5 Best Earrings for Men

5 Best Earrings for Men

Earrings are not just for women, men adorn this fantastic jewelry too!

Women have been wearing earrings for as long as we can remember, and their earrings claim a large chunk of the market. Men’s earrings on the other hand are just gaining fame and their market is not as large.

man wearing an earring

Because they are not so popular, it may be a little difficult to know which types of earrings are great for men. Luck is on your side because this guide is meant for you. We shall delve into the nitty gritty of picking male earrings. We shall look at:

  • Picking male earrings
  • What makes up male earrings?
  • Can men wear any earrings?

Things are not as complicated as you may think, the topics above are simple. After all earrings and wearing earrings is supposed to be a fun experience that allows you to make a statement. So, here is my favorite piece for masculine earrings.

1. Men’s 1/2ct Black Diamond Stud Earring 14K White Gold Simple Design

  • White Gold Basket and Backing
  • Real Diamond
  • Black Color Enhanced
2. 925 Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings Affordable

  • High-Quality Sterling Silver Baskets
  • Cubic Zirconia Gemstones
  • Hypoallergenic
3. SENTERIA Iced Out Mens Cubic Zirconia Earrings Hip Hop Style

  • Zirconia Gemstones
  • Sterling Silver Bases Earmuffs
  • 18K White Gold Bases
4. CZ Black Diamond IP Plated Surgical Steel Stud Earrings for Men Real Diamond Look

  • Black Plating
  • Zirconia Crystals
  • Multiple Sizes
5. Hypoallergenic Square Stud Earrings for Men Black Tone Plating

  • 316L Surgical Steel
  • Cubic Zirconia Diamonds
  • 18K White Gold Bases

Best Pick: Men’s 1/2ct Black Diamond Stud Earring 14K White Gold

Men's 1/2ct Black Diamond Stud Earring 14K White Gold

I pick this as the overall best because it has everything to do with a man: they are simple yet stylish, subdued, and have absolute value.

Have you seen how the diamond at the center oozes class without appearing extravagant or girlish? These earrings have been designed using long-lasting steel metal and white gold which makes it even tougher, just what a man needs.

This is a classic combination of traditional men’s aesthetics and fashion design.

5 Best Earrings for Men

Let’s get right into the details of each of the best men’s earrings that I picked.

  1. Men’s 1/2ct Black Diamond Stud Earring 14K White Gold
  2. 925 Sterling Silver And Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings
  3. Hypoallergenic Square Stud Earrings For Men
  4. SENTERIA Iced Out Mens Cubic Zirconia Earrings
  5. CZ Black Diamond IP Plated Surgical Steel Stud Earrings For Men

What are Men’s Earrings?

Well, to be honest, there is no difference between earrings for men and earrings for women. What brings about the slight difference is considering men’s fashion when shopping for earrings. Just like women’s earrings accessorize other adornments, men’s earrings do too.

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Earrings that are too shiny and extravagant are better off in the jewelry box. Men’s fashion is supposed to be a little conservative with more emphasis put on business or formal wear especially suits and dark colors. Men need earrings that blend in well with such outfits and solid picks can do well.

Picking the Best Earrings for Men

What you are going to wear with the earrings is a crucial factor to consider when picking earrings for men. Earrings that are full of color or made of plastic-like drills and plugs can be matched well with casual everyday clothing.

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However, if your look is going to be a suit or tuxedo, then something that is small and with fewer glitters will do. Preferably studs can do, they will not pull attention from the rest of the outfit. Make sure your earrings do not attract as much attention as the ornate buckle on your belt.

Difference Between Men’s Earrings and Other Jewelry

Men’s earrings are less extravagant than women’s. Together with the factors above, earrings for men are short, compact, less flashy, and calm.

In general, earrings for men should be block colored, simple, have minimal color and statement. This is not just for earrings, but any other masculine accessory.

By the way, did you know some of the best earrings for men are made out of 925 silver?

Best Place to Buy Earrings for Men

You can find men’s earrings at any store that sells jewelry, whether online or down the streets. You can also rarely find stores that sell “only men” earrings but are very few are sparsely placed. From these shops, you can get earrings that are more masculine than feminine.

Best Earrings for Men

1. Men’s 1/2ct Black Diamond Stud Earring 14K White Gold

This is a pair that sends a low tone statement of masculine power and tamed fashion. They are the definitive earrings for men who like to maintain a low profile.

These are round stud earrings featuring a real black colored diamond.

This black color emphasizes the masculinity in these elegant earrings.

Men's 1/2ct Black Diamond Stud Earring 14K White Gold

These diamond earrings are in a white gold basket setting as well as white gold push-back. In general, these studs are simple but fashionable, feel free to wear them with any outfit.


  • Natural diamond
  • Enhanced with black color
  • White gold basket setting
  • White gold security backing


  • Very costly

2. 925 Sterling Silver And Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

These fashionable earrings are made of cubic zirconia, a lab-created diamond alternative that is just as shiny as the real diamond but cheaper. It is the best choice if you are a party animal. You can put them on with fancy clothes as you go to night clubs or dinner parties.

The earrings are set in a basket that is coated with 925 sterling silver, the best quality of silver you can ever find. This plating makes the earrings not likely to cause allergic reactions.

925 Sterling Silver And Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

The silver and diamond colors in the earrings are also not so pronounced making them a perfect choice for men to adorn with any outfit.


  • Plated with the best quality silver basket
  • Does not cause an allergic reaction
  • Made using cubic zirconia stones


  • Sizes are limited

3. Hypoallergenic Square Stud Earrings for Men

Made of black cubic zirconia, these earrings are simply made for men. The black tone is subdued, something fashionable for men. From its name, you note that these statement earrings are hypoallergenic, meaning you will not get any allergic reaction when you wear them.

Although the color is not pronounced, the earrings still sparkle. The bottom of the earrings is made with 18K white gold making them tough and durable. The white gold also increases its price.

Hypoallergenic Square Stud Earrings for Men

Just as the white gold will last long, so will the black color. The color is not likely to scratch or fade as time goes.


  • 18K white gold base
  • Masculine black color
  • Synthetic diamonds (cubic zirconia)


  • Few sizes in black color

4. SENTERIA Iced Out Mens Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Do you love to dress in the hip-hop style? Check these earrings out. The earrings are made of cubic zirconia stones and the bases are 18K white gold. This combination makes the earrings look great and offer value for money. Its earmuffs are constructed using 925 sterling silver. The push back design makes it easy for you to put the earring in and take it out, this is easy than the ancient screw design.

SENTERIA Iced Out Mens Cubic Zirconia Earrings

This pair of earrings is a bit large and therefore may not fit some ear sizes and outfits.


  • 925 sterling silver earmuffs
  • 18K white gold base
  • Cubic zirconia earrings


  • Too big for some earlobe sizes

5. CZ Black Diamond IP Plated Surgical Steel Stud Earrings For Men

Talk of a pair of earrings that can be worn by any man on any occasion, this is it. The cubic zirconia used to make these earrings make them shine and pop. The manufacturer used surgical steel for designing the base and coated it with black titanium IP plating. This construction gives the earrings a masculine touch that blends in well with your suits and tuxedos. Furthermore, they come in different sizes to accommodate a variety of men.

CZ Black Diamond IP Plated Surgical Steel Stud Earrings For Men


  • Made of cubic zirconia crystals
  • Available in several sizes
  • Black colored plating


  • Likely to cause allergic reactions

Best Pick: Men’s 1/2ct Black diamond Stud Earring 10K White Gold

In simple words, these earrings have all that is needed when looking for earrings for men: fashionable style and statement without too much glittering and flare.

The white gold posts and diamonds contribute to the great value of the earrings without making them look exaggerated. Its simple design featuring a large gemstone is good to go with any outfit. This design adds to the overall look that any man would be proud to present.

I hope the information here has added value to your search and that you have now known that earrings are not for women only. These statement jewelry pieces make men look great too. Thank you for reading!

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