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The House of Houghton to offer straight-from-the-runway looks at NYFWBridal

HOUGHTON BRIDALHoughton NYC Showroom, photo courtesy of Houghton

Bridal fashion is a slow business.  You need a fiancé, a planner, a venue before you can shop for a gown.  Then when you finally Say Yes to the Dress, you’re told it will take six or more months to arrive.  And then there are fittings.  Many of them that can span a month or two.  It takes time to create the dress of your dreams, this is a “couture” experience.  And for most brides who want a luxury experience, this is the right way to go.

But what about for all the Veruka Salt’s out there?  The I-want-it-now-girls, who don’t need a long engagement?  The fashionistas who want the latest it-gown to come down the runway, not the gown that although made for this season was actually shown on the runway a year prior?

This lag time between runway to retail is an issue that has plagued the ready to wear industry, and as of the last round of shows, caused many top designers to change their ways. More and more designers offering shop the runway options and now a bridal designer has followed suit.

Katharine Polk, the designer behind fashion-forward  house Houghton, is not only inviting brides to shop directly from the runway at her upcoming NYFW Bridal show, she is truly letting them in on the fun.  The first 100 brides to request a ticket to rsvp@houghtonnyc.com will be able to attend the presentation on April 16th, meet with Katharine and be the first to shop the new styles.

In addition to Houghton’s Spring/Summer 2017 gown collection, brides at the event can shop Houghton x Commando bodysuits, separates and intimates and accessories.  And don’t stress if you don’t make the top 100 on the invite list.  Brides who are unable to attend the presentation can request private appointments at Houghton’s NYC atelier and pre-order immediately after the presentation on the 16th. They will also be able to visit www.houghtonnyc.com/shop to pre-order the full collection online. Any stock on bodysuits and accessories will be available for purchase and will ship immediately.

So all you really need is a fiancé and a strong sense of style.

Check out Houghton’s last Bridal Fashion Week presentation for an idea of what you could see.

Houghton is located in West Chelsea, NYC, by appointment only.  Call 646-998-3994
or email bride@houghtonnyc.com.