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Celeb manicurist Myrdith Leon-McCormack on manis, pedis and day-of essentials

Myrdith Leon - McCormack Manicurist

Myrdith Leon-McCormack

Founded: 1991 Expertise: perfecting your wedding-day polish Notable Clients: Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Chasten, Vivica A. Fox, and designers Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera and Zac Posen


Should a bride have a mani-trial?

Your wedding day isn’t the time to try new colors, designs and styles. Like a hair and makeup trial, test out different manicure ideas long before your wedding so you know what will look best with your dress and wedding’s style. A trial will also let you see how your body will react to certain products, gels, and acrylics, and whether or not you’re allergic to anything.

What mani must-haves should a bride have on hand?

When you’re packing your wedding-day emergency kit make sure to have a section specifically for nail care. You should have clear nail polish, nude nail polish, nail polish remover, base coat, top coat, a nail file, orange wood stick, nail buffer, and the shade you’re wearing if it’s not nude. You should also pack a hand moisturizer and cuticle oil to ensure that your hands are smooth, since you’ll be holding your husband’s hand and greeting guests all night.

Are there any polish colors a bride should avoid?

The color you pick should complement the style of your wedding. If you want to wear a nude shade I do suggest you choose one that matches or compliments your skin tone.  All nudes are not for everyone, so don’t be afraid to try different ones throughout your engagement. And if you don’t usually wear designs on your nails, and want to for your wedding, than keep it simple.

Will nail art last through the honeymoon?

Nail art is a tricky thing.  If you wear rhinestones they will fall off depending on the activities you do with your hands, in water, when using hair products, and even banging your fingers on something can loosen them.  I know nail artists who use a UV light to help secure the stones and other decals so they last longer.  Don’t be afraid to ask your manicurists for any tricks she may have.

How do you fix a chip or smudge?

If you smudge a nail, simply tap nail polish remover on your finger tips and slide it across the smudged nail evenly. Then layer the same color to correct the smudge. Let it dry and then apply a thin coat of polish.

When should a bride book her manicure and pedicure appointments?

I would suggest your manicure and pedicure be the last thing you do before your wedding day.  It should be a time where you and your wedding party can unwind and relax together. Take your bridesmaids and the moms to a spa and have fun!

Myrdith Leon-McCormack manicurist

Myrdith Leon-McCormack is one of the fashion and magazine industry’s sought after manicurists.  Her work has been photographed for Harper’s Bazaar, spotted on New York Fashion Week runways for designers Vera Wang and Zac Posen. She has also painted the nails of Hollywood stars, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, and Uma Thurman. In Spring 2015 Myrdith is relaunching her nail polish collection, damoreJon.