Brilliant Earth Engagement Ring Selfie

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How to Take Your
Engagement Ring Selfie

8 tips on how to shoot and style your diamond ring for maximum Instagram exposure

Trumpet and Horn Engagement Ring Selfie

Natural Light is Best

Take your photo outside, or if it’s too cold stand near a window where you can catch as much natural light as possible. For added sparkle move your hand or the ring until it catches the sunlight. Photo by @TrumpetAndHorn

A Mani is a Must

Before taking out your iPhone, pop over to your local nail salon and get a manicure. You want your new engagement ring, and not chipped polish or a hang nail, to take center stage. A pale polish such as Essie’s Mademoiselle or Ballet Slippers is a safe pick, or go for something bolder or accented with a crystal for a more dramatic or glam look. Photo by @MyCenterStone

My Center Stone Engagement Ring Selfie
Erstwhile Jewelry Engagement Ring Selfie

Channel Your Inner Hand Model

Don’t forget to moisturize right before you take the pic so your skin is smooth. Another pro trick is to raise your hand over your head for about 30 seconds to mask arteries and veins. It will also take some red coloring out of your skin tone. Photo by @ErstwhileJewelry

Background Noise

Choose an interesting, but not too busy, background. It can be your left hand holding a cup of coffee or placed on your fiancé’s arm. If you got engaged in an interesting spot hold your hand up with a landmark behind you, such as a beach, skyline or the Eiffel Tower. You can also choose something you find at home, like  a decorative pillow, wallpaper or wedding book or magazine. Photo by @BrilliantEarth

Brilliant Earth Engagement Ring Selfie
How He Asked Engagement Ring Selfie

In Your Own Words

After you’ve selected the photo it’s time to think about what you’re going to write in the caption. Some brides-to-be choose to write a brief description of how they got engaged, while others will let the photo speak for itself. If you decide that you’d like to include some sweet or exciting words, be sure to tag the place where you got engaged and anyone who you want to see it who may not follow you, such as the jewelry store, designer or media outlets who post rings and proposals. Photo by @HowHeAsked

App At It

There are plenty of apps that filter, style and alter photos.  We recommend Afterlight ($0.99) and VSCO (free). Or play with Istagram’s filters. Valencia is our top pick, and be sure to tweak the brightness and saturation levels before setting it. Photo by @HowHeAsked

How He Asked Engagement Ring Selfie
Susie Saltzman Engagement Ring Selfie

Make It Sparkle

Ensure that your engagement ring sparkles as bright as the New Year’s Eve ball by giving it a good cleaning before posing for the camera. You can wash it at home with some household cleaners, here’s a video on how, or pick up Baublerella’s Bling Brush Naturally Jewelry Cleaner for an easy 2-step process. Photo by @SusieSaltzman

Post It

Try out different backgrounds and hand positions till you find the one that feels right. There’s no limit to how many photos you can take, but you should only post one online. Photo by @HowHeAsked

How He Asked Engagement Ring Selfie