Does Whiteflash Offer Financing? (2 Options)

Does Whiteflash Offer Financing? (2 Options)

Are you looking for financial assistance from White flash or a loan to buy their jewelry?

Well, look no further.

Here we will cover:

  • Financing program at Whiteflash
  • Credit options available for you at white flash
  • The monthly payment strategies for you

These and much more for you in this article.

It is obvious that diamonds are very costly.

This is not different at Whiteflash. If you have read the review I made on Whiteflash, then their A CUT ABOVE collection of diamonds and the approach used in delivering an awesome customer experience while selling diamonds is what I love about Whiteflash.

Luckily, Whiteflash has put in place an option to finance your purchase.

How To Finance Your Whiteflash Purchase

There are two types of financing options set for you.

  • Affirm mode of financing
  • The 90 Day Whiteflash Flex Plan

These two options have different benefits that come with them.

Financing With Affirm

If you go through Affirm on the Whiteflash website then you can be sure to get a good financing deal. Simply click on the Affirm payment button and select it as you checkout. The application you just made is going to be processed online.

After making the application to see if you are qualified, there is going to be a check done on your credit profile. You will then be offered a certain amount based on the findings of the credit check.

Keep in mind that not everyone can qualify for this financing option, additionally, those that qualify may not get the whole amount of the purchase made. If there is any outstanding credit on your account, luckily you can get the whole amount awarded to you.

However, if you do not qualify for the whole amount, you will still get a part of your total purchase financed.

Remember to tick on the box when you are checking out. See the image above.

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Financing With Whiteflash’s 90 Day Flex Plan

There is another option that does not require your credit profile to be checked. Whiteflash goes ahead to offer you 90 days of the no-interest plan. This payment plan appears to be a layaway kind of thing.

For this option, there are a few things to keep in mind.

There is a down payment of 20% for any purchase made above $1500. The other 80% has to be paid off in set monthly increments.

Let’s take for instance if you plan on buying a diamond worth $10000, you have to pay the 20% beforehand then pay the rest with 90 days.

This means that you pay $2000 upon purchasing and an approximated amount of $2666 after every thirty days after you purchase it until 90 days are over. After that, the payment plan will be completed. This option favors those that buyers who want a guarantee on the financing option selected. It is also good for anyone who wishes not to wait for the Affirm approval.

In this option, if you delay in making the payments, then not all your money will be lost. If you are 10 days late, the piece will be taken and returned to the rest of the stock. The store will then give you a store credit.

This plan helps you as the buyer stick to the set standard thirty-day money-back guarantee offered by Whiteflash. You are allowed to return all the in-house jewelry and diamonds that appear in their catalog within the set of 30 days. This begins the day that the order was placed. This offer runs concurrently with your 90-day payment plan, this means it expires just after the first payment.

Producing the requested piece can only begin once the last payment is done. This is after the third installment you make.

You should also know that the diamonds that are stocked in the virtual section side do not qualify for the flex plan.

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Interest Rate On Whiteflash’s Financing Plans?

90 Day Flex Plan

If you opt for this plan you are very lucky. Here you do not have to pay an extra interest fee.

It is also best for those who have no problem waiting for their pieces since payment has to be complete before production begins. This means it is only after 90 days that the production of your pieces begins. It will then be shipped to you.

Financing With Affirm

If you decide to work with the Affirm payment plan then, there is some interest you must incur.

Here you get to decide between paying in 3,6 or even 1 monthly installment. The rate used here is very low. It can go up to 10% lower APR if your credit score is good enough.

The rates offered, however, depend on what your credit profile looks like.

As you check out from their website, you can choose to apply for Affirm financing, after this your credit profile will be thoroughly checked. You will then be offered different interest rates and amounts depending on the results of the check. Here’s the link to get pre-approved.

This means the better your credit score during the check, the better the rates and amounts you will be offered.

The maximum interest rate you can get is 30% APR.

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What are the Requirements?

90 Day Flex Plan

Here there is only one main requirement. You need to make a purchase of more than $1500 and pay off 20% upon making the order. You will be able to make the remaining payments within the next 90days.

The reason for doing this is, if the payments are late, the only option you have is to return the piece. You will get credit for the sum you have paid so far.

Financing With Affirm

Here the conditions are more friendly with no mention of a minimum purchase amount. All you have to do is to fill the form necessary for credit application and follow the process when checking out.

Whiteflash advice that it is easier if you get pre-approval so that you can have an idea of what amount you are allowed to spend.

Click here to get pre-approved.

How Do You Sign Up?

90 Day Flex Plan

To get started with this plan you must sign up. Simply get in touch with their customer care line and chat with them. Dial 877-61-6770.

Financing With Affirm

If you wish to get the pre-approval by Affirm, simply visit this page located on their website. Completing the process is less than 15 minutes.

Does Whiteflash Offer a Credit Card?

Since they have a variety of financing options to pick from, there is no credit card.

However, Whiteflash allows you to use different credit cards. You can split the payment into two different credit cards. In addition, you can use both a credit card and a wire transfer at the same time to make payments.

Using the wire transfer option is beneficial as you will get a 3% discount. The discount offered only works for the sum paid using wire transfer.

If you wish to fully utilize the above options, get in contact with the customer care line at Whiteflash and ask to talk to any diamond consultant. You can also visit them personally.

Does Whiteflash Offer any Monthly Payment Plans?

There are monthly plans to make payments plans offered at Whiteflash in the two financing options.

It is more convenient to use the 90-day Flex Plan since you will not incur any extra interest. It works in a way similar to layaway. Here you pay 20% upfront and the item is put aside until the payment is complete.

If you go for Affirm, you have the opportunity to space up your payments over a certain long period of time. However, you will incur extra interest charges.

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How Much Can You Expect To Pay Per Month?

90 Day Flex Plan

Here you need to pay one-third of the remaining 80% of the full amount every thirty days. This sums up to 3 months or 90 days. This means you will make a down payment of 20% upon placing the order. You will then continue to pay the monthly installments for the next 3 months.

Financing With Affirm

If you want a long-term payment plan then Affirm offers you that. You can pay within 3,6 or 12 months depending on the results of your credit profile check. After viewing your credit profile Affirm makes their conclusion and lets you know.

Whiteflash Financing: Conclusion

If you plan to make a purchase from Whiteflash, you will be satisfied. I love their diamonds and their general purchase process.

One of the main reasons I love them is that they produce diamonds with the best cuts. As a result, their diamonds have the best scintillation and fire possible.

I advocate for full payments via wire transfers. Not only will you get a 3% discount but also you will not incur any additional interest charges. It is also good if you are shipping the pieces to a sales tax-free state.

If you have tight cash flow, then you can always seek financing and spread out the payments over a period of time.

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