Ritani Review – Are They Legit?

Ritani Review – Are They Legit?

If you’re looking to purchase a custom-designed engagement ring at a reasonable price, then this Ritani review may be of interest to you.

I’ll be sharing my personal experience and research findings to assist you in deciding if Ritani is the right choice for your next exquisite jewelry acquisition.

After thorough investigation of Ritani’s craftsmanship, quality, and customer service, I’m here to reveal the truth about the brand. So, come along with me on this journey.

Who Is Ritani and are they Legit?

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Ritani has often been mentioned alongside prominent ring designers such as Tiffany and Cartier. Initially, the company’s focus was on designing ring settings, and they collaborated with different online retailers, like Whiteflash.

However, following Brian Watkins, the former CEO of Blue Nile, assumed leadership in 2012, Ritani expanded its offerings to include loose diamonds as well.

As with many of the online retailers our team of experts has evaluated, Ritani provides the option to personalize your ring by selecting both the ring setting and loose diamond.

What Makes Ritani Unique?

Ritani stands out from other online retailers such as Blue Nile and James Allen due to its unique business model, known as the clicks and bricks approach. This model provides customers with a full-service experience both in-store and online, which is not common among other online retailers.

While some retailers may offer full-service online, they might have limited physical locations, like Whiteflash. In contrast, retailers like Brilliant Earth and James Allen have a few physical locations, but Ritani partners with various trusted stores instead of having its own physical locations.

Through Ritani’s online platform, customers can also browse and select quality diamonds to create their perfect engagement ring.

Customers then reserve their selection with a credit card, and Ritani Reserve Diamonds can be shipped to the nearest trusted partner for an in-store preview, with no discretion to purchase. If the customer is not satisfied with the ring, the diamond is reverted to inventory, while the setting is melted down for reuse.

Ritani’s success is attributed to its partnerships with domestic jewelry stores, which receive a commission and also have the opportunity to showcase something different to their customers.

Ritani’s unique approach combines the finest qualities of traditional physical stores with the flexibility of online shopping. This approach allows customers to learn about settings and diamonds both in-person and online, making it a valuable educational experience for jewelry enthusiasts.

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Customer Service

The one area where Ritani falls short is in their availability of customer service. Unlike large online retailers such as Blue Nile and James Allen, Ritani does not offer customer service 24/7. Instead, their customer service is available during specific times only, which are:

My Ritani Live Chat Experience

To gather more information for this Twirl weddings guide, I opted to use the online chat feature. In a few minutes, I was connected with a representative named Lizbeth who greeted me warmly.

Unfortunately, I was let down to find that Ritani does not offer 360˚ videos or images for their diamonds. I inquired about the reason behind this, but the explanation provided by Lizbeth was not very satisfactory. However, she did inform me that I could request high-definition images, which was a small consolation.

Nevertheless, I believe that it should not be necessary to contact the company simply to view their products.

I inquired about the possibility of selling a diamond to Ritani as well. Initially, the representative’s response was lacking in detail, but she acknowledged her error, apologized, and provided me with the information I was seeking. She gave me a breakdown of the pricing and associated fees involved.

The information provided by Lizbeth was quite enlightening. Based on the various factors she outlined, it appears that several fees are deducted when selling back the diamond to Ritani. Consequently, it seems that one is unlikely to receive the full value of their diamond.

Lastly, I inquired about Ritani’s jewelry warranty turnaround time. Typically, other jewelers such as Zales and Kays take around 7 to 10 working days, if not longer. However, Lizbeth informed me that Ritani has a similar timeframe but offers overnight shipping, which is a significant advantage. It’s not often that you find a company that provides such prompt service.

I found their customer service to be quite helpful and truthful, which I truly appreciate. Plus, Lizbeth was extremely knowledgeable and made me feel confident that I was in safe hands. I was impressed that she did not pressure me to make a purchase and left it up to me to make the decision. That, to me, is what actual customer service is all about.

Shopping Experience

Curious about what the shopping experience with Ritani is like? Allow me to provide a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to navigate their site and purchase a ring.

It’s worth noting that many reviews of Ritani’s diamonds do not delve into such detail, so I hope that my guide will be helpful in giving you a better understanding of what to expect.

  1. Choosing the Loose Diamonds

Before jumping straight into browsing their selection of loose diamonds, it’s worth noting that Ritani’s website features an education section where you can quickly refresh your knowledge on diamonds.

I’ve decided to select a 1.21 carat authentic radiant cut diamond from Ritani’s extensive collection, which consists of more than 80,000 unmounted diamonds. Moreover, they offer exquisite fancy yellow diamonds and lab-grown diamonds as alternative options, should you prefer them.

Regardless of where you begin – whether with the diamond, gemologist or setting – the process remains quite the same. You have the ability to customize your diamond preferences by selecting various grading criteria. All the diamonds available are certified by either GIA or AGS, which are the exclusive grading reports we endorse. This is definitely a significant advantage in my perspective.

I have a dazzling diamond with clarity graded as SI1 and color graded as H. Upon initial observation, it became apparent that their inventory lacks diamonds with high transparency, specifically those with notable inclusions. I diamonds may be cheaper, they are not worth the price and can often be found in engagement rings sold by retailers like Zales and Kay for much more than they are worth.

In addition, Ritani has made numerous modifications to their 360˚ viewer, resulting in distinct visual presentations with each update. Some diamonds have the 360-degrees viewer, while others do not. This is displayed at the corner of the catalog when browsing.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Ritani’s viewer either. It lacks the ability to fully control the lighting and see visible inclusions due to its limited functionality as a simple video loop.

While the diamond is enlarged, it can still appear somewhat blurry in comparison to other online retailers such as Blue Nile or James Allen. It’s worth noting, however, that this isn’t always the case and can be frustrating when trying to get a clear view of the diamond.

Their available diamond details encompass a wealth of information, encompassing a market evaluation (to be discussed alongside pricing), attributes specific to the diamond, a guide for carat weight, and convenient access to educational articles on diamonds.

With the center stone selected, it’s time to choose a ring setting!

  1. Choosing the Setting

Ritani’s diamonds are fairly comparable to different online retailers, the selection of ring settings can be a bit more limited but that depends on the diamond shape you choose. It’s important to ensure that the setting you choose is specifically fitted for the diamond shape.

If you’re working with a budget of less than $1,000, Do not anticipate discovering anything apart from a solitaire ring setting. It’s worth noting that Ritani is primarily a high-end ring setting designer, which means that you’re a little more for a beautiful branded designer ring setting that features patented designs.

For my radiant diamond, I’ve opted for the French-set pavé ring setting. Fortunately, Ritani also provides a 360˚ viewer for this setting, which is much clearer than the diamond viewer.

  1. Purchase Process

Once you have made your choice of diamond along with its setting, it’s time to make your purchase. Ritani offers various payment options, including their very own credit card, the Symphony Luxury Credit Card, which offers three promotional terms once financing has been approved and allows you to be approved for up to $20,000.

Although Ritani’s payment screen may display the card’s name differently, it is still their credit card. If you opt to purchase the ring using this card, your payments can be spread out over 12 months, interest-free, as long as you make timely payments. Alternatively, you can choose from a 36 or 60-month plan with equal payments.

However, if you prefer other payment methods, Ritani offers several options. You can receive a 1.5% discount if you pay via bank wire. Additionally, they provide the option for split payment, in case you need to use multiple cards. You can pay via debit card, PayPal, Ritani credit card, Ritani gift card, Amazon Pay, and others.

Typically, shipping is overnighted via FedEx, but due to COVID-19 disruptions, there is an estimated delivery timeframe of 10 days.

  1. Return Policy

In the event that I am not satisfied with the ring I purchased from Ritani, I have the option to return it within 30 days with no questions asked. While Ritani takes pride in their expert craftsmanship and expects that you will be pleased with your purchase, they understand that there may be instances where a return is necessary.

Ritani’s return process is hassle-free as they will arrange for FedEx to pick up the ring directly from your doorstep, saving you the trouble of having to drop it off yourself. To initiate the return process, I would simply need to contact Ritani’s customer service via their 1-800 number, and an associate will email me the return slip to include in my return package. It’s important to ensure that all items that came with the ring, particularly its GIA or AGS grading report, are returned as well.

In case the grading report is missing, Ritani will still accept the return, but they will need to have the diamonds recertified by the lab it came from, incurring a charge of $175.

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What I Like About Ritani

Pick-Up In Store

While we briefly touched upon this earlier when discussing what sets Ritani apart, their “Buy online, pick up in store” option is a fantastic benefit for customers. Rather than having your ring shipped to your home via free FedEx shipping, you have the option to pick up and examine your ring at one of Ritani’s trusted jewelry partners.

To locate a nearby jewelry partner where you can view a Ritani diamond ring, you will need to contact their customer service number. With over 180 trusted jewelry partners spread across the United States and Canada, finding one within proximity to you should be relatively straightforward compared to most online jewelers.

Ritani Reclaim

Ritani’s Reclaim program is their version of a diamond buyback program, which differs from other trade-in programs offered by many companies. With Reclaim, you have the option to trade in your unmounted center stone for an upgrade to another diamond.

While other companies typically require a 2x upgrade to receive up to 50% off a new ring, Ritani’s Reclaim program operates differently. Rather than a trade-in credit, Ritani allows you to sell your diamond to the company, whether it was originally purchased from Ritani or elsewhere. One of their gemologists will evaluate and appraise your diamond, and provide you with an estimate. If you agree, they will send payment; if not, they will return the diamond to you at no charge.

You have the option to receive credit towards another Ritani purchase or cash back, giving you the power of choice without any major benefit to the company. This flexibility demonstrates Ritani’s commitment to their customers’ satisfaction.

Saving Opportunities

If you have experience with online shopping, you’re probably aware that many websites offer promotional codes through email, typically for first-time customers or those who sign up for their mailing list. While most companies only send out discounts periodically, Ritani offers stationary discounts that are available all the time for their customers.

One of their discounts is for students, providing a 25% discount on their Ritani ring. To verify your status as a student, you’ll need to register through a system, but this is a common practice for student discounts.

Ritani also offers a military discount, though it’s not as generous as other companies. Their military discount is only 1.5% off the purchase, whereas Kay Jewelers and Zales offer a 10% discount. However, unlike those companies, Ritani also offers a student discount and provides price adjustments. If you purchase a Ritani engagement ring and it goes on sale within 14 days, they will adjust the price accordingly.

What I Hate About Ritani

I have some concerns regarding this company and there are a few things about Ritani that I was not particularly fond of.

Their Ring Settings Are Pricey

In my opinion, the Ritani ring settings are rather dull and unremarkable. I’ve seen similar designs elsewhere for significantly lower prices, which makes Ritani’s asking price seem quite steep. Additionally, they only offer rose gold in 18K, so if you prefer 14K, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Their selection of low-priced settings is also limited, leaving buyers with very few options to choose from. Essentially, the only choice is which solitaire setting to go for. Even when it comes to halo settings, they only offer a handful, which seems quite absurd considering that halo settings are one of the most popular choices for engagement rings.

Limited Selection

To be completely honest, the selection of rings on Ritani’s website is rather lackluster. Compared to other online retailers, there are many that offer a wider range of options at a better price point. Some of these retailers even allow you to customize the ring settings and offer colored gemstones, which sets them apart from Ritani’s offerings.

I cannot really see anything unique or particularly captivating about Ritani’s collection. Unless you have your heart set on a Ritani setting, there isn’t much of a draw to the company. They don’t quite set the bar as a leading online retailer, in my opinion.

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Ritani’s Pricing

I can almost guarantee that you’ll save more money on high-quality diamonds at Ritani compared to many well-known brick and mortar stores like Jared or Kay. However, how does Ritani’s diamonds compare to other online diamond retailers? Let’s take a look!

I have found a diamond with the closest specs possible to the one from Ritani. This diamond is from James Allen, which is generally our preferred diamond retailer due to their affordable prices. While Ritani’s diamond is slightly more expensive than James Allen’s at $5,031, James Allen offers a variety of ring settings and styles that are priced below $1000. On the other hand, Ritani only offers very simple solitaire settings, except for three with surprise diamonds.


While Ritani’s diamonds may be comparable to our best-priced online diamond dealer, their selection is very limited. The ring settings jump from low-priced to very expensive very quickly. This raises the question of whether Ritani’s cheap diamonds are worth it. The ring settings at Ritani are expensive and not very unique. With a limited selection, you may be able to save money, but you might not find something that you truly love.

Bottom Line

Whether Ritani is a good place to buy your own ring depends on what you’re looking for. If diamond price isn’t a significant factor, Ritani can be a great option for getting the most out of your or your fiancé’s wedding ring.

While you won’t get a lower price like you would at James Allen or Blue Nile, Ritani offers many benefits if you purchase with them. They provide the best diamond upgrade package, allowing you to sell your diamond back to their diamond experts. This is unlike many other retailers, such as James Allen, which only allow you to upgrade diamonds purchased within the company, and don’t offer any credit for the setting if it doesn’t fit.

In addition, Ritani offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty that covers servicing for your jewelry. They also have discounts available for students, military members, and for paying via bank wire.

Ritani may not be the least expensive diamond dealer on the web, you can be assured of getting high-quality diamond rings and settings with a reputable brand like Ritani.

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