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Yummy Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids


A Super-Fun, and Yummy, Way to Ask
Friends to Be Your Bridesmaids

With these treats they’re sure to say yes

Whether you have friends that have been in 10 million weddings or none at all, asking them to be your support system for the next year or so can be a touchy subject. Keep it fun and you can’t go wrong. How? These edibles are the latest and yummiest treats to hit New York and we think they’re a super-sweet way to ask your besties to help get you down the aisle.



These half-pound treasures are truly scrumptious. With density, rich flavors like the standard chocolate chip (there’s nothing standard about them) and killer stuffed red velvet (with cream cheese icing in the middle and a moistness you have to see and try for yourself), these cookies put most cakes, cupcakes and pies to shame. And with half a pound of rich buttery goodness in each cookie, you don’t need to send many to get your message across. Packages of 8 will get the job done, just fine. Package of 8, assorted varieties available, $40-$44 depending on flavors. CityCakes, 251 West 18th St., (646) 688-2286, @citycakes


To know Dani is to fall in love with her delicious and adorable treats in a jar. She fell for a mini mason one day (jar, not kardashian-disick) and was determined to figure out how to bake an amazing dessert that looked good and tasted even better, all while fitting it in the tiny jar. Flavors range from the Lovely Lemon Bar that consists of chewy lemon bar crust, lemon custard, whipped cream, and sprinkles to Fudge Brownie, which is chocolate mousse, fudge brownie, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and sprinkles. Flavors and colors can be customized to suit your bestie’s tastes. Jars by Dani, sold at various stores throughout the city, see website for locations, @jars_by_dani.


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Cookie DO

We all have that bridesmaid we’ve known since we shared raw cookie dough together, eating it straight from the tube instead of baking the stuff. It’s a wonder we didn’t all get salmonella, but now we don’t have to worry about it. With a recently opened storefront downtown, Cookie DO is the latest edible sensation, cookie dough that’s safe to eat without having to bake it. And people are coming in droves to check it out. Get some to your friend, with a sentimental note of cookie dough eating memories, and she’ll be eating up your sappiness in no time. Cookie DO, 550 LaGuardia Place, (646) 892-3600, @cookiedonyc