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We’ve Found the Best Place to Buy Diamond Earrings Online (It’s Not Where You Think)

Are you online looking for the perfect place to get diamond earrings?

Below is a list of the best places you can stop by to get gorgeous diamond earrings.

best place to buy diamond earrings online

You will also get insights about buying diamonds online on aspects such as:

  • Which online stores have the best diamond earrings you can trust
  • Whether diamond earrings are more expensive in online stores
  • How to know if you are getting a good deal
  • Common red flags to look out for when buying diamonds online

Being one of the most personal jewelry pieces you can have, your choice of earrings can be a reflection of who you are on the inside. You need to be very keen when it comes to the settings you choose, stones or style.

Buying a pair of diamond stud earrings from an online store is not just like getting any other jewelry out there.

Online jewelers give you the luxury of choosing loose diamond pairs and they will be set for you. This is much better than picking out diamond earrings that the store set for you. In other words, you design your own jewelry piece.

Without wasting any more time, here are the best online places to buy diamond earrings.


7 Best Places To Buy Diamond Earrings Online

Here is a quick list of my top 7 stores where you can get quality and reputable diamond earrings on the internet. Keep reading as more information is given about each of these places.

  1. James Allen (best of the best)
  2. Clean Origin ( best place for lab diamond pieces)
  3. Blue Nile (best collection for earrings)
  4. Whiteflash (best “excellent” earring cuts)
  5. Brian Gavin (best deal for value and diamonds)
  6. Leibish and Co ( best pick for colored diamonds)
  7. Abe Mor (best choice for selling diamond earrings)


1. Diamond Earrings From James Allen


James Allen is no doubt the biggest online jewelry retailer. The store is known for having a vast selection of both gemstones and loose diamonds.

Looking for diamond stud earrings? James Allen has that for you.

You will not only choose the type of cut you desire, but also get an opportunity to design the sliders such that clarity grades, carat weight and color can be adjusted.

I can confidently say that James Allen has several perfectly cut diamonds which is relatable to the quality of diamonds.

True Hearts is a unique and special type of cut that James Allen offers you. This selection features diamonds cut in shapes of arrows and hearts. This allows you to see the proportions and symmetry from the diamond’s aerial view.

To get clear and quality symmetry, try viewing the pattern through a microscope or a jewelry loop.

[Image [

James Allen is not called the best of the best for nothing; they sell only GIA certified diamond earrings.

With the diamonds comes a lifetime warranty that makes sure all routine services on the diamonds are done for free. Your diamond earrings will be deep cleaned, polished, tightened and rhodium plated at no cost.


To get these services, you can send the diamonds directly to James Allen or to one of their authorized Jared retailers.

Something to note is that you will be a little disappointed in case you are interested in buying fashion earrings. James Allen is a little behind on its stock when it comes to the latest in fashion diamond earrings.

When I checked out the styles, I noticed the diamond earrings selection appeals only to particular tastes and not fashion trends.

James Allen full review



2. Diamond Earrings From Clean Origin


Clean Origin is the leading online retailer of lab diamonds. Lab diamonds simply mean diamonds which do not occur naturally, they are made in the lab.

Lab diamonds are 100% approved by law since they are made in the lab and not naturally mined. The usually cost 20-30% less than diamonds mined from the ground.

Clean Origin carries an entire line of lab diamond stud earrings. These earrings do not only spare your bank account, but also give you the fire and scintillation you would achieve from real diamond.


Clean Origin offers between ¾CT and 2CT weights at 14kt yellow and white gold settings.

SI/VS1 and I/J are the specs you can expect for clarity and color ranges respectively.

From the comparison table below, you can see the difference in price ranges for diamond stud earrings from James Allen. Stud earrings from James Allen are almost double the price of the same pieces with similar specs from Clean Origin.


If you are particularly interested in natural diamonds, James Allen is the place. If buying lab diamonds is not a big deal for you, the Clean Origin is the best online deal you can get.

This online diamond jeweler certifies all its lab diamonds with IGI (although it has integrity issues). I would recommend you get AGA or GIA diamond certificates. Although, the certification process for lab diamonds in these entities is a bit different.

Both Clean Origin and James Allen get IGI certificates for their lab diamonds, so this should not be something to worry about.

The only demerit with Clean Origin is that they do not have a variety of selection from diamond stud earrings.

They only have yellow or white 14kt gold settings, 8 varying carat weights and 3 or 4 prong settings.

In fact, this store is the best if you want diamond stud earrings with limited customization and at the cheapest cost.

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3. Diamond Earrings From Blue Nile

Buy diamond earrings from Blue Nile with extra confidence because you are buying from the best.

Other online jewelry retailers on this list have high quality loose diamonds, but none compares to the selection found in Blue Nile. Blue Nile has high quality diamond stud earrings made from loose diamonds as well as an incredible collection of the best diamond fashion earrings.


Similar to other online jewelry shops, Blue Nile also lets you customize your own earrings. There are available filters for you to pick out specific diamond qualities.

Blue Nile’s Astor Collection is a GIA certified brand that offers you above average brilliance when it comes to diamond earrings.

In addition, Astor diamonds have Gemex Light certification that specializes on how brilliant the diamond is.

Unlike most other jewelers on this list who offer customization that is limited to princess and round diamond cuts, Blue Nile goes an extra mile to offer Asscher cut on the list of its options.

In addition, you get the chance to build your own gemstone as well. No other online store has this benefit.


What I didn’t find impressive is that I was not able to look at both diamonds from the pair that I picked. 360 view did not change when I tried to switch between the two.

My take is that at Blue Nile, you will not be able to see the diamond specs like you would with other online stores on this list. Maybe that may not be of concern to you.

All Blue Nile customers get a diamond lifetime warranty which only covers manufacturing flaws. All the other defects from wear and tear like prong re-tipping, polishing and cleaning are not covered by this warranty.

There is a 30 day return policy with free return shipping. Military customers get to enjoy a special customer care line on top of the normal one.

Blue Nile full review



3. Diamond Earrings From Whiteflash


Whiteflash cannot afford to miss any time a list of online jewelers pops up, especially in terms of loose diamond stones. The diamond earrings collection they have is on another level.

You will find unique beautiful pieces from brands like Simon & Co and Ritani.

The styles found in their collection match no other competitor. To see what I am talking about, look at these Whiteflash diamond earrings.


The price of diamond earrings at Whiteflash is very exciting.

You can select your preferred diamond pair basing on filters and buy at an affordable price.

Whiteflash owns exclusive rights to their unique creation called a Cut Above. This collection is made up of other small sub-collections that include a hearts and arrows pattern portraying a perfect symmetry.

This store offers a 360 view of your diamond earrings. They also provide you with an ASET and a gemscope for perfect scope imaging of the hearts and arrows. However, I did not like how they let me view the stones.

It is very difficult to see the diamond characteristics as they place it under special light and against a black background. You should not worry if this type of viewing does not bother you.


When you buy diamond stud earrings or any other diamonds from Whiteflash, you will get a warranty that offers you normal wear repairs free for one year.

30 day warranties, 100% trade-in and customized diamonds are some of the other customer services you will get. A few selected items, especially from the virtual collection get a 10-day return policy. You should look out for such pieces.


4. Diamond Earrings From Brian Gavin


Brian Gavin is one of the most affordable online jewelers where you can get beautiful diamond earrings and other diamond pieces.

There is a reasonable collection of diamond fashion earrings, although, most of the pieces are diamond hoops.

The store carries jackets for diamond earrings which allow you to put in your studs. This is one of my favorite dazzling gemstone/diamond earrings.


Out of all the stores in this list, and out of all the ways of viewing diamonds, Brian Gavin has the number one viewing filters.

To view diamonds, you slide the camera all round the diamond.  You can click on the additional imaging videos to get a view of segmented angles by repeating the motion. With this technique, you get to see any other inclusions in the diamond.

In addition to the common classic prongs, martini and scalloped basket, Brian Gavin has different other settings. Furthermore, you can select the diamonds you want for a unique setting.


The unique diamond earrings come in four shapes: princess, emerald, round, and cushion.

With Brian Gavin, you will only get one resizing for free when needed. The rest of any other repairs will be charged to your credit card.

A lifetime warranty that only covers manufacturing defects is offered. Within the first year of purchase, you will get a lifetime trade-up and buy-back program. However, this only applies to Brian Gavin’s signature collections.



5. Diamond Earrings From Leibish & Co


For unique and best quality diamond earrings, make a stop at Leibish & Co. here you will get beautiful fancy colored diamond earrings that you will not find in other online jewelry retailers.

You will also find Asscher cut earrings in the colored section of their selection.


Leibish & Co is the ideal store if you like to draw attention to your ears with a lot of color. Colorless diamond earrings are not so common in their collections.

The colored diamond earrings will not dent your wallet so much. For a setting of any kind, part with a little over$500. This is on top of the stone if you decide to design your own piece.

As a bonus to the unique colors, diamond earrings are sold in a variety of shapes. There are a lot of diamond shapes that you can get from this online store compared to other jewelry retailers online.

The different options from which you can choose are trapezoid, radiant, marquise or triangle.

No question s will be asked when you return diamond earrings that did not meet your expectations furthermore; the shipping label is already paid for. Like a few other online stores listed here, Leibish and Co offers a lifetime warranty to cater for normal wear free of charge.



6. Diamond Earring From Abe Mor

While many other online jewelers focus on commercial customers, Abe Mor sells its diamond pieces in wholesale and concentrates on family owned jewelry stores.

In other terms, this online space is a jewelry supplier and not an actual store. However there is no exception, individuals can purchase and sell their diamond jewelry with Abe Mor.


This jewelry supplier has unique but beautiful diamond earrings. As for the prices, you will have to ask. It is unfortunate that the diamond pieces here are very expensive and customers running a low budget may not afford. This is because they sell to retailers.

If you can afford the diamond earrings here, they are worth the investment.

Abe Mor only deals with the finest of jewelry and can very conveniently get rarely found and unique diamonds from places where retailers cannot get. There are no warranties or repairs for jewelry bought at Abe Mor.


With Abe Mor you can comfortably sell jewelry from the comfort of your home. They offer the most when buying diamond jewelry sell it and send you the commission.

You can alternatively sell the diamond while this online supplier works behind the scenes for you. You can get this through their partnership program.



FAQs About Buying Diamond Earrings Online

The questions asked when buying diamonds online are as many as the pairs of earrings you will find online.

Which is better, an all diamonds earrings or a mixture of gemstones?

How would you like it set? White gold? Rose gold? Probably yellow gold will look gorgeous?

There are uncountable possibilities. Here are some of the commonly asked questions about shopping for diamonds online.


Will it cost less if you buy diamond earrings online?

There are several factors that will cause a difference in pricing when you decide to buy diamond earrings online. What to keep in mind is diamond earrings in online stores do not cost the same as those in retail stores.

Diamond earrings sold online will cost you more than from a brick and mortar shop because you get the opportunity to select the color, carat weight, and shape and cut that you want.

This is so also because majority of the commercial stores have manufactured diamonds that are pre selected and certified.

Red Flags To Look Out For When Buying Diamond Earrings Online

Buying diamond earrings (or any other thing for that matter) online requires you to be extra cautious. You need to look out for warning signs that may make the deal not so good. Here are some of the red flags:

  1. Conflit-Free Diamonds

In some parts of this world, diamonds are sold and the proceeds are used to fund civil wars and terrorism. This is depicted well in the movie Blood Diamond that stars Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jewelry retailers wished that their customers know that the diamonds being sold to them are obtained from a legal source and not one which causes violence and brings pain to people.

As a result, the Kimberley Process was introduced to make sure that high quality diamonds are sourced from countries or places that were free of conflict. More than 80 countries worldwide take part if this process and all diamonds entering the market through these countries are blood-less.

  1. Return policy

All the online stores listed here offer their customers 360 degree view of the diamonds. This way you can see all the specs and select what you want. You should buy diamond earrings from online shops that offer money back guarantees just in case what you wanted is not what is delivered.

Jewelry can be returned to the vendor for various reasons. Maybe you do not like how it looks or the quality is not good.

It is a good thing that most online sellers offer 30-day return policies. Some places will only allow you only as much as 10 days to return the diamond earrings. Check whether there is a return policy to save you from being scammed.

  1. Material

When shopping online, you would appreciate to get exactly what you saw. You need to make sure the material used to manufacture the earrings is high quality. You can always get this information from reading the product description.

The terminology used in describing the diamond earrings is important. For example, when you read “14K gold” you need to be sure that the earrings are 100% gold and not plated, filled or hollow. A good indicator of non solid gold earrings is that they are cheap and the plating will soon fade away to reveal the cheap metal at the base.

When buying diamond earrings online, look out for the following terminologies: lab-created diamonds, diamond simulant and treated diamond.  Make sure you know what all these words mean and if you want them before acquiring diamond earrings.

Getting The Best Diamond Earrings Deal Online

According to most people, the lowest price qualifies as the best deal. With jewelry purchase, especially diamond earrings, the deal with the most benefits is the best deal.

Aside from the price tag that hangs on the jewelry lookout for any kind of maintenance that the piece may require. Research very well on this.

Diamond settings like bezel and channel princess cut diamonds keep the diamonds secure.

When shopping online for diamond earrings, go for stores that give lifetime warranties. Some routine repairs may not be covered by the warranty but many online stores will offer repair services regularly when needed.



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