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Bridesmaid dress innovator, Ariane Goldman, shares her expert style advice on dressing the bridal party

Finding the one dress that will fit and flatter each of your bridesmaids is quite a daunting task. And while giving your girls the freedom to choose their own dresses seems like the nice thing to do, you may end up with a bridal party that doesn’t look like they belong together when standing as a group in your wedding photos or at the altar as your witnesses.

To help brides, and bridesmaids, find a solution that will make everyone happy, twobirds Bridesmaids offers the ultimate wrap dress, which comes in a rainbow of colors and can be wrapped, tied and styled in over a dozen different bride-approved ways. Your bridesmaids will finally have a dress they can wear again and again—never the same way twice—and the bride will be sure that her BFFs look and feel beautiful, and so will her photos.

Twirl New York asked Ariane Goldman, the founder of twobirds Bridesmaids, for her advice on how to pick bridesmaid dresses, including what will flatter a woman’s figure best, what to think about if you’re a pregnant bridesmaid and how to choose a palette for your ‘maids.

What is the biggest body issue a bride should consider when choosing a dress for their bridesmaids?

Every bride ultimately wants her bridesmaids to feel like the most beautiful version of herself on her wedding day. The best dress is one that shows off their assets and doesn’t make them feel uncomfortable. That is why twobirds is a perfect solution. With our convertible gowns, every bridesmaid can flaunt her individual style and flatter her body type by wrapping each dress in endless ways!

What are the best options for bridesmaids with larger chests?

For women who want additional support our bandeau is perfect. It allows a larger-chested bridesmaid to wrap the dress in any style she wants, while still being able to wear a bra underneath. The halter wrapping style provides additional support as well.

Is it possible to choose one dress style that truly flatters all body types and body image issues?

Personally I think the Grecian twist is flattering on all body types (with some bridesmaids opting to add our bandeau beneath for extra coverage). However, the beauty of the twobirds dress is that it can be wrapped in so many different ways to flatter everyone, so you don’t need to make this decision.

Are there certain fabrics that are more or less clingy than others?

When we initially created the convertible dress concept, we made sure to invest in luxe quality jersey and tulle. With fabulous fabric, you get what you pay for. Our dresses are designed with so much fabric, that they flow and fall for a very fluid fit.

How can a pregnant woman shop for a bridesmaid dress when she doesn’t know how her body will change in the coming months?

Luckily, twobirds is the only bridesmaid dress that completely solves this problem, and alleviates so much stress on pregnant bridesmaids (and those who break the baby news while the bride is wedding planning)! Since our dress only comes in two sizes, it will work with a woman’s growing body, and a pregnant bridesmaid doesn’t need to guess how her body will shift for the day of the wedding.

Do you feel pregnant women like to accentuate or hide their bellies? What do you prefer?

All women are different, but I am all about celebrating pregnancy while still feeling comfortable, chic, and most importantly, like myself.

Do you think the trend of having different styles for your bridesmaids evolved from a desire for everyone to look and feel their best?

Of course it did! No two bridesmaids are going to have the same body type, so instead of forcing one style to work on ten bridesmaids it’s important to give bridesmaids options to feel beautiful and accentuate their best features.

When should the bridesmaids’ gowns be ordered?

I recommend ordering bridesmaid dresses about 4-5 months before the wedding. Typical bridesmaid dresses take 12 weeks to make once the entire bridal party pays (in order to ensure dye-lot consistency). Don’t leave it until the last minute – it is not worth the stress and it is such an easy thing to check off your list!

What’s a new trend you are seeing for bridesmaid dresses?

We absolutely love ethereal, soft and romantic weddings, and brides do, too. Our new tulle collection helps capture this trend perfectly, with our signature silhouette and reputation for quality, but in a fluid and amazingly soft tulle that adds texture and a new level sophistication to our classic convertible look.

What’s next for the twobirds brand?

We are coming out with some exciting things that play off the same versatility of the one dress concept we started with! Not to give too much away, but we are loving all things ombre, lace, and amazing one-pieces that you will definitely want to wear again after the wedding!

How do you feel about mixing colors in a wedding party? Is it still fresh, or is it overdone?

I love coordinating colors in a way that suits your style and the vibe of your wedding. Mixing bridesmaid dress colors has been around for awhile, but it’s a longstanding trend that fosters individuality throughout the bridal party, which is what twobirds is all about!

Where can brides and bridesmaids shop for a twobirds dress?

The twobirds’ flagship salon is located at 412 Broadway at Canal St., on the 5th Floor. You can make an appointment by calling us at 212-633-1384. We’re also sold at Bella Bridesmaid boutiques nationwide. A complete list of stores can be found at

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twobirds Bridesmaid founder, Ariane Goldman, is the creator of the convertible wrap bridesmaid dress. The veteran bridesmaid was upset that she was spending way too much money on bridesmaid dresses she only wore once, and set out to design a dress women will look and feel beautiful in, while maintaining consistency and elegance in the couple’s wedding photos. The convertible wrap bridesmaid dress was first worn at Ariane’s 2007 wedding and was an instant hit with both her bridesmaids and wedding guests, thus launching twobirds Bridesmaids. Almost ten years later, and thousands of weddings, bridesmaids can be sure they don’t have to forgo style on their BFF’s big day, and they’re guaranteed a bridesmaid dress they are sure to wear again and again.