Best Retailers to Buy Peridot Jewelry Online

Best Retailers to Buy Peridot Jewelry Online

Are you searching for the ideal destination to purchase peridot jewelry over the internet?

You’ve come to the correct location! In this Learning Jewelry manual, I will address typical inquiries such as:

  • When buying peridot online, what qualities should you look for?
  • Does Peridot Make a Good Engagement Ring Stone?
  • How Can You Tell If a Deal Is Good?
  • What warning signs should you look for when buying peridot online?

Here are my top recommendations for locating quality black diamonds from reliable online merchants if you need the list right away. For additional details on each of these shops, continue reading.

Best Place to Buy Peridot Jewelry Online

What exactly is Peridot?

Peridot, also known as the “Evening Emerald,” is a gemstone that is not very well-known in the jewelry industry. Typically, individuals do not visit jewelry stores seeking peridot unless it is for a birthday gift.

Peridot is the birthstone for August, and it is believed to represent good health and promote peaceful relationships. From a scientific standpoint, peridot is a member of the olivine mineral group and is the faceted gemstone form of this mineral. Olivine minerals are not a single mineral but a group of minerals that includes fayalite, forsterite, and tephroite.

Due to its prevalence and other quality factors, peridot is an undervalued gemstone. It can appear stunning in fine jewelry or when combined with other colored gemstones. However, is this August birthstone the ideal stone for you? Let’s explore and find out!

  1. James Allen

Peridot, a beautiful birthstone for August, is not commonly found in high-end jewelry pieces. However, James Allen offers a few exceptional options for those seeking a higher quality peridot ring for gifting purposes. One such option is the cushion-cut peridot diamond ring, which is a perfect purchase for someone with an August birthday.

In addition to being an exquisite piece of peridot jewelry, James Allen also offers a matching pendant necklace, which enhances the beauty of these jewelry pieces. The diamond accents on both the ring and the pendant add more charm and allure to the overall look of the jewelry. These pieces can be given as jewelry set for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries or separately as individual gifts.

Unfortunately, the limited collection of peridot jewelry at James Allen may not provide many options for those who do not like yellow gemstones. However, from a jeweler’s perspective, yellow gold is considered to enhance the yellowish-green color of the peridot, making it a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection.


One of the significant advantages of purchasing peridot jewelry from James Allen is that they offer a free lifetime warranty with every purchase. This warranty covers routine maintenance of the jewelry, including rhodium plating white gold, polishing, tightening of stones, and retipping prongs. This warranty is essential for anyone looking to purchase fashion, engagement, or wedding rings, as it ensures that the jewelry will remain in pristine condition for a lifetime.

In conclusion, James Allen offers exceptional options for those seeking high-quality peridot jewelry, such as the cushion-cut peridot diamond ring and matching pendant necklace. While the limited collection may not provide many options for those who do not like yellow gemstones, the jeweler’s perspective suggests that yellow gold enhances the beauty of the peridot. Additionally, the free lifetime warranty offered by James Allen ensures that the jewelry remains in excellent condition for a lifetime, making it an essential purchase for those looking to buy fashion, engagement, or wedding rings.

  1. Blue Nile

If you’re searching for peridot jewelry online, Blue Nile is an excellent option. Their collection of peridot jewelry surpasses that of James Allen, with a particular emphasis on multi-gemstone jewelry. Additionally, you’ll find numerous peridot stud earrings coupled with white topaz or diamonds, with the sunburst peridot earrings being a highly sought-after choice for birthstone jewelry.

One of the things I appreciate about Blue Nile is the vast range of options available. Peridot jewelry is available in white gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver, allowing for greater flexibility in matching with different outfits and making a statement.

Blue Nile provides a manufacturer’s warranty that covers design defects, but wear and tear isn’t included. If your peridot jewelry features white gold, keep in mind that it will need rhodium plating periodically, so consider the cost of upkeep when making your purchase.


What makes James Allen superior is that the majority of Blue Nile’s peridot jewelry is not fine jewelry but rather trendy jewelry. Options that would be categorized as bridal or high end are extremely scarce. For more expensive works, James Allen offers additional choices.

  1. Brilliant Earth

For those looking for peridot jewelry online, Brilliant Earth is another option worth considering. While some pieces may be available in-store, the complete selection of peridot jewelry is found on Brilliant Earth’s website. With an impressive range of approximately 60 different peridot pieces, including peridot earrings, pendants, and rings, there’s plenty to choose from.

One stunning option is the LeVian multi-stone ring, which features a beautiful 14-karat rose gold “green apple” peridot, “mint” quartz, and tsavorite.

Regrettably, Brilliant Earth’s online selection of peridot jewelry is limited to high-end options. Despite the beauty of LeVian’s unique designs, their steep prices primarily stem from their brand name. Even though peridot is usually an affordable gemstone, you will still pay over $2,000 for their small sizes.

If you’re looking for loose peridot center stones for a custom setting, it’s best to visit the store and inquire with their employees about the upcoming Diamond show, where they partner with Dana Augustine to showcase high-quality loose diamonds, colored gemstones, and a variety of upscale settings. These shows occur several times a year.


Unfortunately, Brilliant Earth’s free warranty, the Lifetime Diamond and Gemstone commitment, does not cover peridot jewelry. If you happen to lose a peridot stone, you’ll have to pay for its replacement. However, their Extended Service Plan covers any metalwork, such as resetting stones, resetting, and tightening prongs, and it’s based on a sliding scale. This plan does not cover LeVian pieces. LeVian offers warranties for their own jewelry through Brilliant Earth, but it takes approximately one month to receive any necessary work. You’ll be given a quote, similar to what you are given when you buy jewelry insurance.

What makes James Allen superior:  Everyone can afford the fine jewelry that James Allen sells. The name brand peridot jewelry that Brilliant Earth sells is of the greatest quality and is priced accordingly.

  1. Zales

Kay and Zales are two cousin stores under the Signet Jewelers monopoly, with Signet owning Sterling, which in turn owns Jared, Kay, Zales, and other stores located throughout the United States.

While Zales’ peridot pieces may resemble those found in Kay’s online collection, they offer a wider selection of peridot jewelry than one might expect. Their extensive range includes pages of drop earrings, hoop earrings, high-end rings, and a stunning peridot tennis bracelet that’s sure to make it onto many wish lists.

It’s important to be wary of any gold plated peridot jewelry, as Zales does sell some. The gold plating will eventually wear off and require replating, which can leave unsightly fading in certain parts of the jewelry. Most gold plated jewelry from reputable retailers is plated over sterling silver, but if you have a yellow gold piece, it may look odd.


Although Zales doesn’t cover the peridot stones in their jewelry, they offer replacement services at an additional cost. Their Jewelry Protection Plan, which is priced on a sliding scale per item, covers all metalwork, including sizing, resetting and tightening diamonds and gemstones, soldering rings and chains, and rhodium plating.

What makes James Allen superior: For their jewelry, James Allen provides you with a nearly same warranty that is completely free.

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Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Peridot Jewelry Online

Are Peridot Engagement Rings Good?

Choosing peridot for an engagement ring may not be the best idea as it is not recommended for everyday wear. While peridot can be set in virtually any jewelry setting, it’s considered a lower quality gemstone, and as a result, gem cutters don’t put a lot of weight into its appearance. This often results in poor cuts and polishes, making it more likely to be damaged if hit in the right spot.

Peridot is also susceptible to damage due to its cleavage, which is when crystals inside the gemstone form a path that could crack if struck. With a hardness rating of 6.5-7 on the Moh mineral scale, peridot is not resistant to blows or scratches, and thus should be handled with care.

If you do choose to wear a peridot ring or peridot earrings, it’s recommended that you do so sparingly and with caution. A protective setting, such as a bezel setting, should be used for a peridot ring to prevent damage, and tension settings should be avoided as they can put too much stress on the stone and cause it to split.

Is Peridot Expensive or Cheap?

Peridot jewelry is an affordable option, particularly if the stone is under 1 carat. Peridot is a natural gemstone and is not produced synthetically in a lab, so any peridot you see in jewelry should be naturally mined. Additionally, peridot stones are not treated or enhanced to improve their color.

For an average peridot stone that’s between 0.5 and 1 carat, the cost should range from $5 to $25 per carat. Peridot stones between 1 and 3 carats typically cost between $25 and $100 per carat, while larger peridot stones weighing over 3 carats can cost between $55 and $500 per carat.

When Buying Peridot Online, What Qualities Should You Look For?

By now, you are probably familiar with the 4Cs, a diamond grading system established by the Gemological Institute of America. While colored gemstones follow similar guidelines, they do not have actual grades.


Cut is the most crucial aspect of the 4Cs for diamonds, but for colored gemstones like peridot, it does not significantly affect their value. Unfortunately, many peridot gemstones are poorly cut, making them even more susceptible to damage.

To optimize the stone’s beauty and minimize inclusions, custom cuts such as the checkerboard cut should be considered for inexpensive colored gemstones like peridot. However, due to their vulnerability, shapes with pointed edges like marquise or pear are more prone to chipping if not properly protected, making a peridot solitaire engagement ring a poor choice.

Some rare peridot varieties can command a higher price, such as those with a chatoyancy effect in cabochon form or asterisk star peridots, which are only found in Burmese (now Myanmar) stones.


When it comes to colored gemstones, including peridot, their color and tone, hue, and saturation are the most crucial factors in determining their value and grading. Peridots tone is based on how light or dark the stone is, and top-quality stones have a medium tone. The hues of a gemstone refer to its shade and any secondary colors present.

Peridots hues range from brown green on the low end to yellow green on the higher end. With the latter commanding the highest price. However, some prefer the more emerald-like green hues, while others desire the lime green color produced by certain peridot hues. To determine the official hue of a peridot, refer to the Colored Gemstone and Origin Report from the GIA.

In gemstones, saturation refers to how strong the color is. Color doesn’t affect value as much for inexpensive and reasonably priced gemstones as it does for rubies, emeralds or sapphires. The majority of peridots have high saturation.


Gemstone clarity refers to the level of transparency when light is reflected through it. If a peridot has a lighter tone with dark inclusions, its value will decrease. However, it’s easy to find eye-clean peridot.

An eye-clean gemstone has no visible inclusions to the naked eye. If a peridot has too many inclusions, it will appear cloudy.

It’s worth noting that peridot rough can have lily pad inclusions, which can make it challenging to cut. These inclusions serve as a plane for cleavage in the stone. If you plan to cut peridot rough, ensure it is of good quality for cutting.


We briefly discussed the per-carat cost of peridot, which can reach up to $500 for the highest quality stones. While this may not seem like much when compared to other gemstones, it’s a significant increase from the starting price of $5 per carat for nice quality peridot. For instance, a 6-carat top-quality peridot would cost $6,000, putting it on par with the prices of some semi-precious stones.

So, where can you find these top-quality peridots? The best ones, especially those with larger carat weights, are found in Myanmar (previously known as Burma). However, high-quality peridots have also been discovered in the Himalayas of Pakistan. Despite this, most of the peridot in the market comes from Egypt. Interestingly, while there are no notable peridot stones in existence, researchers now believe that Cleopatra may have worn peridot instead of emeralds.

What are the Warning Signs to Watch Out for When Buying Peridot Online?

When purchasing colored gemstones online, the most significant warning signs are simulants. Simulants are other materials that are presented as a different gemstone, usually a more valuable one. For example, you may come across a simulated blue sapphire ring that appears to be real sapphire.

If the product description states “simulated,” it is not genuine. Cubic zirconia (CZ) is a popular gemstone simulant since it can be produced in various colors. Glass is often used to simulate peridot, but simulants can also be made of topaz, sapphire, spinel, or tourmaline since these gems comes in a range of colors.

Genuine peridot is relatively inexpensive, so it is rarely simulated or imitated. The only exception might be in children’s birthstone jewelry. If you are purchasing smaller peridot carat weights, you are likely not at risk of being deceived by a simulant. However, if you are looking for higher-priced carat weights, it’s essential to ensure that you are buying genuine peridot.

The other two warning signs to watch out for with colored gemstones are synthetics posing as genuine and treated gemstones sold as untreated. Fortunately, peridot cannot be created in a laboratory as a synthetic or lab-grown. Additionally, peridot is rarely treated with any enhancements.

There have been instances where peridot was coated with a metal foil to enhance its stability. However, these treatments are uncommon.

In summary, there are relatively few warning signs to be aware of when purchasing peridot due to its low cost. However, as you move up to larger carat weights, it’s crucial to remain vigilant for discrepancies.

How Can I Get the Best Deal When Buying Online Peridot Jewelry?

To get the best deal when buying peridot jewelry online, here are some practical tips and reminders to keep in mind.

First, remember that peridot is more susceptible to damage than sapphires or diamonds. So, avoid purchasing peridot jewelry that leaves the stone exposed, such as a solitaire ring. Instead, opt for a protective setting like a bezel set for peridot tennis bracelets. This puts a metal rim around the edges of the stone, protecting it from damage.

When it comes to peridot earrings and necklaces, there’s less risk of damage, but make sure they’re stored properly to prevent scratches. On the other hand, peridot bracelets and rings are more prone to damage due to daily wear and tear.

To maximize your peridots potential, consider pairing it with other colored gemstones. Peridot can look striking when combined with amethyst and blue topaz, for example. Look for unique pieces that catch your eye, like a sterling silver peridot pendant with a butterfly design.

By following these tips, you can ensure that you get the best deal on peridot jewelry online and enjoy your purchase for years to come.

I simply adore how these gemstones contrast with one another. Peridot can also be used in stunning combinations with tanzanite or citrine. These combinations of vivid gemstones might inject some spice into your jewelry collection.

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