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Gown Guidance


Gown Guidance

Wedding designers and style experts share what to think about when shopping for your wedding dress

Zac Posen wedding dress shopping advice


A great fitting dress that enhances a woman’s body shape is what you should look for. The color choice is very personal; it has to complement the skin tone as well as brighten the eyes. My advice would be to avoid overly trendy pieces – you want to be able to invest in something that still feels relevant years from now. And never be afraid to try new styles or necklines, it’s always exciting to experiment with your look.—Zac Posen


It’s really important for a bride to do her homework because bridal gown shopping can be overwhelming. Every designer seems to be designing “bridal” these days, but just making any dress in ivory or white doesn’t mean it’s right for you. As important as it is to know what you like, it’s equally important to know what you don’t like. That said, keep an open mind, trust your consultant and don’t be afraid to try something out of the box!—Terry Hall, Kleinfeld Bridal

Kleifeld Terry Hall
Lela Rose


I think the goal for your wedding day is to be the most glamorous version of yourself. That means to stay true to who you are stylistically, and not try a new look. That should apply to your gown choice and the way you do your hair and make-up.—Lela Rose


Go into your wedding dress appointment with an idea in mind of what you want to try on and any tear outs from magazines you have collected, but don’t be afraid to deviate. Sometimes brides will lock themselves into a certain silhouette before trying anything on, but you need to be open to other possibilities.—Reem Acra

Reem Acra
Elizabeth Fillmore


My favorite something old is an antique veil or a special relative’s locket, bracelet or delicate time piece. It can also be your something borrowed. For something blue, I love that accent of a soft French blue shoe or pale blue lingerie, if your gown isn’t too sheer!—Elizabeth Fillmore


Do! The whole ambiance of a wedding can change from rehearsal to reception, so why not change with it? While more than one gown may seem extravagant, my brides usually opt for a change in accessories or a convertible gown to create a new look.—Mark Ingram, Mark Ingram Atelier

Mark Ingram