Who Should Wear Black Onyx Jewelry and Who Shouldn’t?

Who Should Wear Black Onyx Jewelry and Who Shouldn’t?

To wear black onyx jewelry, or not? We got you covered. Read on to find out who should or shouldn’t wear black onyx jewelry pieces.

In this Twirl Weddings guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know about black onyx gemstones and some of their healing properties. We’ll also answer frequently asked questions about them including:

  • Can the presence of negative energy be attributed to black onyx?
  • Are black gemstones associated with unfavorable connotations?
  • Which psychological challenges can black onyx assist in alleviating?

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Who Should Wear Black Onyx Jewelry and Who Shouldn’t?

Black Onyx Stones Profile

  • Color – White chalcedony band and black body. Sometimes it’s entirely black, reflective surface, shiny, parallel bands.
  • Crystal Classification: Trigonal crystal arrangement
  • Etymology: Derived from the Greek term denoting a claw or fingernail
  • Associated Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Appearance: Exhibits a black body with a white chalcedony band, occasionally appearing entirely black, displaying parallel bands and a lustrous, reflective surface
  • Gemstone Category: Belongs to the Chalcedony family
  • Gemstone Varieties: Sard, Sardonyx
  • Composition: Comprised of microcrystalline Quartz
  • Enhancements: May undergo treatments such as dyeing and heat treatment
  • Hardness: Rates at 7 on the Moh’s scale of mineral hardness
  • Suitability for Everyday Wear: Black Onyx is deemed suitable for regular wear in various forms of jewelry.

The Origin of Black Onyx Stones

Throughout the annals of time, various ancient and early civilizations were known to incorporate black onyx into their precious gemstone adornments. Its profound association is particularly notable in the realm of Ancient Greece.

Legend has it that black onyx fragments, nestled within the depths of Mother Earth, were placed there by the mischievous Cupid. The tale weaves a narrative where the slumbering goddess Athena had her nails inadvertently trimmed by Cupid’s arrows as he frolicked by the riverbank.

While diverse stories and alternative renditions exist concerning the origins of black onyx, a prevailing consensus pervades among cultures regarding the extraordinary nature of this stone.

During the Victorian era of jewelry, the allure of donning black stones gained significant momentum, particularly ignited by Queen Victoria herself, who donned a black jet necklace to a solemn funeral.

Lore and Symbolism

According to some cultures, black onyx stones, just like other gemstones, also have negative reputation. There are those that believe black onyx is associated with black luck and death, typically describing it as a mourning stone.

Black onyx has different origins, it depends on who you’re asking. According to Arabs, black onyx is an Arabic name that means “sadness”.

China also has bad associations with black onyx stones since servants and slaves were forced against their wishes to work in onyx mines. Most people believed that touching the stones bring nothing short of misfortune, drainage of life force and other dangerous situations.


Despite these negative and unsettling notions, people who practice with the crystals tend to accept the depressing aura of black onyx as aid. In this scenario, the stone helps neutralize intrusive and negative thoughts as opposed to causing bad situations and habits.

In addition, black onyx is said to be a powerful grounding gemstone along with others that are usually associated with Root chakra.

Most people wore black onyx stones in the Victorian jewelry era. At that time, it was best suited for funeral wear and came off pretty well on those who chose to go for a dramatic look. It was quite normal to find black onyx or jet rings during this period.

Save for wearing black onyx, these stones were also carved and cut to exquisite art pieces like murals, figurines, and cameos.


Metaphysical Properties of Black Onyx Stones

Healing crystals along with zodiac signs are among the most popular topics in the modern-day world that are gaining traction and generating lots of interest. And it’s for a good reason! It’s not a wonder that people are connecting space’s infinite wonders to Mother Earth’s gift of gemstones especially those happening by chance.

Healing crystals are associated with different chakra and zodiac signs. Black onyx gemstones are best suited crystals for those that fall under Leo, one of the zodiac signs. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that other zodiac signs can’t benefit from using these crystals. However, Leo zodiac signs have more affinity to black onyx stones.

Physical Healing Properties

When donning black onyx, it is believed to provide assistance with various physical ailments, with the prominent effect of warding off negative energies. This remarkable attribute is shared by numerous black gemstones, which also possess protective qualities.

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Due to its affiliation with the root chakra, black onyx possesses the potential to alleviate discomfort linked to that particular region. The root chakra serves as the core for our digestive concerns.

By adorning oneself with a necklace, ring, or carrying a black onyx gemstone in their pocket, purported benefits are believed to extend to the following predicaments:

  • Digestive ailments
  • Fatigue and difficulties in concentration
  •  Aches in the lower limbs, encompassing the legs, ankles, and feet
  • Tension in the muscles of the lower extremities
  • Issues pertaining to the urinary system
  • Challenges concerning the nervous system
  • Conditions affecting the bone marrow
  • Facilitates recuperation of physical vigor subsequent to an ailment.

Emotional Healing Properties

In contemporary society, black onyx is embraced as a tool for warding off malevolent energies and offering solace for mental well-being. It is believed that black onyx possesses the power to balance and nullify irrational and detrimental sentiments, encompassing anger and envy.

Engaging in meditative practices accompanied by this stone can facilitate a transformative journey, enabling the abandonment of detrimental patterns and leading one towards embodying a pragmatic demeanor liberated from the clutches of such emotions.

Incorporating Black Onyx Stones into Your Everyday Life: Utilization and Adornment

For those who possess a black onyx ring, don a black onyx bracelet, or indulge in the elegance of black onyx jewelry as a whole, the comforting knowledge awaits that this gemstone thrives when embraced as a daily adornment. Exhibiting a robust hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, black onyx rings remain impervious to the minuscule abrasions brought forth by household dust suspended in the air.

As a member of the microcrystalline quartz family, black onyx also boasts exceptional durability against inadvertent impacts and jolts, ensuring its resilience and minimizing the likelihood of chipping.

When engaging in the esteemed act of adorning oneself with black onyx, exercise caution and employ a gentle, damp cloth for cleaning, as this porous gemstone refrains from indulging in water immersion practices akin to its crystalline counterparts.

Conclusion – Who Should Wear Black Onyx Jewelry and Who Shouldn’t?

Now, the question arises: To whom does black onyx extend its embrace?

Tradition might suggest that individuals born under the celestial sign of Leo hold a special affinity for this gemstone. However, my conviction lies in the belief that black onyx bestows its captivating presence upon anyone, regardless of astrological inclinations, unless the healing properties it possesses are incongruous with their personal objectives.

Black onyx presents an enticing alternative to the conventional allure of diamonds, particularly catering to those with a penchant for the gothic aesthetic. The alluring visage of a black onyx gemstone is undeniably eye-catching, making it an exquisite choice for everyday wear that leaves an indelible impression.

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In your quest for a gemstone capable of banishing the relentless waves of negative energy and illuminating a radiant path for your personal odyssey, black onyx emerges as an extraordinary companion, whether nestled within your grasp or tucked snugly into your pocket.

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