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Best Mother Daughter Necklaces

The details in this guide will take you through all the nitty-gritty of looking for the best necklaces that both you and your daughter can put on.

best mother daughter necklaces

You will get information about:

  • What a mom daughter necklace is
  • Factors to consider when shopping for a mom-daughter neck accessory set
  • Reason for purchasing a mother-daughter necklace
  • The overall best choice of a mom-daughter necklace

Let’s jump right in and get started with the guide.

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Our Overall Best

EFYTAL Mother Daughter Necklace

  • Made using 925 sterling silver
  • Non-skin irritant
  • Good quality piece
  • Has a full gift set

Check Price Here

This necklace features a centerpiece that has two rings that interlock. The interlocking rings are designed to symbolize the strong and eternal bond that a mother and her daughter share. This neckpiece is made from durable 925 sterling silver and you are sure of having the jewelry for a long time.

The package comes fully equipped with a gift bag, a jewelry box, and a set of cards. It is the perfect necklace set to gift on a birthday, graduation, or mother’s day. The chain is 19 inches long. If you want a necklace set for a mother with a teenage daughter, this is the deal.

Top 5 Mother Daughter Necklaces

We have a ready list of the best mother-daughter neckpieces for you. Take a quick look.

  1. EFYTAL Mother Daughter Necklace
  2. KUIYAI Mother Daughter Necklace
  3. Zuoo Bao Mother and Daughters Necklace Set
  4. KEDRIAN Mother Daughter Necklace
  5. Quan Jewelry Tree of Life Mom and Me Necklace Set



What is a Mom and Daughter Necklace?

From its name, you can already guess what this jewelry is. However, let’s look at a few details of why these are special pieces in the jewelry industry.

To start with, mothers are known to have a special connection with their daughters. This is maybe because mothers see their daughters as a mini version of themselves. Several types of research conducted as well as science seems to indicate that the relationship that exists between a mother and a daughter is the strongest bond between a child and a parent.

The commonest reason is probably that the thoughts and feelings between them are identical. You can think of other reasons for science showing this.

Because of these similarities, jewelers and jewelry designers found a unique way to commemorate the amazing relationship between a mother and a daughter. This unique way was through a one of a kind necklace set with the sole intention of being worn by moms and their daughters.

Mother and daughter necklaces come in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. The most popular designs found in many jewelry shops are heart shaped pendant necklaces and ring neckpieces. Regardless of the design, the relationship symbolized by these jewelry accessories is the most important thing.


Factors To Consider When Shopping For A Mom Daughter Neck Accessory Set

Have you been looking for the best necklace set that will clearly show the special relationship you have with your little princess? Below are some of the factors to consider when looking around in the hope of finding what you want.


Most manufacturers use stainless steel or silver to make necklace sets for mother and daughter to wear. Both of these metals are durable but are different when it comes to other aspects.

Sterling silver is not only used in necklaces but other types of jewelry as well. This is because it boasts of a shiny and beautiful finish on its products that cost less com to other alloys used in jewelry making.sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver and &.5% copper. When you get a necklace set made of sterling silver, expect no skin irritation and less maintenance.

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Stainless steel is equally durable and also finds favor in the eyes of many manufacturers. The latest and best version of stainless steel is the one referred to as 316L. when compared to sterling silver, 316L stainless steel is more durable are tarnish-resistant. Sterling silver, however, shines brighter than stainless steel.

Length And Durability Of Chain

Consider also how long the chain is likely to last as well as its length. Put in your best effort to find a necklace with a chain that has an appropriate length that will rest comfortably on your neck as well as your daughter’s.

Chain lengths vary depending on how old your little princess is. If your child is below 12 years, experts recommended you buy a chain that is 10″-14″. 14-18″ chains will look good o teenagers while your adult daughter will require a chain that is about 18-20 inches long.

On matters of durability, you want a necklace that will symbolize your mother-daughter bond for a long time. Look for a necklace that is not only sophisticated but also durable, one which will not break after a few months.


This factor is worth considering but it is also good to note that it is not a one-fit-all factor. The kind of symbol you pick in the necklace depends on the kind of relationship you enjoy with your daughter. While some may choose ring necklaces, some mothers prefer twinning heart-shaped pendants. The options are so many that you may become spoilt for choice.


Reason For Purchasing A Mother Daughter Necklace

As you have already known, the relationship between mother and daughter is regarded as the strongest bond there can be between a parent and a child. There is no better way to showcase this relationship than buying a mom and daughter necklace set that both you and your daughter can look gorgeous in.

These necklaces have a charm that uniquely shows the unshakeable relationship between a mother and her daughter. It is a sign of beauty and fashion and also represents the love, care, and loyalty between the two. This is the perfect give for a birthday, graduation, or any other special celebration. It is suitable to wear on special occasions or every day if you so wish.

5 Best Mom And Daughter Necklace Sets

EFYTAL Mother Daughter Necklace

This beautiful necklace set has interlocking rings at the center. This centerpiece is designed to be the symbol of the everlasting and unshakable bond between a mother and her daughter.

925 Sterling Silver was used to manufacture this piece of jewelry. This means the necklace set is durable and will last for a long time.


Check Price Here

The packaging comes with some cards, a jewelry box, and a gift bag, all complete for a gift on your daughter’s birthday, mother’s day, or graduation. The chain is 19 inches long and perfect if you have a teenage daughter.


  • 925 sterling silver construction
  • Non-skin irritant
  • Super quality
  • Packaging includes a full gift set


  • Too long chain for daughters who are not yet teenagers
  • Chain likely to tangle easily
  • The chain is very thin

KUIYAI Mother Daughter Necklace

Let’s step a little away from sterling silver, this amazing necklace set is made from stainless steel.

When compared to mother-daughter necklaces made of sterling silver, this one is much more durable.

This mom-daughter necklace from KUIYAI is made of 316L stainless steel. As you already know, this grade of steel is not susceptible to tarnish, rust, and discoloration. It is also very friendly to your skin.


Check Price Here

This necklace set has two pendants in the shape of a heart. The daughter pendant looks like it was extracted from the mother pendant. This gives an even deeper meaning to the mother-daughter relationship. If you want to give it out as a gift, there is a black jewelry box meant for that.


  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Free from discoloration, rust, and tarnish
  • Highly durable


  • Pendant bail loosens easily
  • The chain easily tangles
  • Quite small for some people

Zuoo Bao Mother and Daughters Necklace Set

Unlike other necklace sets reviewed on this list, this particular set is designed for a mother who has two daughters or twin girls. The necklace meant for the mother has a circular pendant featuring two heart-shaped cuts at the center. The pendants for two daughters sport the pair missing on the mother’s pendant.


Check Price Here

This is a necklace set designed with the full meaning of the love shared between a mother and her two daughters. The chain measures 18 inches in length and has 2 inches of room for extension. The whole set is made of stainless steel.


  • Does not have lead or nickel
  • The best option for a mother who has two daughters
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Rust and tarnish free


  • Not all chains boast of the same level of durability
  • The rose goal coat fades off after wearing it for a few months

KEDRIAN Mother Daughter Necklace

This necklace set is made of 925 Sterling silver and has nicely interlocked rings at the center. It is the same as EFYTAL mother-daughter necklace in terms of material and design.

This necklace glows so much because of the three coats of white gold plate. Your skin or that of your little one will not be harmed by this necklace even if you wear it daily.


Check Price Here

The chain is 18 inches long with a two-inch extension. It comes with a gift box for you to gift someone on a special occasion.


  • Triple-layered white gold plating
  • Made using 925 sterling silver
  • Does not turn skin green or tarnish


  • The chain does not last long
  • The chain can easily tangle

Quan Jewelry Tree of Life Mom and Me Necklace Set

If you have been looking for a necklace set that is not so popular, this is it.

Aside from the most common heart-shaped pendants and interlocking rings, this mother-daughter necklace set sports a pendant of the Tree of Life.

This is a great immortality symbol that is used to uniquely represent the everlasting love between a mother and her daughter.


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Its 16 inches long chain can be extended by two inches. This is the best necklace set that you and your girl can wear every day. It also goes well with a semi-formal outfit.


  • One of a kind Tree of Life pendant
  • Made using stainless steel
  • Comes with a retro airmal envelop and a greeting card


  • Comes without a jewelry box
  • The pendant easily bends
  • Pendant looks lose and can easily detach from the chain

Top Pick: EFYTAL Mother Daughter Necklace

All the necklace sets enlisted here are worth buying, after all, it is all up to the mother and her daughter to decide which is the best for them.

However, after looking at several factors, we found out that EFYTAL Mother Daughter Necklace is the best of all.[Image]

Check Price Here


Talk of the 925 sterling silver, interlocking rings, and durability. The silver makes the necklace shine and the interlocked rings symbolize the mother-daughter bond. The necklace is skin-friendly and lasts long.


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