Best Place to Buy Loose Diamonds

Best Place to Buy Loose Diamonds

Are you in pursuit of the ideal online destination to acquire exquisite round diamonds, yet find yourself uncertain of where to embark on this quest?

After an extensive investment of time delving into meticulous investigations and scrutinizing eminent purveyors of diamonds, I have at long last unearthed the epitome of establishments for procuring round diamonds.

Irrespective of whether you seek a diamond engagement ring that aligns harmoniously with your budget or a resplendent masterpiece that captivates all who lay eyes upon it, these purveyors are distinguished by their ability to provide unrivaled diamonds of superior caliber, all at an exceptional value. This distinctive combination ensures the effortless discovery of a diamond that perfectly aligns with your unique requirements.

Best Places to Buy Round Diamonds Online

If you’re in a hurry for a comprehensive list, I’ve curated a selection of highly regarded online retailers for round diamonds. Take a moment to explore further details about each of these establishments below:

  • James Allen
  • Blue Nile
  • Ritani
  • Whiteflash

James Allen

I have various compelling justifications for selecting James Allen as my top choice when it comes to acquiring round cut diamonds.

What sets James Allen apart as an exceptional destination for purchasing round cut diamonds is the remarkable assortment they present. Their collection predominantly comprises round cut diamonds, encompassing an array of diamond grades and price brackets. I had the privilege of exploring and contrasting more than 14,000 loose round diamonds of ideal cut, with a minimum weight of 1 carat, spanning diverse grades.

The wide range of options available empowers you with remarkable flexibility in selecting a diamond that aligns perfectly with both your aesthetic preferences and budgetary considerations. I discovered that perusing their extensive inventory made the diamond selection process significantly easier compared to physical retailers like Zales. Unlike the limitations imposed by security concerns and the time-consuming nature of personally comparing diamonds at brick-and-mortar stores, James Allen’s abundant selection of loose round diamonds in an online setting simplifies the process and facilitates a smoother checkout experience.

What truly distinguishes James Allen from other online stores is their exceptional 360˚ viewer, which I personally found immensely captivating. While many online retailers boast 360˚ viewers, this particular setup stands out as my personal favorite. The visual clarity and precision it offers are extraordinary, appealing to individuals of all ages, and it doesn’t require any advanced technological expertise to navigate and appreciate its simplicity.

I found it quite pleasing that I possessed the ability to manipulate the viewer and smoothly shift it in both directions, enabling me to scrutinize each inclusion meticulously. This feature greatly facilitates the process for individuals seeking economical alternatives by acquiring an eye-clean diamond from a clarity grade that typically does not meet the eye-clean criteria, such as an SI diamond.

In the event that you are searching for top-notch diamonds exhibiting superior clarity and color grades, rest assured they offer a plethora of choices. Moreover, they present a selection of exceedingly expensive round diamonds that come with a complimentary ring setting. This particular category showcases numerous diamonds, ranging from colorless to elegantly colored options.

Every single round diamond available at James Allen will come with either a certification from GIA or IGI. However, I highly advise opting for GIA-certified diamonds, as IGI’s grading standards are more lenient and less trustworthy.

Moreover, apart from offering a wide selection of over 250 ring settings specifically designed for round diamonds, James Allen has introduced an innovative feature known as the Ring Builder. Personally, I found great pleasure in utilizing this tool, as it grants the option to either directly access the builder or further customize ring styles from their extensive catalog. Additionally, the inclusion of a captivating rainbow ring emblem in the corner enhances the customization experience.

The Ring Builder empowers you to unleash your creativity and infuse your personal style into the setting itself. For example, you can create a distinctive look by combining a rose gold ring shank with a yellow gold prong basket.

In my opinion, one of the most remarkable aspects of James Allen’s offerings lies in their provision of a complimentary lifelong guarantee. This warranty encompasses regular upkeep, although customers are responsible for covering the shipping charges associated with it. Nonetheless, the substantial long-term savings resulting from maintaining the pristine condition of your engagement rings and wedding bands cannot be overstated. Few virtual merchants extend such a valuable and uncommon service to their clientele.


  • Eternity guarantee
  • Complimentary resizing within a year
  • Enduring enhancement opportunity
  • Unobstructed panoramic perspective


  • Limited selection in exquisite diamond jewelry
  • Exclusions on stone loss within settings

Blue Nile

Blue Nile stands as a prominent digital emporium within the realm of precious gemstones, especially renowned for pioneering the online sale of loose round diamonds and ring settings. Alongside their virtual presence, they also maintain a select number of brick-and-mortar establishments scattered across the United States.

The enduring stature of Blue Nile imparts a sense of reliability and assurance to prospective clientele. Upon scrutinizing their round diamond pricing in comparison to that of James Allen, it becomes evident that the latter tends to exhibit more economical rates on a regular basis.

Rest assured, Blue Nile exclusively offers GIA-certified round diamonds, eliminating any concerns of acquiring gems assessed by less esteemed grading laboratories, such as the case with James Allen—a fact not widely known.

Thus, it brings solace to discern that even an unsuspecting patron secures the utmost quality. Nevertheless, it should be noted that GIA-certified diamonds come with a higher price tag, necessitating a thorough comparison of prices for round diamonds exhibiting identical grades to determine the truly more economical option.

The array of round cut diamonds available through Blue Nile encompasses a vast assortment, exceeding a staggering count of 17,000 loose specimens (maintaining the aforementioned minimum grades). However, it must be acknowledged that not all of them feature a comprehensive 360˚ view. Allow me to emphasize the significance of this perspective when endeavoring to discern flaws characteristic of lower clarity grades, which can significantly impact cost savings.

Fortunately, the platform does facilitate a filtering mechanism, narrowing down the selection to approximately 13,000 diamonds. Rest assured, this abundance should more than suffice in discovering the perfect gem to suit your preferences.

The inclusion of a 360˚ viewer is yet another remarkable feature, although personally, I find myself leaning towards the viewer offered by James Allen. Blue Nile’s viewer, while functional, falls slightly short in terms of immediate responsiveness and fluidity upon initial attempts to maneuver it. Nonetheless, it remains manageable—an advantage that sets it apart from competing online retailers lacking such capabilities.

Aside from their collection of round diamonds with an Excellent Cut, Blue Nile showcases an exclusive series known as Astor Ideal, exclusively designed for round, princess cut, and cushion cut diamonds. Renowned for their exceptional light performance, these diamonds stand as the epitome of excellence within Blue Nile’s inventory.

Moreover, apart from the customary GIA report, Blue Nile offers a supplementary GemEx report. It’s worth noting that these reports do not significantly impact the value of the diamond, as they solely provide intricate details about light performance rather than diamond grades.

While not deemed essential for purchasing a round diamond, GemEx reports hold appeal for many individuals. In fact, I personally possess a GemEx report for my own ring. Nonetheless, it is important to highlight that these reports should not be regarded as substitutes for diamond certifications or comprehensive grading reports.

Opting for an Astor diamond is purely a matter of personal preference; therefore, selecting a standard ideal round diamond suffices if you do not have a specific desire for it. It is advisable, however, to avoid round cut grades categorized as Good or Very Good, as they may not meet your expectations. Furthermore, when it comes to ring settings, Blue Nile offers an extensive assortment of over 250 options, granting you ample choices.

The primary drawback I could identify with Blue Nile revolves around the absence of a lifetime warranty. While they do provide a manufacturer’s warranty, it fails to cover certain aspects such as rhodium plating for white gold or prong retipping. This aspect was a crucial factor I considered when deliberating where to purchase my round diamond.


  • Unconditional warranty for a lifetime
  • Complimentary resizing service for a duration of one year
  • Lifetime upgrade option for diamonds
  • Impeccable 360-degree visual representation


  • Limited range of options available for diamond fine jewelry
  • Insufficient coverage for loss of stones within settings


Ritani has gained its reputation primarily through its exceptional craftsmanship in creating exquisite ring settings. However, with the addition of the former CEO of Blue Nile to their team, a remarkable transformation has taken place. Now, Ritani caters to a wider audience by offering a diverse range of loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. As a prospective customer, you have the privilege of exploring their extensive collection and conducting thorough research before finalizing your purchase.

When it comes to pricing, Ritani’s loose round diamonds can confidently stand alongside industry leaders such as James Allen and Blue Nile. Furthermore, akin to Blue Nile, Ritani proudly offers diamonds that are certified by renowned institutions like GIA and AGS. As an advocate for ensuring authenticity and superior quality, I consistently recommend opting for a certified diamond from Ritani.

Within Ritani’s expansive inventory, round diamonds hold a prominent position, constituting the majority of their catalog. With an impressive selection of over 4,000 loose diamonds, each weighing 1 carat, you have a plethora of choices available (subject to our minimum grading standards).

In addition, Ritani goes beyond traditional offerings by providing lab-grown diamonds and captivating yellow fancy colored diamonds. However, it’s worth noting that colored gemstones and diamonds of alternative hues do not feature prominently within their collection.

To further enhance customer satisfaction, Ritani introduces an exceptional feature known as the Diamond Market Analysis. This innovative online report serves as a comprehensive breakdown of round diamond prices. Drawing upon my extensive experience in the diamond industry, I can attest to the crucial role played by price transparency in building trust with customers. Ritani’s commitment to showcasing this report demonstrates their dedication to fostering trust and openness in their business practices.

The comprehensive report provided by Ritani offers valuable insights into the pricing structure of their round diamonds. It begins by detailing the vendor’s cost for the diamond, followed by an itemized breakdown of customs and shipping fees. Additionally, the report sheds light on the extent to which Ritani applies markup costs. While the exact accuracy of these calculations remains uncertain, considering their competitive pricing comparable to James Allen, it can be reasonably assumed that the report is fairly reliable.

Incorporating a practice inherited from Blue Nile, Ritani does not offer 360˚ viewing for every diamond in their inventory. However, the situation here is even more varied, as each diamond possesses its unique representation. Some diamonds are accompanied by stock pictures, while others feature a 360˚ video loop that lacks user control, and yet others exhibit high-definition (HD) photographs.

Should you desire HD photos of a specific diamond, Ritani guarantees their provision within a 24-hour timeframe. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward method to determine which diamonds have video presentations and which do not. Nevertheless, while scrolling through their website, you will find indications specifying the available viewing options for each stone.

During the checkout process, Ritani implements a pricing adjustment for their ring settings. It is crucial to bear in mind that Ritani specializes in brand name ring designs, boasting patented settings that carry a premium price tag. On average, their ring settings tend to be pricier compared to those found in other jewelry stores. However, this higher cost is justified by the exceptional level of craftsmanship that accompanies each piece.

In my personal estimation, the standout feature offered by Ritani is their complimentary lifetime warranty. Remarkably, Ritani stands alongside James Allen as one of the few retailers providing such coverage. This comprehensive warranty encompasses essential services such as stone tightening, prong retipping, and rhodium plating, ensuring the long-term durability and maintenance of their jewelry.


  • Unlimited guarantee for a lifetime
  • Complimentary resizing within a one-year period
  • Endless upgrade opportunity throughout your life
  • Impeccable 360-degree clarity


  • Limited assortment of exquisite diamond jewelry options
  • Exclusion of stone loss in setting protection

White Flash

Whiteflash stands out as the ultimate destination for individuals who perceive the purchase of round diamonds as an artistic masterpiece, akin to a mesmerizing exhibition of light. After an extensive exploration of numerous retailers, it is evident that Whiteflash surpasses all others by offering the most impeccably cut diamonds. The extraordinary brilliance exhibited by their round diamonds can be attributed to their exceptional cuts.

With an extensive selection of approximately 3,100 1-carat round diamonds, Whiteflash exceeds expectations by delivering top-tier grades and beyond. However, it is important to exercise caution while perusing their diamond inventory, as not all diamonds provide a comprehensive 360-degree view. Certain diamonds fall under the category of Virtual Selection and lack visibility, demanding vigilant consideration.

To streamline your search for the perfect diamond, Whiteflash provides filters that assist in distinguishing in-house options from virtual ones, ensuring that your diamond grades are given the priority they deserve. It is noteworthy that round diamonds sourced from the Virtual Selection are subject to a 10-day return period, necessitating a clear understanding of the specific type of diamond you select.

In your exploration of loose round cut diamonds at Whiteflash, you will be provided with imaging reports that offer valuable insights. The inclusion of ASET and Idealscope images facilitates a comprehensive understanding of how light interacts with your diamond, illuminating the precise points of entry and exit. It is worth noting that all round diamonds at Whiteflash hold the esteemed AGS certification, which is held in high regard and considered on par with the esteemed GIA certification.

Within their exclusive assortment lies the distinguished compilation of exceptionally cut diamonds known as A Cut Above, representing the epitome of excellence. This esteemed collection encompasses both round cut and princess cut diamonds, meticulously chosen to meet stringent criteria, including elevated clarity grades ranging from VVS to FL and colorless attributes (color grades of DEF).

Upon careful evaluation of their offerings, a discernible pattern emerges, revealing the rarity of diamonds increasing in tandem with their carat weight. While the prices associated with this remarkable collection may be steep, the resulting luminosity is truly resplendent.

Whiteflash has made notable enhancements to their diamond viewing experience, particularly for round diamonds that are accompanied by this feature.

Previously limited to showcasing diamonds against a black background, rendering it challenging to scrutinize inclusions present in diamonds with I or SI clarity, they now present the Sparkle video. Additionally, they offer the Brilliance video, which provides a regular background and affords glimpses of inclusions; however, an improved zoom capability would be a welcome addition.

They provide customers with a service guarantee lasting for a year, encompassing damages caused by regular usage. The majority of these damages tend to arise after the expiration of the one-year period, rendering this warranty somewhat ineffectual, merely serving as a superficial display.

I highly suggest engaging in a partnership with them to have your white gold engagement rings and wedding bands undergo the rhodium plating process towards the conclusion of the year. Additionally, it would be beneficial to have the gemstones and prongs inspected and securely fastened.

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  • Optimal precision in diamond cutting
  • Includes ASET and IdealScope visual representations
  • Lifelong upgrade opportunity
  • Complimentary one-year service warranty


  • Higher price point
  • Super ideal cut diamonds can be perceived as a marketing tactic

Alternative Options to Explore

When it comes to the purchase of round diamonds, there exists a plethora of choices accessible through various online platforms as well as physical retail outlets. It is important to note that while we have not personally examined each retailer mentioned in this compilation, they all possess esteemed reputations as premier destinations for acquiring round diamonds.

For those individuals inclined towards procuring diamonds through online channels, Brian Gavin Diamonds represents an additional highly regarded brand to contemplate, alongside the aforementioned establishments.

Meanwhile, for those individuals who prefer the traditional method of in-person shopping, an array of prominent choices awaits, including Tiffany & Co., Harry Winston, Graff Diamonds, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bulgari, Boucheron, Chopard, Buccellati, and Mikimoto.

Our Methodology for Curating the Finest Retailers for Round Diamond Purchases


During my evaluation of different diamond vendors, my attention was primarily directed towards examining the diversity and extent of round diamonds present in their stock. I diligently surveyed their assortments to guarantee the presence of a comprehensive array of GIA-certified, ethically-sourced diamonds encompassing a wide spectrum of carat weights, cuts, hues, and clarity classifications to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.


With utmost care, I delved into the intricacies of the grading and authentication procedures employed by each vendor, guaranteeing their provision of top-tier diamonds that meet stringent quality standards. My focus remained on sourcing round diamonds with exceptional cut, color, and clarity, giving priority to those accredited by esteemed institutions such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Through meticulous research, I sought to ascertain the retailers’ dedication to offering only high-quality, certified gems.

 Jewelry and Settings Available

In my quest, I ventured into the realm of diverse setting designs and jewelry alternatives presented by each vendor, immersing myself in a plethora of choices that encompassed solitaire, halo, and pavé settings for engagement rings, as well as an assortment of pendants, earrings, and bracelets adorned with round diamonds. I dedicated particular scrutiny to the artistry and caliber of the settings and jewelry on offer, ensuring that exceptional craftsmanship and superior quality prevailed throughout.


Through meticulous analysis, I thoroughly scrutinized the pricing structures of round diamonds among various vendors, meticulously comparing attributes such as carat weight, cut, color, and clarity to ascertain the most favorable value propositions. Additionally, I diligently recorded any noteworthy deductions, sales, or promotional offerings that could further enhance the overall affordability and attractiveness of the purchasing options.

Website Experience

During my exploration of the websites of each retailer, I thoroughly evaluated the user interface, navigational fluidity, and the comprehensive nature of the information provided concerning round diamonds. My attention was particularly drawn to websites featuring intuitive designs, high-resolution imagery, 360-degree visualizations, and customizable filter functionalities, all of which facilitated a seamless and informed decision-making process in the pursuit of the ideal diamond.

In-Person Experience

I embarked on a journey to explore a handful of physical retail establishments, delving into the realm of round diamonds and their accompanying arrangements. In my quest, I absorbed the essence of each store, paying close attention to the atmosphere, illumination, and the grandeur with which their precious treasures were showcased. Along my expedition, I engaged in meaningful exchanges with erudite sales associates, seeking their expertise in evaluating and verifying the authenticity of the captivating diamonds that had captured my curiosity.

My Experience

In my quest to uncover the ultimate destination for acquiring round diamonds, I diligently chronicled my encounters with various vendors. These meticulous records encompassed my encounters with their customer support representatives, the seamless nature of the purchasing process, and the supplementary services they offered, such as diamond insurance and valuable maintenance guidance.

Customer Service

To assess the caliber of customer support proffered by each merchant, be it through virtual channels or face-to-face encounters, I embarked on an extensive interrogation. My line of inquiry encompassed probing their knowledge regarding round diamonds, inquiring about their policies, and delving into the array of services they provided. I meticulously weighed their responsiveness to queries, the depth of their expertise, and their unwavering commitment to aiding me in my pursuit of the flawless round diamond.

Key Considerations for Round Cut Diamond Purchases

When embarking on a quest for a precious diamond, it is imperative to grasp the essence of the 4Cs, which determine its quality: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. Our comprehensive assortment of diamond manuals delves into the intricacies of each aspect. Here, we present you with valuable counsel for selecting round diamonds.


Undoubtedly, amongst the 4Cs, the paramount importance lies in the facet arrangement of a diamond, commonly known as its cut. By now, it should be abundantly clear that this significance is particularly pronounced when it comes to round diamonds, owing to their impeccable cut quality. In my earnest perspective, deviating from the ideal or excellent cut grades for round diamonds is not advisable, as it would render the endeavor futile.

Should you opt for the most extravagant diamond shape available, it would be prudent to relish the epitome of radiance bestowed by an ideal cut diamond. Embracing super ideal cut diamonds, Hearts and Arrows diamonds, or any other specialized variations might pique your fascination, but do bear in mind that such embellishments entail additional costs without necessarily translating into the pinnacle of diamond perfection.

Clarity and Color

The importance of preserving the diamond cut cannot be overstated, while diamond clarity and color are relatively more flexible. The round cut diamonds, with their multitude of short facets, exhibit a brilliant sparkle that helps mask certain imperfections. However, significant inclusions may still remain visible, even with this cutting style.

Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from purchasing a round cut diamond online without the ability to inspect it firsthand. In the case of diamonds with VVS clarity grades, the need for visual inspection may be reduced, but it is unnecessary to pay extra for such diamonds when a 360 viewer can suffice.

By carefully selecting an SI clarity diamond that is free from visible flaws, one can easily save a considerable amount, amounting to a few thousand units of currency.

Additionally, the brilliant cut of a round diamond tends to diminish its perceived color due to the abundance of white light reflections. However, people’s color perception varies. Personally, I maintain a preference for diamonds with a minimum color grade of H, as I am particularly sensitive to variations and find them bothersome. Nonetheless, some individuals may favor diamonds with warmer hues.

It is worth noting that diamonds with lower color grades, such as JKL, which exhibit a yellowish tint, are more noticeable when set in halo arrangements compared to solitaires. Smaller diamonds typically boast better color grades. Moreover, the presence of colorless halo diamonds can further accentuate the tinted center stone.

Red Flags When Buying Round Diamonds Online

Diamond shapes do not typically raise significant concerns, but it is prudent to remain mindful of certain aspects.

Hearts and Arrow Diamonds

The jewelry industry is currently witnessing a prominent trend known as the Hearts and Arrows effect. This phenomenon refers to the presence of a distinct pattern resembling hearts and arrows, which becomes apparent when examining a diamond using a specialized instrument. However, a diamond of superior cut quality should exhibit this pattern without the necessity of such a tool.

Therefore, if you are informed that the Hearts and Arrows pattern is only observable through the use of a specific instrument, it is a clear indication that the diamond in question is likely poorly cut.

The precise symmetry inherent in a round cut diamond is responsible for the creation of this phenomenon. It is important to recognize that not all diamonds branded as Hearts and Arrows possess an ideal cut, and conversely, not all ideal cut diamonds display the hearts and arrows pattern. Even in the absence of this pattern, an ideal cut diamond still maintains precise proportions due to the meticulousness of its cutting process.

Certain jewelry retailers may promote their diamonds as featuring hearts and arrows, yet fail to exhibit the desired level of symmetry. When purchasing round diamonds, it is advisable to opt for the standard 57 or 58 facets (with some diamonds including or excluding the culet as a facet).

Frequently Asked Questions Round Diamonds

Are Round Diamonds Suitable for an Engagement Ring?

Round-shaped diamonds stand out as the favored option when it comes to diamond engagement rings. They hold the top spot in popularity owing to their remarkable symmetry and unparalleled brilliance.

The magnificence of round diamonds remains unrivaled by any other diamond shape.

Does Purchasing Round Cut Diamonds Online Offer Cost Savings?

Opting for online diamond purchases instead of traditional brick-and-mortar retailers such as Kay Jewelers can result in potential savings exceeding 40% for diamonds with comparable grades, and in many cases, even better grades.

The price tags associated with round cut diamonds available at Kay Jewelers are considerably higher compared to those found online. This firsthand knowledge stems from my personal experience with a Tolkowsky ideal cut diamond boasting F color and SI2 clarity grades, featuring visible inclusions. The diamond also possesses a GSI grading report (which I must note is less reputable) and a GemEx report. To acquire this 3/4 carat center halo setting with pave diamonds, my total expenditure amounted to $3,999.

Obtaining a diamond of identical grades, accompanied by a GIA certificate, from James Allen would entail an expenditure of approximately $2,130. Furthermore, even with a similar ring setting, the overall cost remains $1,000 lower. Although these are not direct comparisons, acknowledging the presence of other variables, it is a recurring phenomenon.

To ensure accuracy, it is advisable to compare similar items comprehensively. However, in all likelihood, you will discover that diamonds are more affordable when purchased online, while simultaneously benefiting from a less aggressive sales approach due to the absence of sales targets in the online realm.

Are Round Cut Diamonds Pricier?

Round cut diamonds not only dominate the diamond shape preference charts, but they also tend to carry a higher price tag.

Surprisingly, the reasons behind this price disparity may not align with common assumptions.

Numerous factors influence diamond pricing, and many of these factors are specific to each individual diamond. The elevated cost of round diamonds stems from the extensive removal of diamond rough during the shaping process by skilled gem cutters.

On average, only approximately 45% of the original diamond rough is utilized when crafting a round diamond. In contrast, most fancy-shaped diamonds make use of a more substantial portion of the rough. For instance, princess cut diamonds utilize roughly 70% of the rough, which contributes to their comparatively lower price point.

One must consider the extensive expenses associated with diamond excavation, which involve significant investments in equipment, manpower, and labor. Additionally, the extracted diamonds must meet stringent gem quality standards, which is a rarity considering the majority of diamond rough.


The formation of a diamond crystal itself determines the shape it can ultimately take. It is not possible to transform any random diamond rough into a round shape effortlessly. Consequently, a substantial amount of the rough material is discarded during the process of achieving the desired round shape.

Another contributing factor to the higher price of round diamonds is their status as the sole exemplars of the ideal cut. This exclusive shape possesses impeccable symmetry, making it the only shape capable of attaining perfection in its formation.

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Strategies for Securing Optimal Value When Purchasing Round Cut Diamonds Online

  1. Prioritize Ideal Cut or Excellent Cut grades for enhanced brilliance.
  2. Opt for a retailer offering a comprehensive 360-degree view that enables blemish visibility.
  3. Restrict your purchase to GIA or AGS certified round diamonds, or opt for GIA, IGI, or GCAL certified lab grown diamonds.
  4. Select a ring setting that provides adequate protection for the diamond’s culet (tip).
  5. Consider that diamonds with lower color grades appear whiter when set in yellow gold rings.
  6. Assess the option of diamonds with fluorescence, as they can potentially offer cost savings.
  7. Choose a retailer that provides a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind.

Discover the Ideal Destination for Round Diamonds…

After extensive deliberation, I have identified James Allen as the ultimate destination for acquiring round diamonds, owing to an array of compelling factors. This reputable establishment offers a diverse range of round cut diamonds, catering to varying price ranges and diamond grades. Navigating their user-friendly 360˚ viewer effortlessly unveils the perfect diamond to meet your specific requirements.

Moreover, James Allen sets itself apart with their innovative Ring Builder tool, granting customers unparalleled customization options. With a staggering selection of over 250 ring settings, the ability to craft a truly unique piece surpasses that of competitors. It is noteworthy that James Allen exclusively vends GIA or IGI certified diamonds, and their inclusion of a comprehensive lifetime warranty instills an invaluable sense of assurance.

Taking into account the amalgamation of exceptional selection, uncompromising quality, and exemplary customer service, it is indisputable that James Allen stands as the paramount choice for those seeking a round diamond of unparalleled excellence.

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