Twobirds Bridesmaids Convertible Dresses

twobirds: Our Favorite Looks


twobirds: Our 6 Favorite Looks

Dress your bridesmaids in one of these chic wrap styles

twobirds Bridesmaids Convertible Dresses
Twobirds Cap Sleeve


Worried about your bridesmaids covering up for the ceremony? The Cap Sleeve Shoulder wrap has got you covered, literally. Ideal for ceremonies held in a house of worship, it’s important to note that the more modest look doesn’t give as much support as some other twobirds’ styles, and works best with a bandeau bra. If a bridesmaid wants to show a little more skin, after the ceremony of course, she can retie her gown into one of the more revealing styles for the reception.


For your girls who don’t want to show off their décolletage, this Front Neck Twist style fully covers the bust, while leaving shoulders uncovered. The straps cross closer to the neck than shoulders, not providing a lot of support. Caution for bulging skin below the underarms, this style is better suited for smaller-chested girls and works best with a bandeau bra. The high neck on the front twist provides an elegant look and feel, well-suited for formal weddings.

Twobirds Front Neck Twist
Twobirds Grecian Twist


Well suited for both bustier and small chested ladies, the twisted straps on the Grecian Twist Cross Back crosses over the back providing maximum support.  The style is a top pick for bigger chested ladies because the cross back design provides a number of ways to adjust the cup support depending on your body. This style truly looks different on each body. The draping of the fabric creates ruching on the chest; more ruching shows on smaller chested bodies, and less ruching on bigger chested bodies.


Fun for a boho-chic wedding, the Knotted Tank gown looks stunning in vibrant colors. We recommend coral. Best for fuller chested bridesmaids, the concentration of two knots helps hold the bust in both a supportive and flattering way, while giving great detail to the gown. Softer hues allow the small detailing of the knots to really pop.

Twobirds Knotted Tank
Twobirds One Shoulder


As more and more brides look for gowns with open backs, bridesmaids who want a revealing look too can opt for the One Shoulder Flat Back. For those with broad shoulders, the one-shoulder style is flattering and formal, giving every bridesmaid an elegant look. In darker hues this bridesmaid dress is quite sophisticated. Try it in shades of navy and deep purple.


The classic Strapless style is flattering on all body types, and if you need a supportive strapless bra this design is the one for you. One of the most traditional looks, a strapless dress will work well day or night, for a formal or casual (if you go for a shorter hem line) wedding.

Twobirds Strapless

Founded on the idea that being a bridesmaid doesn’t mean having to forgo your personal style, twobirds designs one dress that can be worn in over a dozen different ways, complementing both the wedding style and flattering each bridesmaids’ figure. The company offers a wide range of fabrics, colors and hemlines, so you’re sure to find something to match your wedding and please your bridesmaids.