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Bridal Beauty from the Runways


The Hottest Makeup from Bridal’s Fashion Runways

From bare lids to berry lips, Linsey Snyder Wachalter of Face Time Beauty explains the subtle face of bridal beauty

I was at the bridal fashion runway shows to report on cutting-edge beauty trends of Bridal Market Spring 2016. I expected the statement lip, the intentional misplacement of eyeliner or blush that would send my creativity soaring and give me inspiration for my next client. My dreams of never-before-seen beauty trends disappeared faster then the Oscar De La Renta clad models who seemed to be sprinting down the runway in a mad dash. One thing was clear: sticking to the classics is a no fail way to get you down the runway – or aisle – with confidence. Here is what I found to be the new face of bridal beauty.


Shimmer and Sheen

The Marchesa models could have easily been mistaken as little girls playing a pretend game of Princess. Lids loaded with silvery shimmer, top lashes lined with white pencil, and a dash of thick highlighter glossing the model’s naturally jutted cheekbones all felt very fantasy.

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No Nonsense Nudes

I like to refer to a very pale pout as a zip lip. It offers practically everything, yet aesthetically nothing. A neutral lip exquisitely balances an over exaggerated eye, never embarrassingly appears on teeth in photos (gasp!), and stays put during the famed “first kiss” at the altar. But left alone, a palette void of “pop”, can be awfully dull.  At Oscar De La Renta, we saw a modern way to make a bold statement with neutral sensibility.

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Berry Lips and Bold Brows

The models walking down the Galia Lahav runway with deep cherry stained lips and fluffy, dark brows had me falling into a fairy tale. Stained lips are all the rage and rightfully so as they keep color on your kisser. Plus, stains look much more natural than a shiny gloss. Deep browns are a perfect compliment, but don’t go too crazy because there is a very fine line between Brooke Shields beautiful and Groucho Marx grisly.

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Photos courtesy of Marchesa, Oscar De La Renta, and Galia Lahav.