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These Are the Best Places to Buy Diamond Necklaces Online

Looking to buy a diamond necklace online? Read this guide to find the top places that sell genuine diamond necklaces on the internet.

There are many places online where you can buy diamond necklaces. In fact, the stores are so many that you may be confused on where to start.

Well, this is why we’ve written this guide.

buy diamond necklace online

In this guide, you will get answers to questions such as:

  • Where are the best diamond necklaces found online?
  • What red flags should you look out for when buying diamond necklaces online?
  • Which types of diamond necklace settings are available online?
  • Which type of chain necklace should you buy?

Here is what we’ll go through in this guide:

Best Shops To Buy Diamond Necklaces Online

  1. James Allen (the best place)
  2. Blue Nile (following closely)
  3. Whiteflash (best store in terms of return policy)
  4. Brian Gavin (best deal on warranty for diamonds)
  5. Leibish & Co (the preferred, colored diamonds stop)
  6. Abe Mor (best store to sell your diamonds)

Most women prefer diamond necklaces as all time accessories because they match with all types of dresses or gowns.

Diamond necklaces can not only be worn for different occasions but can also be the ideal gift for a special occasion, say Valentine’s Day or a birthday.

Did you know that the birthstone for April is Diamond? Well, now you know. And you can gift yourself or any other April baby you love a diamond necklace for their birthday.

However, diamond is usually substituted for white topaz or white sapphire in birthstone jewelry to keep cost down.

Picture how elegant you would look while wearing a classic diamond necklace paired with diamond earrings, a bracelet or simply gemstone jewelry.

Diamond necklaces have unique and meaningful designs that make you look sophisticated.

amethyst pendants 100×100

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In this guide, we have listed the best stores where you can buy diamond necklaces online. Read on to start your journey to finding the perfect diamond necklaces.

James Allen

James Allen is the leading online store for diamonds and other jewelry. If you buy diamond necklaces from this store, rest assured that you will get the best of the best.

At James Allen, there are a variety of fashionable diamond necklaces and pendants to choose from.

For diamond pendant selection, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to metal settings. For example, you can pick from a selection of yellow gold, platinum, white gold, or rose gold. You could also choose diamond pendants based on carat weight, cut, color grades, or clarity.

However, you may not get all of the above settings in all metals.

Fashion diamond necklaces also come in varying styles. Sample the selection of bar necklaces, diamond halo pendants,  drop necklaces, among other styles.

One piece that we liked the most while scrolling through James Allen collection is this unique fancy yellow diamond pendant. It is quite expensive. However, there are also other diamond necklaces that cost less than $1000.

James Allen also offers the option of placing a fancy colored diamond into your pendant of choice. However, we think that the diamond pendants are a little overpriced, given the quality of the natural stones.

When you buy diamond necklaces from James Allen, you get a lifetime warranty for the pieces. All wear and tear flaws will be repaired by cleaning and polishing. The cost of repairing broken chains and clasps will also be covered by the warranty.

Check the full James Allen Review.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile carries all kinds of diamond necklaces; from classic jewelry pieces to unique designs.

At this online store, you will find common bridal jewelry – like diamond pearl and diamond drop bar – that most people request.

There is a lot of jewelry with different price ranges at Blue Nile. However, most of the collections comprise of high-end pieces, like the fancy three-tiered diamond necklace.

Like James Allen, Blue Nile also lets you choose your diamond necklaces through various filters. The filters makes it easy for you to choose the kind of loose diamond you prefer.

Single diamond and solitaire pendants are also available at Blue Nile. If you love colored diamonds, this is the place to buy.

However, you cannot do 360° view as would be the case with colorless diamonds. You will also not be able to set the colored diamonds into a pendant.

Blue Nile online jewelry store does not have black diamond pendants. If you want fancy colored diamonds, you will have to buy them separately as loose stones.

From Blue Nile’s collection of fashion necklaces, you will have  wide variety of both classic and modern styles to choose from.

You can pure diamond necklaces, gemstone necklaces, and even more pocket-friendly sterling silver diamond jewelry sets.

In case what you buy does not match what you feel after a purchase, no need to worry. Blue Nile has a 30-day return policy and also pays the shipping cost.

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However, keep in mind that engraved diamond necklaces are not refundable.

Check the full Blue Nile Review.

Leibish & Co

Looking for high quality, colored diamond necklaces? Go to Leibish & Co online jewelry store.

At the online store, you will not see any colorless diamonds for loose stones while scrolling. However, there are a number of them in the section of already-set necklaces found under the “fine jewelry” section.

If you want customized pendants, you can choose brown, pink, orange, gray and yellow diamonds to put in. The prices of the customized pendants at Leibish & Co are on the higher side. Moreover, the prices of highly colored diamond pieces are even higher.

I love to look at a stone from all the possible angles before buying. However, Leibish & Co does not offer that. You only get a magnified picture of the 360° view of the stone.

Leibiish has breathtaking diamond necklaces. The colorless diamonds are so gorgeous in a halo and all round a fancy color diamond. If your wallet is accommodative and you are interested, I encourage you to buy yourself a few pieces.

Take a look at this piece here that has a halo of pink diamonds

Then there are selections of gemstone or hybrid pendants, just like this tanzanite and pink tourmaline diamond drop necklace.

Similar to James Allen, Leibish & Co also offers its customers a lifetime warranty that will cover all the regular repairs during the jewelry’s life.

This warranty helps to maintain the diamond necklace appearance and shape. In case you are not satisfied with the necklace delivered to you, there is a 30-day refund policy.


Whiteflash is one of the renowned online jewelry stores, having more than 100 diamond necklaces, inclusive of pendants. This is a considerable number of pieces for an online store.

At Whiteflash, you have two choices:

  • Select loose diamonds and set in the necklace setting of your choice or
  • Pick a carat weight of previously selected stones with general diamond grades.

The second choice is quite affordable. Therefore, it is a good option if you are not looking for one of those fine, top notch diamonds.

One of Whiteflash’s competitive advantage is that it carries diamond pendants that feature solitaire pedants and other unique designs. There are also some classic still pieces, such as the Journey Pendant.

The Journey Pendant has 7 of the shop’s custom-cut diamond collection, A Cut Above Diamonds. The diamonds are branded and super cut.

Moreover, there is a whole collection of A Cut Above Diamonds in diamond earrings and diamond rings.

In matters warranty, Whiteflash offers warranty only for the first year after you buy a diamond necklace. During the warranty period, all polishing, cleaning, prong re-tipping and tightening of stones is done for free.

After the warranty has elapsed, you will incur all the routine work costs. However, if you purchase one of the care plans offered during checkout, then the cost will not be something to worry about.

Remember to return any pieces bought from the store’s virtual collection service within 10 days, and not the commonly offered 30 days like in other stores.

Brian Gavin

Brian Gavin is one of the best places to buy diamond necklaces online. However, you will not find a wide range of diamond jewelry.  For example, their fashion collection has very few pieces. This means you have limited choices when it comes to selection.

That notwithstanding, you can see from Brian Gavin’s collection that the diamond jewelry pieces are of high quality. For instance look at these beautiful Flowers of Paradise pendant that has matching rose gold diamond stud earrings.

The settings of solitaire diamond pendants at Brian Gavin are unique, even if they are not as many as those found in other online stores.

While other online shops offer the four pronged, scalloped basket or martini pronged diamond pendants, Brian Gavin sits outside the lane with its princess cut bezel setting.

Want something unique to you? Brian Gavin customizes jewelry as well. The prices will be different based on the design you want. Their customer care representatives can help you with the selection and guide you on pricing.

For all the diamond necklaces you buy from Brian Gavin, you will get a manufacturing warranty. The shop does not cater for any repairs that may result from wear and tear.

On the good side, the store has a 30-day return policy.

Anything else apart from the manufacturing warrant and 30-day return policy is not available at Brian Gavin does not cover. Therefore, you do not want to buy any jewelry piece that is not in their signature collection.

Abe Mor

Unlike most places where you can buy a diamond necklace online, Abe Mor deals with bulk jewelry sale. This is a small online diamond store that sells jewelry to retail stores. They do this by selling a piece of jewelry to a retailer or buying a whole set of jewelry. You can also buy the jewelry pieces as a customer.

Abe Mor does not offer a lot of options. However, the few that are available are very detailed. For example, check out this fancy yellow trillion cut diamond pendant.

The online jewelry store also has a limited selection of diamond necklaces without pendants. The pieces on display have no price tags on them. If you want to see the prices, you have to open an account with them.

However, one close look at the diamond necklaces sold at this online shop will tell you that they are more expensive than at other stores. Moreover, the mere fact that they sell jewelry to retailers goes to show that their pieces are of the highest quality.

Do you have diamonds that you wish to sell? Abe Mor can sell them for you.

For example, maybe you have some diamond jewelry that you do not wear anymore. If you would like to make some money out of them, visit Abe Mor online jewelry store. Diamonds do not have an enticing resale value but the online store is the best place to go for a good deal.

Abe More can either sell the diamond for you and you give them a commission, or you can use their stores to make a sale.

At Abe More, there are no loose stones for setting in the diamond pendant. Moreover, you won’t get the opportunity to know any features of the diamonds.

Finally, Abe Mor does not offer and warranties or return policies for jewelry that they sell.

FAQs When Buying Diamond Necklaces Online

With the variety of diamond necklaces available online at different stores, choosing what to buy can be very difficult.

For instance, you may have lots of questions:

  • Should you get an all diamonds necklace or simply one that is mixed with gemstones?
  • What about the pendant, what will go in? White gold? Rose gold? Maybe yellow gold will look better?

The list of possibilities is endless.

This being the case, here is what you should know when buying diamond necklaces online.

Does it cost less to buy diamond necklaces online?

Color, clarity, carat, style, and cut are some of the factors that determine the price of a diamond piece. Diamond necklace settings may be priced higher since extra craftsmanship and skill is required.

The price will also be determined by number of stones and the metal where the necklace is set. The chain used and its thickness also affect the price of a diamond necklace.

There is no much difference in the pricing of diamond necklaces, whether you buy them online or from a brick and mortar store. However, the quality of jewelry bought online is high.

Today, I took a second look at the engagement ring that I got from a retail jeweler and compared it to the loose stones collection at Blue Nile. I created my engagement to look similar to that on Blue Nile to meet its certification.

To my surprise, the same ring was going for approximately $1500 less at Blue Nile. I could have actually bought a better diamond ring at a cheaper cost.

Red Flags to When Shopping for Diamond Necklaces Online

Blood Diamonds

Though not so much talked about these days like before, the topic of conflict diamonds is still being discussed.

Blood diamonds, also known as conflict diamonds, are diamonds that are mined and sold from poor countries, mostly in Africa. The funds generated from the sales are then primarily used to fund war and terrorism activities.

All the retailers listed here do not sell blood diamonds. Feel free to go through their policies on their respective websites.

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If you are buying a pendant, you most likely are buying a chain too. Some pendants come with chains while others do not. You can use the chain that comes with the pendant or choose an entirely different one. It is important to research about chains extensively before buying diamond necklaces online.

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Get a thick chain to avoid your hair being caught. Also, some chains are fragile and may not be the best option.

Get The Best Offer When Buying Diamond Necklaces Online

To get the best deal when you want to buy diamond necklaces online, do your research well. Know which kind of chains you want and their quality. This will ensure you get a long-lasting piece of jewelry

Also, store all the jewelry correctly; do not mix them.

Finally, to get the best, buy diamond necklaces online at stores that offers lifetime guarantee warranty. Examples of such stores include Leibish & Co and James Allen. This kind of warranty covers all repairs that the jewelry will need every six months. The good news is that such warranties are for free and for a lifetime.


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