in manufacturing earrings for children aged 15 years and below. These same instructions are not applied to adult earrings.

The federal government in the USA does not have metal restrictions for jewelry. However, if any piece is advertised as “nickel-free” jewelry then the law prescribes that it must have undergone tests.

baby wearing an earring

A state like California has restrictions on which type of metal is allowed to be included or not included in jewelry, especially earrings for children.

The best earrings for kids (both toddlers and babies) are made using sterling silver, surgical steel, or gold. These materials are non-poisonous, durable, and comfortable for children.

The lowest quality of earrings for children are usually made from poor materials like plastic.

Such earrings may also have traces of toxic materials like lead or nickel which according to research done by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry is good at causing skin irritation.

Other qualities that specifically define earrings for children are:

  • They have shorter posts to prevent poking earlobes since children’s ears are still small.
  • A small and tight clasp that keeps the earring in position and therefore no worries about the earring getting lost while your child is playing.

The screws found at the back of the earring are usually very soft and unique, the bottom is smooth and they fit tightly.

This feature makes the earrings comfortable for your little one and reduces the risk of the earring is a choking hazard.

Most children’s earrings on the market have Disney character-shapes. Others are birthstone earrings representing crystals thought to stand for different months of the year. They have bright colors and are shaped like cartoons or animal characters.

Choosing the Best Earrings for Your Baby or Toddler

There are many factors you need to keep at the back of your mind when choosing earrings for your child including but not limited to size, style, the metal used, and quality. Let’s explore each of these details in brief below.

Metal Quality (High vs. Low Quality)

As you shop for earrings for your baby, consider the kind of metal used to manufacture.

Your baby’s immune system is underdeveloped and therefore they are very sensitive to metals like nickel, lead, and cobalt.

Indiana University Health recommends that you choose earrings made using materials like sterling silver, or gold (14K, 18K, or 24K) since these do not irritate the skin.

You could also buy earrings made from safe, durable, and hygienic surgical stainless steel.

Avoid earrings that have even the slightest percentage of materials like cobalt and nickel since you will be putting your child at risk of developing dermatitis. The Dermnet NZ medical website points out that the earlobes are one of the popular sites of jewelry allergic reactions.

Therefore, make sure you stay clear from nickel earrings and go for sterling silver earrings for your baby.

If your budget is too limited to allow a sterling silver or gold pair, settle for platinum or surgical steel, they are cheaper options.


Buying earrings for a baby is not as easy as ordering the smallest size available.

If you select a size that is not appropriate, the earrings will fall off, cause discomfort or appear too big for your baby’s earlobes.

The size of the earlobe of a one-year-old is definitely different from that of a 2 or 3-year-old. So when you are buying earrings for a toddler or a baby Keep their age and size of the earlobe in mind. especially when they are pieces made from crystals or precious gemstones.

Earrings made using valuable gemstones are weightier than other kinds of earrings and may be more suitable for older toddlers than they would for babies, so remember this as you are shopping.

When you choose the correct size, your baby will not pull out the earring easily or tamper with it.


Style is normally viewed as a factor related to personality or personal taste. You can choose a pair of earrings depending on your son’s or daughter’s personality.

If your baby is lively and has shown some likeness to the color blue, you could consider buying him or her bright blue earrings that match their lively nature.

If you are looking for earrings for a special occasion like a wedding, you are better off buying an expensive pair meant for special occasions.

Bulky earrings and hoop earrings are best for babies and not toddlers. For toddlers, studs are more appropriate.

Studs are recommended because hoop is heavier than a baby can carry and if a baby wears can cause injury if caught on fabric or anything else.

Testing for Nickel

The experts at Mayo Clinic point out irritation and rashes as the first signs of nickel reaction. Having said that, you must ensure that the earrings you are picking contain no nickel before you purchase them.

You cannot tell if a pair of earrings have nickel in them just by using your eyes only.

However, most of the jewelry retailers in the market normally list the metals present in the jewelry they sell.

Most will advertise high-quality earrings as being nickel-free, so this can be a good way of knowing before purchasing.

Nickel Solution and Nickel alert are some of the common products in the market that do a good job to help you detect any nickel content in the earrings.

To test if an earring has nickel, take any of the above liquids and put a few drops on a cotton swab, then rub it on the earring. If the earring turns pink or red, it means the earrings have nickel traces in them.

Difference Between Baby Earrings and Other Jewelry

In this section, we shall learn how an earring for a baby or a toddler is different from the earring that can be worn by adults and older children.

Naturally, children have shorter earlobes than of adults and thus their earrings will have shorter posts and clasps that are extra tight.

There are also other differences that set aside earrings for small children from those of adults.

The weight for earrings for toddlers is very light, almost having no weight at all when compared to earrings worn by children who are older and adults.

Differences Between Earrings for Babies and Other Earrings

  • The diameter of earrings to be worn by babies is between 3mm and 4mm; this makes them the best fit for young children who have pierced their ears recently.
  • These earrings are made using thin and light metal cuts to prevent them from being heavy for ears that are fragile and sensitive.
  • Earrings for babies have screw backs that are very soft and small. Most manufacturers avoid the butterfly shape to prevent the likelihood of the post attaching to the child’s earlobe.
  • Studs are the most preferred earring style for babies and not hoops. This protects against the child accidentally pulling the earring.
  • Earrings to be worn by babies should not have lead, nickel, or cobalt, because a small content of these can cause the child’s ears to react really badly.

How Earrings for Toddlers Differ From Other Earrings

  • While adult earrings may be big because of their earlobe sizes, earrings for toddlers measure between 3mm and 5mm in diameter. Sometimes they can be bigger than those made for babies.
  • To make the weight manageable for your young one, earrings for toddlers and babies are made using very thin metals that are light for the child’s ear. Toddler earrings can be thicker than earrings for babies.
  • When it comes to their design, earrings made for toddlers can be studs or small hoops. Children above the age of four can wear medium-sized hoops.
  • Earrings for toddlers should not contain any nickel, cobalt, or lead. Just like babies, even toddlers will react to a small amount of these metals in the earring.
  • For toddlers, the earrings can have either screw-back covers or butterflies.
  • These earrings are designed with a much smaller size than those for older children and adults to prevent rubbing against the ears.

Best Place to Buy Earrings for Baby Girls

When choosing the retailer to buy earrings for your children from, you must pay attention to value for money, quality, and the shop’s reputation.

Many retail shops online allege that they sell high-quality earrings for toddlers and babies. This makes it somewhat devastating for parents who are searching for the best pair.

This s why we recommend you buy from Amazon, they have a vast collection.

1. Stainless Steel Hypoallergenic 316L Earrings (best of the best)

Stainless Steel Hypoallergenic 316L Earrings (best of the best)

These simple studs made from stainless steel are our #1 pick.

There are 5 pairs of earrings in the packaging, each with different sizes of the gauge. Their settings are yellow gold, rose gold, or 316Lstainless steel.

They are low profile earrings that are free from nickel and lead if you are worried about your baby’s sensitive skin.


  • Made of high-quality stainless steel to protect sensitive ears
  • 3 varying colors that are perfect for toddlers and babies allowing you to save money
  • 5 different pairs each of a different size


  • Complaints of the back bending easily have been reported
  • A little uncomfortable to screw the plastic backs
  • Since the back may not be tight enough, the post can fall off easily

2. Sterling Silver Unicorn Earrings

Sterling Silver Unicorn Earrings

These pretty earrings in the shape of a unicorn are designed to fit toddlers and babies perfectly.

They are made using the best quality of silver which is 925 sterling silver. They also come with earring posts and studs which are perfect for babies and toddlers whose ears have been pierced recently.


  • 925 sterling silver will not irritate your child’s ears
  • The unique unicorn design will look appealing to many children
  • Comes in a variety of colors for you to choose the one that matches your child’s personality


  • Customers have complained of the ear stems becoming loose after some time
  • Very delicate jewelry and can easily be destroyed by abrasions and chemicals
  • No dimensions provided thus hard to know whether it will fit your child or not

3. Presentski Sterling Silver Cute Mouse Pink Earrings

Presentski Sterling Silver Cute Mouse Pink Earrings

This is an exceptional pair of earrings made using cubic zirconia and high-quality sterling silver. You can find them in two colors: blue and pink.

Their unique design and size are best suited for toddlers. They can be secured in place with small butterflies.


  • Nickel free earrings that will not cause any skin irritation
  • Feature a Mickey Mouse design that makes it the perfect choice for Disney fans. Many children will like this.
  • Packed in a pretty jewelry box that can be used for gifting


  • Long earring stem may be uncomfortable for a child making them suitable for toddlers more than babies
  • A little heavy
  • Hard to maintain since they need frequent cleaning

4. Gold High Polished Shiny Ball Post Stud Screwback Earrings

Gold High Polished Shiny Ball Post Stud Screwback Earrings

If you have been looking for a pair of earrings that your toddler or baby can put on every day, these small earrings are exactly what you want.

They have a screw at the back which ensures the earring holds in place. The smallest of this kind of earring is 4mm, making them small enough for small children like toddlers and babies.

They are solid gold earrings and have no nickel traces.


  • Come accompanied by a NASSETTE branded certificate for authenticity
  • High quality and value from the solid gold


  • Complaints have arisen of the back not remaining in place
  • A little longer for some children thus posing a risk of poking the earlobe
  • Some customers say the earring breaks easily

5. 925 Sterling Silver Screwback Baby Girls Earrings

925 Sterling Silver Screwback Baby Girls Earrings

These are unique earrings made using 925 sterling silver. They are very stylish and give the right amount of sparkle to match your little one’s outfit.

The earrings are also free of toxic metals like lead and nickel, so you do not have to worry about your child developing a rash on the ears.

They have screws at the back that lock the earrings in place to prevent choking the earlobe.

Unlike most other earrings, this particular pair does not get destroyed if exposed to chemicals or abrasion.

Because of this reason, you can allow your child to go and play freely without worrying about purchasing a new set of earrings.

There are 3 sizes from which you can pick: the 4mm, 5mm or 6mm. this makes it easy for you to choose the right size for your child.

The earrings are made using cubic zirconia, which is a cheaper alternative to real diamonds. The high-quality cut, together with extra shine will make your child look and feel like royalty.


  • The metal used is high quality which is durable
  • The shine and sparkle makes your child look adorable
  • Screw back increases comfort due to the absence of a needle for poking earlobes


  • Hard to insert the earrings in the earlobe because the screw back is small
  • Some customers have mentioned that the wire that attaches the other parts of the earring to the cross becomes loose
  • The dimensions 6mm x 8mm are suitable for toddlers and not babies

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