Best Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Best Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Are you on the hunt for the ideal aquamarine engagement ring yet you’re feeling unsure where to begin?

Do you want assistance in striking a balance between aesthetics and cost-effectiveness while maintaining high quality?

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This comprehensive Twirl weddings guide offers all the information you require while browsing for aquamarine rings, which includes:

  • A definition of aquamarine rings
  • Key aspects to consider when searching for the best aquamarine rings
  • The approximate cost of aquamarine rings
  • Tips on caring for your aquamarine ring
  • Additionally, we present our selection of the finest five aquamarine engagement rings.!

If you’re in search of suggestions for items or simply want to enhance your knowledge about aquamarine rings, you can rely on us to provide comprehensive assistance.

Best Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Don’t have much time? Here’s a brief rundown of our best choices for aquamarine engagement rings. Take a look at them now or continue reading for a comprehensive analysis!

A Review of the Best Aquamarine Engagement Rings

  1. FJC Oval Cut Aquamarine & White Topaz


Our top pick is an exquisite 10K white gold aquamarine ring. The oval-shaped aquamarine centerpiece measures 8mm by 6mm, providing ample table surface while showcasing a stunning and unblemished blue hue.

Although it may seem pale, the cut of the stone amplifies its color depth, ensuring that you receive return on investment.

Incorporated into the 10K white gold band, the design is enriched by six white topaz gemstones. The subtle contour of the band showcases tapered shoulders that highlight the prominence of the centerpiece, providing a unique aspect to the design.


  • Oval aquamarine center gemstone measuring 8mm x 6mm
  • Six pave set white topaz side stones
  • It’s crafted with 10K white gold


  • Aquamarine may be synthetically produced
  1. Aquamarine & Diamond Floating Halo Ring In 14K White Gold


If you’re seeking the ultimate in luxurious aquamarine rings, this one is sure to surpass your expectations. The distinctive floating halo design showcases a .95-carat emerald cut aquamarine gemstone that is encircled by diamonds.

In addition, the 14K gold band is bedecked with diamonds, resulting in an extra dash of shimmer.

In contrast to our best value selection, this ring boasts superior gold artistry. With a composition of 14K white gold, the band is a suitable option for individuals with allergies and boasts a greater level of durability compared to the 10K alternative.

The ring is on the pricier side, but its magnificence and workmanship are certain to captivate someone.


  • The centerpiece of the ring is an aquamarine stone that has been cut in an emerald shape and weighs .95 carats
  • The ring is embellished with a diamond halo design that gives the impression that the diamonds are suspended or floating around the centerpiece
  • The band of the ring is paved with diamonds, creating a beautiful surface of sparkling stones.
  • Crafted with 14K gold


  • It’s not the most economical choice.
  1. Pear Cut Aquamarine Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Set In 10K Rose Gold


The set comprising of an aquamarine engagement ring and a wedding band provides an exceptional price to quality ratio, making it a highly valuable choice.

The intricate engagement ring showcases a dazzling 7mm by 5mm pear cut aquamarine gemstone in three-prongs solitaire. The slim band is adorned with tiny, round diamonds, lending a touch of magnificence to the graceful design.

The wedding band features diamonds that are pave-set and have a clarity rating of I2-I3 and a color rating falling between I-J. Although the quality of the diamonds is not top-notch, their diminutive size ensures that flaws are imperceptible without the aid of magnification.

The engagement ring and band set has an elegant and detailed design that we adore, providing exceptional worth while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.


  • The center stone of the piece is a pear-shaped aquamarine measuring 7 millimeters by 5 millimeters
  • The side stones of circular shape are adorned in a pave setting with diamonds of I-J color and I2-I3 clarity
  • The ring is crafted from high-quality 10K rose gold, ensuring durability and a long-lasting finish.


  • Aquamarine has a bluish hue since it was subjected to heat treatment
  • Diamond quality may not be the best.
  1. Cushion Cut Aquamarine & White Topaz Ring in 10K White Gold


This aquamarine engagement ring flaunts a striking design with a combination of white topaz and aquamarine that captures attention at first glance.

The .8-carat cushion cut aquamarine gemstone is perfectly complemented by four different cushion cut topaz stones, producing a subtle and dazzling effect with a touch of blue color.

The 10K gold band adds to the allure of the ring, making it an ideal choice for an unforgettable proposal.


  • The center of the cushion-shaped piece of jewelry features an aquamarine gemstone
  • Four side stones of cushion cut white topaz
  • Made of 10 karat white gold
  • Reasonably priced


  • The quality of 10 karat white gold is comparatively lower
  • The process of heat treatment is applied to aquamarine and white topaz
  1. Marquise Cut Aquamarine & White Topaz Ring In 10K Rose Gold


This stunning ring features a marquise aquamarine that’s not heat treated as its center stone, set in 10K rose gold. The aquamarine is surrounded by white topaz gemstones that add extra sparkle to the design.

The delicate band of rose gold beautifully complements the striking blue hue of the centerpiece gem, creating a truly captivating ring that demands attention. Whether you’re searching for an anniversary gift, engagement ring, or a promise ring, this piece is an excellent choice.


  • Aquamarine gemstone cut in a marquise shape
  • The aquamarine centerpiece is surrounded by a circular arrangement of white topaz gemstones
  • An aquamarine that is found in nature, rather than being artificially created or enhanced
  • The aquamarine’s blue shade forms a captivating juxtaposition with the 10K rose gold band


  • In contrast to 14K or 18K gold, rose gold with a 10K composition contains less gold

What Are Aquamarine Engagement Rings?

Engagement rings featuring aquamarine gemstones are known as birthstone rings, as they typically contain one or more of these beautiful blue-green stones. Many of these rings have classic four-prongs solitaire, but some also include additional gemstones like diamonds.

Aquamarine gem is a type of beryl mineral, similar to morganite, and is the birthstone for the month of March. The gemstone is typically green-blue in color, though some stones are heat-treated to reduce the green tint.

Aquamarine has a rich history and cultural significance. It was believed to offer protection to sailors in the sea and to bring happiness in marriage and love alike, in addition to its use as a birthstone.

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Are Aquamarine Engagement Rings More Expensive?

Aquamarine engagement rings are an affordable alternative to diamond and other gemstone engagement rings. The price tag associated with a ring that features an aquamarine gemstone is determined by three different factors including – the worth of the primary gemstone located in the center, the existence of supplementary precious stones, and the caliber of artistry and skill applied in the crafting process.

The value of an aquamarine stone is determined by its color and clarity. Most cut gemstones are usually eye-clean, but most beryl varieties have hollow tubes or metallic inclusions.

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Natural aquamarine stones are typically greenish-blue, but those with a natural bluish color fall on the higher side of the pricing spectrum. Stones that are heat-treated to diminish the green tint are less valuable. The cut of the stone does not significantly affect its value.

Additional gemstones can be incorporated into the design of an aquamarine engagement ring. These may be pave-set side gemstones or a halo of diamonds and other gems like cubic zirconia, opal, and white topaz.

The side stones value will affect the cost of the ring, with a diamond side stone being the most expensive.

The ring’s craftsmanship quality is also a factor in its cost. Aquamarine engagement rings are available in a variety of metals including white, yellow, and rose gold, and sterling silver. Platinum is less common since aquamarine is of low value.

The cost of an aquamarine engagement ring is determined by the value of the center stone, the presence of additional gemstones, and the quality of craftsmanship. Aquamarine stones are evaluated based on their clarity and color, with bluish stones being more valuable.

Additional gemstones can increase the cost of the ring, with diamond side stones being the most expensive. Aquamarine engagement rings are available in a variety of metals, but platinum is less common.

Overall, aquamarine engagement rings are a more affordable option compared to diamond and other gemstone engagement rings.

What to Look for in Aquamarine Engagement Rings

When choosing an aquamarine ring, there are several important qualities to look for. Firstly, the center stone should be carefully considered, as the purity and depth of the color are crucial.

When the hue of a gemstone appears to be a faint mixture of green and blue, it commonly indicates that the stone is of inferior quality.

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In most cases, gemstones that have a greenish tint are subject to heat treatment to enhance their visual appeal and achieve a more coveted color. While natural blue aquamarines are preferred, heat-treated or paler specimens can offer a more affordable alternative.

In terms of size, larger-sized aquamarines are commonly and easily accessible in the market, so a center stone of at least 1 carat is recommended. This will provide a reasonable a considerable amount of exterior space available at a comparatively reasonable cost.

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Craftsmanship quality is also important. Crafting jewelry with gold provides an optimal combination of elegance and affordability. When searching for rings, it is recommended to choose those crafted from 14K rose, white, or yellow gold, which contain 58% pure gold and boast exceptional sturdiness.

If 14K gold is out of budget, lower gold percentages like 10K can also be considered. Sterling silver is another good option, with a 92.5% pure silver content and the remaining percentage is copper. It’s important to go for sterling silver engagement rings that feature rhodium plating to enhance durability.

If side stones are desired, diamonds are typically the most desirable, even though opal and white topaz side stones can also be considered. It’s important to choose side stones that fit within the budget, as diamond-accented rings will be more expensive.

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When searching for the best aquamarine engagement ring, consider the color and size of the center stone, the craftsmanship quality, and the type of side stones. By carefully considering these qualities, you can find a beautiful and affordable ring that will make for a memorable engagement.

Cleaning Aquamarine Engagement Rings

It’s crucial to take care of your aquamarine engagement ring, as neglecting it can have consequences. Keeping your ring in excellent condition is your top priority, and maintaining its shine requires frequent cleaning of both the stone and band.

When it comes to cleaning aquamarines and various metals such as sterling silver, white gold, and yellow gold, a reliable and secure option is using warm soapy water. This method is particularly recommended for stones with liquid inclusions or those that have undergone fracture filling.

If you want to clean your ring, create a solution by mixing a small amount of mild dish soap with warm water, and allow your ring to soak in it for roughly 10 to 15 minutes. Avoid leaving it in the solution for too long, as doing so could harm the ring’s artistry, particularly if it has plating.

Following a time frame of 10-15 minutes, procure a toothbrush with soft bristles and delicately eliminate any accumulated dirt and grime from the gemstone or ring. Be mindful of the regions encompassing and beneath the focal point of the stone, and give them extra consideration.

Should the aquamarine exhibit any cloudiness or you detect any remnants of dirt on the band or ring setting, it is recommended to repeat the cleaning procedure until the ring attains a state of pristine cleanliness.

Remove any surplus water and employ a blow-dryer on the lowest heat configuration to desiccate it. Avoid air-drying the ring as it can leave apparent blemishes on band and stone if the excess water dries in patches.

As a rule, we suggest that you clean your ring at a minimum frequency of once after every 2-3 months. In case of necessity, you may clean it frequently, however, it is essential to bear in mind that an overabundance of cleaning can result in harm to both the aquamarine stone and the band over an extended period.

Best Places to Buy Aquamarine Engagement Rings

So, you’ve decided to begin your quest for the perfect aquamarine engagement ring. What should you do next?

Well, the retailer you go for can make all the difference. For a vast selection of high-quality aquamarine engagement rings at reasonable prices, we highly recommend James Allen. Having worked in the jewelry industry for over two decades and an excellent reputation, James Allen provides all the benefits of buying from a trustworthy jeweler.

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If you’re looking to get the best bang for your buck, Amazon may be the perfect place to browse. With an extensive range of aquamarine rings at all price points, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste and budget. Additionally, Amazon often has special deals on various products, which means you’ll find a perfect ring that suits your needs at an even more attractive price.

Best Option

The center stone of this ring boasts an intense and vivid blue color, with a decent surface area that adds to its appeal.

The tapered white gold band is the perfect complement to the aquamarine, making for a stunning and timeless piece that your loved one will cherish forever.

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