Best Hypoallergenic (Nickel Free) Nose Rings

Best Hypoallergenic (Nickel Free) Nose Rings

Looking for the best hypoallergenic nose rings? Read our guide for the top 5 recommendations that expert jewelers say you need in your collection.

Have you ever seen a loved one’s, friends’ or even stranger’s skin around the ring finger or nose piercing has turned green? This is sometimes a result of the metal used to coat the ring.

Sometimes, it is a sign that one is reacting to an allergy. The metal used to make rings that cause allergy is nickel.

nickel free nose ring

If you are wearing the ring on the nose, you can react terribly to the ring since the ring is pushed through the skin on your nose.

The good news is many companies are turning to manufacture rings for the nose and other jewelry without including nickel in the metal mixture.

Below you will find a list of the best nickel-free nose rings that I pulled up for you. Check them out!

5 Best Hypoallergenic Nose Rings

Without wasting any more time, here are the 5 best nose rings you will find in the market and like already stated, you will not get any allergic reactions from them.

  1. Orangelove Hypoallergenic Nose Ring
  2. ZS Stainless Steel Nose Stud Ring Piercing Set
  3. Thunaraz Stainless Steel Nose Stud Rings
  4. Genuine Diamond L-Shaped Nose Ring
  5. YOVORO 24PCS Stainless Steel Nose Rings

Best Overall: ORANGELOVE Hypoallergenic Nose Ring

  • Can be opened and closed easily
  • Can fit in a variety of piercings
  • Made of316L surgical steel
  • Flawless

Orangelove Hypoallergenic Nose Ring

This qualifies as my overall best pick. Why?

Just look at how dazzling it looks, it is subtle when it comes to beauty. The ring is made using 316L surgical steel making it hypoallergenic. You do not have to worry about your skin turning green. So, if you always suffer from nickel allergies, this nose ring is absolutely safe.

The manufacturers of this nose ring picked the best metal-surgical steel to use in making the body of the ring. Solid gold can be a little better but it is more expensive. This ring is easy to open and close and will not get stuck as days go by like most other nose rings do.

There are a variety of colors to choose from ranging from rose gold, yellow gold, blue, black, silver, and rainbow.

This ring is elegant but simple; it does not have whistles or bells. When it comes to size, I suggest you go up coz this is available in small sizes than what has been mentioned.


  • Comes in many colors
  • Fits various piercings
  • Good diamond cut
  • Several sizes
  • Flawless design


  • Too plain
  • Sizing not friendly

2. ZS Stainless Steel Nose Stud Ring Piercing Set

This is a great cubic zirconia nose ring that is pretty and has a more feminine look. There are two different designs as well as some styles that you can choose from.

This ring has a prong setting and comes in three different shapes: star, heart, and round.

ZS Stainless Steel Nose Stud Ring Piercing Set

These nose rings also come in four brilliant colors and make a perfect choice for a dressy look.

Unlike other nose rings on this list, this particular one has a selection of styles. There is an option for 4 nose screw rings, 4 L-shaped rings, or 4 nose bone rings.

Like our overall best, this nose ring is made using surgical steel too. If you have sensitive skin, you can rest assured that you will not get any irritations or allergies.

When you buy this nose ring, you will also be provided with a 90-day warranty in case anything happens to the ring. The warranty takes care of things such as a bent ring or the CZ falling out. You will be forced to incur costs out of your pocket if a stone becomes loose and falls out since the warranty does not cover that.


  • Variety of colors
  • Warranty covering 90 days
  • Pack of 12 pieces
  • Made of surgical steel


  • One pack, one style
  • Not everyone may like the feminine colors

3. Thunaraz Stainless Steel Nose Stud Rings

This nose ring may not be the best when it comes to quality, but I think it is the best deal for a nickel-free piece of jewelry.

For such an affordable price, you will get many options and colors. The ring features 60 nose bone studs made of various colors of CZ and s0 bone studs made of white CZ.

Thunaraz Stainless Steel Nose Stud Rings

The greatest advantage with this set of nose ring is that it matches well with any outfit you choose or any event. You can comfortably wear it with your casual wear when going out for fun or with your nice suit when heading out for professional meetings.


  • Total of 120 pieces
  • Colorful both casually and professionally
  • 90-day warranty
  • Great value for the price


  • Only a single style
  • Not versatile for different piercings

4. Genuine Diamond L-Shaped Nose Ring

This is a great pick especially because it has genuine 14K diamond with white gold plating.

Body Candy has gained a reputation over the years for selling quality jewelry. This L-shaped nose ring features a diamond with a clarity grade of sI1-SI2. This in my opinion is great since the diamond is tiny. The diamond’s color grade is almost colorless at G-H color grade.

Genuine Diamond L-Shaped Nose Ring

I like the way Body Candy gives more color options like yellow gold apart from the common white gold. This one features a fair cut which is not all that good when it comes to design.

On the negative side, if the nose ring has a weak cut grade, it stands a chance to break easily or get damaged. But, the diamond is too small for you to worry about its damage. Some customers feel the diamond is too small and not worth the ring price.


  • Solid 14K white gold or yellow gold metal
  • Trusted brand
  • Real diamond
  • Quality for the color and clarity grades


  • Damages easily
  • Cut grade is fair
  • Expensive

5. YOVORO 24PCS Stainless Steel Nose Rings

This pack of 24 nose ring hoops wraps up our list of the best nickel-free rings meant for nose piercings. I like this pack because the hoops are not just for the nose but can also be worn on other body piercings.

You can elegantly use it on piercings such as the tragus, septum, helix, or lip. The hoops come in 4 varying colors and each color has 4 different nose ring sizes. Isn’t this all that you need?

YOVORO 24PCS Stainless Steel Nose Rings

This popular design and style of nose rings are made using surgical steel, have anti-rust metal, and are nickel-free.

This may not be the perfect choice if you like to have few nose rings, because some of the pieces are likely to be forgotten. Furthermore, the rings are just coated and the color is going to fade over time.

However, it would be the best choice if you have a lot of body piercings.


  • Contains no nickel
  • Comes in 6 varying colors
  • Made of surgical steel
  • 4 varying sizes
  • Versatile rings


  • Color fades over time
  • Some rings may never be worn

Nickel-Free Nose Rings Buying Guide

What is a Nickel-Free Nose Ring?

Let’s start by understanding what nickel is first. Nickel is a chemical element that occurs naturally in the earth. This element is found both in the core and crust of the earth. When rated against other elements, nickel is the 5th most common. You will find nickel in many metals as well as metal alloys in a lot of things, jewelry being one of them.

So, a nickel-free nose ring is a nose ring that does not contain the element nickel in its composition.

Most companies choose to forego nickel in their jewelry pieces because of its effects on human skin. Nickel is known for causing allergic reactions and skin irritation, especially to people who have sensitive skin.

Nickel allergy is quite common, although the reaction may not be so severe that you would suffer anaphylactic shock or something worse. However, nickel can create an ugly and irritating rash on the skin. Some of the signs and symptoms of nickel reaction include:

  • Dry skin that develops patches
  • Skin bumps
  • Itching that can run from mild to intense
  • Skin may turn red, green, or be inconsistent

When the allergy is so severe, you may experience symptoms like blisters filled with pus or extreme pain at the allergy site. The reaction or the symptoms above may take time to appear, but once you identify the allergy, you will keep on suffering from the reaction.

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Keep in mind that not all metals used in making jewelry are completely nickel-free. Some of the metals used like gold and surgical steel may contain minute contents of nickel. Even so, the content is too small to cause an allergic reaction.

Are Nickel-Free Nose Rings Expensive?

While looking over several pieces of nose rings that are free of nickel, I realized that a lot of them carry a price tag that ranges in hundreds of dollars. The prices can be different depending on the metal contained in the ring and also whether it has stones or not.

The lowest prices you can find are for nose rings made using surgical steel, implant grade steel, or stainless steel. Titanium pieces also go for low prices.

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The highly-priced nose rings will be those made of precious metal. Of these precious metals, sterling silver will carry the lowest price tag, but still much higher than the ones above. Solid gold nose rings are always expensive.

When the price is determined by the stones contained in the nose ring, nickel-free nose rings that have CZ stones or Swarovski crystals will rate on the cheaper side. Where you have real diamonds included in the ring, though a small one, the price definitely goes up.

What to Look For When Buying Nickel-free Nose Rings

As you shop around, you will realize that some jewelry pieces have not stated whether or not they are free of nickel. If you come across such a nose ring, make sure you ask about that before buying.

Most times, hypoallergenic means the nose ring is nickel-free but may not be the case always. There are some metals in rings that have almost untraceable nickel content that is not too much to cause any kind of skin irritation.

Cleaning Nickel Free Nose Rings

There is no difference in the way you would clean nose rings that have no nickel with the way you would other types of jewelry. The main cleaning agents are water and mild soap. You should avoid using any type of cleaner or chemical since they may cause harm to the skin when put through. You can also get special nose ring cleaners at the piercing shop.

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Nose rings that are made of silver or gold have professional cleaners. The cleaner used for silver is different from that of gold. Most silver cleaning agents are known to scrap polish off the jewelry. This means if you have a nickel-free nose ring made of sterling silver, you are better off having a polishing towel readily available any time you want to clean the nose ring.

From experience, I advise you not to clean the ring over a sink since you run the risk of dropping them in the drain. If you do not have an option, always place a washrag on top of the drain so that it can trap the ring in case you drop.

Best Place to Buy Nickel Free Nose Rings

You will not find so much luck when looking for body piercing jewelry in retail stores or online jewelry shops. I have realized that Amazon is the go-to place to find quality nose rings that are free from nickel. From Amazon, you can buy bestsellers including clickers, septum rings, or retainers.

If you love jewelry, you may want to find fine jewelry pieces that match. You can shop from James Allen or Blue Nile to get nickel-free pieces that complement each other. These two shops are the leading jewelry retailers when it comes to online jewelry vending.

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