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Top Color Palettes for Bridesmaids


The Top Five Color Palettes for Bridesmaids

twobirds Bridesmaids Share the Hottest Hues for Dressing Your Wedding Party

5 Great Ways to Mix Your Bridesmaids Colors


The days of matchy-matchy bridesmaids, from the gown to the up-do to the perfectly dyed pump are way, way behind us.  Slowly, brides have been allowing their BFFs to keep a bit of their individuality, and dare we say along with it, their dignity.  The first rule to go was saying goodbye to matching accessories, adios matching pumps and choker pearls and hello strappy sandals and your own personal jewelry.  “Brides have realized that allowing their bridesmaids to look different from each other doesn’t take away from the bride, but truly it adds to the aesthetic of the wedding party as a whole,” says Ariane Goldman, the founder of the stylish bridesmaid collection twobirds Bridesmaids.

twobirds Bridesmaids was one of the first to offer bridesmaids easy options for bridesmaid dress personalization.  Their signature ultimate wrap dress can be wrapped, tied and styled in over a dozen different ways (here are 6 wrap styles we love), so that every bridesmaid can strut their own style.  “We find brides are taking the idea of a unique look for every friend a step farther by alternating the color palette as well,” explains Ariane.

The combination of different necklines, silhouettes and colors not only provides a unique bridal party no one will forget (especially your happy ‘maids), but as you can see, the variation in color will add great depth and perspective to your wedding photos.  And most importantly, make the bride and her gown the focus of the photograph.

Think a mixed bridesmaid color scheme could work for your bridal party?  We asked Ariane to share her top five favorite color palettes for dressing your bridal party.


  1. The New Neutrals: Neutrals are far from boring.  We love mixing shades such as Rosewater, Blush and Oyster.  They complement every shade of white and ivory for the bride and are perfectly paired with a soft, warm color palette for the flowers and décor.
  2. The Jewel Box: In a wedding with a bright color palette, the bridal party should follow suit.  We love seeing parties where every girl is in a vibrant jewel tone, no shy girls in this group of friends!
  3. The Ombre Effect: One dress can vary in color too.  Our Ombre collection features 2 different colors of tulle so every girl can mix their shades.
  4. Color Coordinated: Not ready to abandon your favorite shade for all the girls?  Pick one color and let your maids pick shades of it from light to dark.  A beautiful complement to bouquets, which feature variations of one shade such as pinks or blues.
  5. Pretty Pastels: No easter egg palettes here. Beautiful blushes, buttery yellows and soft lilacs can be modern and fresh in breezy fabrications. 

Make sure you have a clear idea of your wedding decor and tonal scale before you choose what shades to mix for your bridal party.  Your mix of colors can reflect everything from the flowers to the linens to the paper suite.” – Ariane Goldman, twobirds Bridesmaid

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