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Creative Ceremony Aisle Decor


Creative Ceremony Aisle Decor

Make a statement from the moment your wedding starts with these dramatic ideas

Your wedding’s ceremony aisle can be as minimal or dramatic as you wish. Keep in mind that it’s where the bride will make her grand entrance, as will the groom and bridal party, so don’t neglect it’s overall look and feel when working with your floral designer.  Some venues are decorated already, where minimal to none is needed, while other ceremony venues are a blank canvas that can be dressed up to fit whatever look you’re going for:  ornate, garden, minimalist or modern. Event Designer Jes Gordon loves the range of material you can use, “From runners to flower petals to giant floral arches the possibilities are endless. It is important to keep in mind though the view that the guests will have. You do not want to create anything that will impede on the sight lines to the altar. Or create anything on the ground that could be a tripping hazard.”

For a clean look, opt for pillar candles and white blooms, just be sure the candles are properly positioned so as not to start a fire. For more elaborate decorations, branches and lush arrangements can make quite an impact.  And for the aisle itself, there are a variety of ways to create a floor that ties in all the decor from a solid color aisle runner to a more elaborate and personalized one.  (The Original Runner Company in New Jersey is our #1 wedding aisle runner source.)

Below are 5 different ways that you can dress up your wedding ceremony aisle, and the designers who created them.



For a wedding ceremony in the round,  with high ceilings, consider these statement-making florals that flank each side of the couple, no matter where you’re sitting. Candles add to the romance of the moment. Planning by Michelle Rago Destinations. Floral design by Mark Rose Flowers and Events. Photo by Hechler Photographers


Take advantage of a beautiful church or temple and supplement the setting with florals on each pew. Larger versions of the tight, lush blooms at the start of the aisle is sure to make a statement in your wedding photos. Design by Weddings by MWD Lifestyles. Photo by Christopher Capozziello



If there’s enough room at your wedding venue, decorate with tealights in romantic swirls on the floor on each side of the room. Make sure your photographer gets this shot from a high angle to fully capture the dramatic statement that many tea lights can make. Planning by Swank Productions. Photo by Sean T. Smith Photography


Think out of the box with your aisle runner’s materials. A mirror will reflect candlelight beautifully, as well as the crystals draped on the chandeliers holding the tapers. (And don’t forget about the architecture of this venue’s gorgeous ceiling.) Designer Ed Libby appreciates using “a hand-painted stone canvas, which is easier to walk down than real cobblestones.” Sometimes practical can be perfect. Design by Ed Libby & Co. Photo by Christian Oth Studio



Archways of cherry blossoms not only look great, but smell just as lovely. Consider more than one at the top and bottom of the aisle, such as spacing three or four throughout, so everyone, no matter where they sit, can appreciate their full beauty. Jes Gordon tells Twirl New York, “When I design an aisle I like to imagine the journey the couple has taken to reach the ultimate prize of marriage. I create a memorable environment in which they can always look back on and think, “this is where we started our lives together.” Planning by Jes Gordon Proper FUN. Photo by Arnold Brower Photography