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Top 5 Amethyst Necklace you should Buy

Wondering where to get the perfect amethyst necklace for your next event?

You have come to the best place!


Here, we shall tell you all that you need to know about buying the best amethyst necklace including:

  • What is an amethyst necklace (and compare it with other kinds)?
  • Are amethyst necklaces cheap or expensive?
  • Cleaning an amethyst necklace
  • The best amethyst necklaces reviewed
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A few types of jewelry make bolder fashion statements than necklaces.

A necklace may not compliment your face as earrings do, be as multipurpose as a pendant, or carry some status like a wedding or engagement ring, but there is surely something that a gorgeous necklace piece does that cannot be achieved by other types of jewelry.

Most people love necklaces probably because they were the first pieces of jewelry ever to be adorned. Some prehistoric remains were found with necklaces made of feathers and bones.

Even with the change in the type of material used to make necklaces, their effect seems to remain unchanged. Without saying much, let’s look at some of the best amethyst necklaces you can find.

Our top pick: 14k White Gold Amethyst and Diamond Bail Birthstone Necklace

  • Sleek design
  • Set in 14K white gold and chain
  • Real diamonds
  • Very pretty amethyst

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One position one of the best amethyst necklaces goes to James Allen’s 14K WHITE GOLD AMETHYST AND DIAMOND BAIL BIRTHSTONE NECKLACE. You will definitely love it.

Top 5 Amethyst Necklaces

Here are the best 5 amethyst necklaces.

  1. 925 Sterling Silver Natural Gemstone Necklace (Best Value)
  2. Star K 8mm Heart Shape Solid 14k Gold Classic Heart Pendant Necklace
  3. 14k White Gold Amethyst and Diamond Bail Birthstone Necklace (Best of the Best)
  4. SERAFINA Women’s Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver with Dancing Amethyst London
  5. Amethyst Necklace with Diamond Accent in Sterling Silver

What Is An Amethyst Necklace?

Amongst the most common gemstones today is the amethyst. This is because of its beautiful color. It is also cheaper than other gems like rubies, emeralds, sapphire, and diamonds. It is also popular since it has been found in plenty since the 18th century.

In our guide for buying amethyst earrings, we highlighted the best places to find top quality. The finest quality of amethyst is one that has a dark purple shade (about 80% purple hue).

In the past, large deposits of high-quality amethyst were found in Siberian hence the name ‘Siberian amethyst’. Today, large quantities of amethyst with deep purple hues are mined in different places in the world but the name ‘Siberian amethyst’ still continues to be used.

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Is An Amethyst Necklace Cheap Or Expensive?

The retail price of an amethyst necklace is dependent on several factors including the material used, craftsmanship, the chain used as well as gemstone quality relative to the benchmarks of gem quality in the market. When compared to other cardinal gems, a necklace made of amethyst is relatively cheap.

The price tag of a necklace chain should match the kind of material used.

For example, white gold chains are more costly than silver chains.


An amethyst necklace in general carries a higher price tag than a few other purple amethyst jewelry types because of two major reasons. First, when the jewelry piece is small (pendant, earring, ring), the setting is also small resulting in high quantities of metal used in the chain.

Second, most jewelers use high amounts of amethyst when making necklaces unlike other types of jewelry. This means that when the quantity of amethyst used is high, the retail price of the necklace goes up.

What to Look For When Buying the Best Amethyst Necklace

Most of the amethyst jewelry you will find in the market is eye-clean. This means you will not see any inclusions or blemishes with the naked eye; instead, you will need a magnifier.

Generally, you will find two distinct kinds of amethyst necklaces in the market. You can find either an amethyst pendant necklace or an amethyst necklace that has several stones set in the chain, although not like the ones commonly referred to as ‘diamond tennis necklace’.

The latter type of amethyst necklace is not as common as the former; it is also less known than necklaces made from other gemstones.

Customers and jewelers alike have praised purple amethyst jewelry but it is good to know that the purple shade should not be too dark to inhibit how the stone performs in light. In addition, jewelry shops have been able to market low-quality amethyst stones (pale pinkish-purple) and sell as ‘Rose de France’ amethyst (although not similar to marketing low-quality dull brown diamonds as ‘Champagne Diamonds’).

With this kind of marketing strategy, you get the loophole for bargaining. Unlike other gemstones’ prices that depend on carat weight, the amethyst depends on the color. With this gem, you can trade-off between color and carat. If you love the more translucent or less saturated gems, you will be lucky to get a necklace that has not been marketed in different ways. You can also buy a larger amethyst in your preferred shade compared to the more expensive dark purple stones.

The good thing with pendant necklaces is that you get the chance to try with other cuts and shapes that would not look good on other kinds of jewelry. For example, how a pendant move gives your room to try various cut styles, say a checkerboard cut that reflects so much light and attract attention when put in a pendant. . ( )


Cleaning an Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst is a tough stone and boasts considerable durability. With these features, there are important things you need to know when it comes to cleaning and maintaining these stones.

In separate articles that we did about amethyst pendants and amethyst earrings, we highlighted the best cleaning methods to use for getting dirt off amethyst stones. However, there are things you should know that is important when cleaning amethyst earrings.

You will use the same procedure to clean chains made of precious metals as you would an amethyst stone, that is using warm water and mild soap. Some chains can be too delicate to handle carefully when cleaning.

The best way to clean delicate chains is to put them in a strainer or a sieve in the cleaning agent. Extra dirt or debris in the links can be gotten rid of using a soft-bristled brush.

If you have a rhodium-plated necklace, you need to be careful with it since it regularly rubs on your skin. This constant friction makes the plating fade off faster than other kinds of jewelry.

The Best Place to Buy Amethyst Necklaces

The best place to start shopping and probably buying purple amethyst necklaces is online at Amazon. You will get a wide collection of eye-clean amethysts at fair prices.

If you want a necklace that is of high quality, we recommend you buy it from James Allen. This online jewelry vendor will give you discounts on big chains, reliability, and professionalism all in one.

5 Best Amethyst Necklaces Reviewed

925 Sterling Silver Natural Gemstone Necklace (Best Value)

This is the best pick when it comes to value for money. This necklace has an oval amethyst that features a good cut. This necklace shines brightly in the light owing to the good cut quality and the cubic zirconia used.

Another great thing with the price tag is that this amethyst is 100% real and not treated in any way.


Check Price Here

  • A big amethyst considering the price
  • Attractive and nice-looking setting
  • Excellent performance in light because of the good cut quality
  • The silver chain saves money but would have been better if it was rhodium plated

Star K 8mm Heart Shape Solid 14k Gold Classic Heart Pendant Necklace

If you are a lover of rose gold, then the Star K Company in New York has exactly what you need. The amethyst is 1.20 carat and sits in a rose gold setting. The pendant measures half an inch from its top to the bottom and has a diamond that is I3 although it is not likely to see any inclusions in a stone as small as this.

  • Pretty pendant design
  • Perfect rose gold setting and chain
  • Would look good in an enclosed setting since heart cut stone is likely to crack
  • The clarity grade of I3 is not so good for the price

14k White Gold Amethyst and Diamond Bail Birthstone Necklace (Best of the Best)

Our best of all is the gorgeous oval cut amethyst that is 1.26 carat. This pendant necklace is 8 x 6mm. a larger percentage of the cost is dependent on the amethyst quality. The amethyst is dark purple, making it exceptional. The pendant looks more beautiful with the white gold chain that is 18-inch, the white gold setting, and additional diamonds. All these features make the necklace a great piece of jewelry.


Check Price Here

  • 14K white gold setting and 18-inch chain
  • Fashionable design
  • Real diamonds
  • Very beautiful gemstone even according to James Allen standards

SERAFINA Women’s Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver with Dancing Amethyst London

Another gorgeous piece on our list is this ‘dancing amethyst’ from Serafina. This is the only pendant necklace among our reviews that has lab-created diamonds. The amethyst stone is set in a setting that is surrounded by a halo of lab-grown white sapphires. Although the synthetic stone is not some people’s favorite, it offers an attractive appeal to people who like.


Check Price Here

  • Attractive setting
  • Stone arrangement offers brilliant light performance
  • Simulated and not real stones
  • Rhodium plating on the silver setting would be a great benefit

Amethyst Necklace with Diamond Accent in Sterling Silver

This necklace is a bit different from the rest of the necklaces in this list. It has both an amethyst and a diamond pendant.

This pendant necklace has two amethysts cut in heart shape and featuring different shades of purple each with an addition of small diamonds.


Check Price Here

The design of this necklace is complimented by the rhodium plating on the sterling silver setting. It also protects the stones enclosed inside. The setting is long and somehow narrow, making it different from other items here.

  • Unique and attractive heart cuts
  • Appeal is boosted by the natural diamonds
  • Nice rhodium plate finishing on the chain and setting
  • Hard for customers to complain about this necklace

Our Best of the Best: 14 K White Gold Amethysts and Diamond Necklace

14k White Gold Amethyst and Diamond Bail Birthstone Necklace is our favorite amethyst necklace. This piece from James Allen has a lot to treasure about its craftsmanship and quality. In addition, the diamonds compliment the necklace. What makes this necklace uniquely stand out is its deep purple hue.



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