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Anatomy of a Wedding Website


Anatomy of a Wedding Website

Luxe wedsite company Riley & Grey shares the 5 things to include in yours

Riley and Grey wedding website


Having a wedding website to spread your wedding details is as essential as getting a marriage license these days, but how do you know what information should be shared and when you’ve shared too much? We spoke with Marissa Gibbons, founder of Riley & Grey, on a wedding website’s essentials. “Less is more,” she advises. “Think of yourself as a curator, not Kayak. You want to give your guests only the best, most important info.”

Riley & Grey’s selection of modern wedding website designs – there are over 24 to choose from or you can customize one too – and must-have features make building and writing your wedsite a breeze. Which ones do we think you’ll like the most? How about the Mad Libs-style RSVP tool? Or the Instagram feed that pulls images running with your wedding’s hashtag? Or allowing your guests to shop your registry from it? #kindagreat, right?

Before you start designing and drafting yours, read Marissa’s expert advice on how to build your wedding website, and check out the stylish designs available on Riley & Grey.

Riley and Grey Wedding Website

The Basics

Remember the 5 Ws? Keep them in mind when laying out the pages of your website. Remember to put both of your names, the wedding date and where the wedding will be held, along with any other Ws that are important to you: who the members of the bridal party are, what guests can expect over your wedding weekend, where they should book a hotel room, and why they won’t want to miss it!

Your Story

Yes, you have the cutest how we met story and the most romantic proposal story ever, but let’s be honest: No one wants to read more than a few lines about it, except maybe your mom. So share your story but keep it brief. And remember, a picture says 1000 words so use a few of those too!

Riley and Grey Wedding Website

If you want your wedding to feel like a weekend getaway for your guests, a wedding website is the best way to communicate all the important details and get them excited.—Marissa Gibbons, Riley & Grey

Riley and Grey Wedding Website

Travel Info

Brides and grooms wear many hats, but travel agent should not be one of them. Let your guests know how to get to your wedding – by plane, train or automobile – and where to stay once they get there with a short list of your top hotel picks. “Pick three,” advises Marissa. Don’t overwhelm them or yourselves by creating a mini Orbitz for them to browse. And most importantly, don’t forget to include the name your room block is under to ensure that no one gets left out in the cold.

Wedding Details

After months of pinning and planning you’re not going to want anyone to miss out on the fun you have in store! Be sure to share the schedule of events from welcome cocktails and golf outings to the ceremony and after party hours. Let guests know where to be and when and any dress codes you’re insisting on: Hamptons Casual, Mellow Yellow, Denim & Diamonds. Just be sure to explain what you mean to be safe.

Riley and Grey Wedding Website
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Riley and Grey Wedding Website

Wedding Registry

You spent all that time selecting dozens of items to redecorate your home or picking fun honeymoon activities, now you just need your friends and family to gift them to you and you’re all set! Seamlessly include your wedding registry information on your wedsite and your guests can shop your wish list directly from it. No need to link off to multiple retailers and make it more of a hassle.

Riley and Grey wedding website