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David Beahm Design



At David Beahm Design every event is as unique as the people who host them


WHO David Beahm Design

WHAT Wedding Planning and Event Design

WHERE 529 West 20th Street, Suite 11 West, not far from Chelsea Piers

WHY Because they aren’t just event designers, they become your personal wedding concierge service

David-Beahm-AnsaryWedding-ChristianOthStudio-(53)-900x500Let David Beahm Design turn your fantasy event into a reality

Anything you can dream… anywhere in the world. That’s the motto of David Beahm Design, which isn’t just an event planning company, but a special event concierge. From full-scale event design and production to building a team of professionals who will bring your special event to life, David Beahm Design is a company that works to create events tailored to the vision of each client, and no two celebrations are ever the same.

Based in New York City, but extending to the most exotic of destinations, David Beahm Design provides overall art and lighting direction, in-house floral and table top design, as well as ceremonial design and production, and much more. Their work has been featured in many publications and their brides vary by culture, religion, background, style and interest.


Special events begin at approximately $350 per guest. However, as each event is custom to the needs and wants of the client, budgets vary accordingly and are ultimately finalized on the chosen services and decor.

529 West 20th Street, Suite 11 West at 10th Ave., (212) 279-1344, davidbeahm.com
Instagram, @davidbeahmdesign

Head shot and large photo courtesy of Christian Oth Studios
Small image on left and in middle courtesy of Julie Skarratt Photography
Small image on right courtesy of David Beahm Design