Fine Art Nude Boudoir Photo Shoot Photo By Dorie Hagler

Tastefully Disrobed



Instead of the traditional boudoir photo shoot, surprise him with these artful images

Photography by Dorie Hagler/Shoot The Cake

Fine Art Nude Photos by Dorie Hagler
Can’t find a wedding gift for your groom? Consider an artful nude photograph.

Brides who are thinking of posing for boudoir photos as a wedding gift for their groom may want to consider an updated version of these sexy images. In lieu of shopping at Agent Provocateur for a white-hot lingerie set, bare all in a fine art shoot that you can take in your home.

Inspired by nude photos she had seen in an art gallery in St. Barts, Jenn decided that she would do something similar and gift it to her husband as a wedding gift. “He’s so difficult to get a gift for,” she tells Twirl New York. “My wedding gift to him is sensual and sexy without being too offensive or raunchy. I thought it was really cool and intimate, and he loved it.”

Jenn asked Dorie Hagler, who she had hired to photograph her wedding, to shoot her artful nudes in her backyard in Connecticut. “Jenn had seen a photo that she loved, an artful nude of a woman on the beach,” Dorie says. “It was poetic, artful, and playful, nothing about it was posed, and celebrated the female figure.”

The intimate setting allowed for several areas where they could take the photos: on the lawn, by the pool and in the pool. “I didn’t plan it as in terms of this is what I’m going to do,” explains Dorie. “I brought my classic camera as a prop, because in the photo she showed me the woman was hiding behind something.” In addition to the camera, Jenn also posed with a design magazine and a fedora. “They were nice graphic details that were sexy and playful and not sleazy.”

Jenn took the photos and had them bound in a black coffee table book, with a blank cover that she describes as sort of mysterious. She selected one photo, sitting on a lawn chair, that she thought was very artistic, elegant and chic and had it blown up to 56” x 93”, matted and framed and hung it in their bedroom. “It just looks like a really cool piece of art,” she explains. “It’s a very artistic and cool photo, and nothing about it that screams not tasteful.”

I would say more than anything, make sure it’s you and personalized. Feel confident and have fun with it.—Jenn

For brides considering posing for an artful nude photo, Dorie recommends you find a photographer you’re comfortable with because not everyone is comfortable in their bodies without clothes on, and when you are comfortable it won’t create a tension that you will see in the photos.

“Make it your own,” adds Jenn. “Make sure there’s something that inspires you to do the shoot, and feel comfortable in it and fine tune it to who you are.”

Dorie Hagler Shoot the Cake Wedding Photography